Sunday, June 29, 2008

RL Steampunk: SteamTeam

The Steam Team’s logo and header

Steamteam is a very interesting website that promotes RL Steampunk artisans and their unique wares. They tend to be from the Esty website, wihch if one visits, is chock full of artists and their Steampunk creations.

Cog necklace by Zkitten (the rust is a nice touch – lol!)

The website contains interviews with the designers, seeking to divine their muses and inspirations about the art of Steampunk (and their work, of course)! A listing of other Esty designers, along with thumbnails of some of their works are also visible on the site.
To pay the site a visit, please turn your browser to:

What appears to be a handcrafted door latch by a Mr. Zygote. Very nice detail work on the metal working.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Steampunk Entertainment: Mr. Dagger’s SL5B display, New Babbage growth, and more Steampunk entertainment…

The Bird’s Eye View of the Steampunk photograph display

Quite a busy weekend ahead in the Steampunk realm in SL… starting with New Babbage’s own Mr. Skusting Dagger photo display deep in the heart of the ceremonies. I had the opportunity to visit earlier this week, and was pleasantly surprised not only to see the photographer extraordinaire, but have the pleasure of Miss Breezy Carver and Mr. Gregoe Zlatkis to enjoy the artistic environment.

Miss Carver, Mr. Dagger, and I making small talk at New Babbage’s corner of the massive celebration!

Some may be familiar with Mr. Dagger’s photographic efforts, but he has added a number of new photos, along with a texture of his beloved city (gratis, I might add).

A few of the many photos on display at SL5B (hmm… don’t remember seeing these in the Canals…)

To pay our representative to SL5B a visit, please continue on to:

Also, I have had the good fortune of meeting the charming Miss Bettye Dugan, who is one of the managers of an entertainment venue known as the “New Champagne Room”. Though the establishment has a primarily 1920’s focus, this weekend it will host “A Touch of Victorian Elegance”, on Saturday, at 11am SLT. The word ‘on the street” is quite positive about the Champagne Room, so if you happen to be in-world, do pay it a visit!

(SLurl to come…!)

Mayor Sprocket has announced the status of the future of the new New Babbage sims at the NB Ning, including the Academy of Industry sim, Brunel Heights, and the possibility of and extension to the Canals. For further information, please visit the New Babbage Ning, at:

Finally, a reminder that the “10 Bells” will have its “Grand Opening” tonight, so again, if in-world, stop by the sky city and pay it a visit! (SLurl in yesterday’s entry- just below..)

Yet more lollygagging about the sim…!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Steampunk Entertainment: 10 Bells Grand Opening in Laputa

The main entrance to the 10 Bells, along side the skyport of Laputa

Laputa’s entertainment center, the “10 Bells” will have its Grand Opening on Friday, the 27th of June, at 6pm. The live entertainment onstage will be Miss Juel Resistnce, performing a selection from her catalogue.

The stage where Miss Resistance will be performing

To partake of the festivities, please visit the following SLurl:

or simply “search” for Laputa or 10 Bells in-world!

A view of the bar and the impressive steamwork (is that a mash tun…?)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Steampunk Entertainment: The Aethereal Adventures of Emma Verne

It is amazing to see what has been produced over the last couple of years regarding steampunk media – such as the webcomic Emma Verne. The artist and author, a mysterious Mr. David, has begun to groom yet another version of Steampunk, with his young protoganist, and in his words…

The Grand Fleet of the Navy

“Meet Emma Verne. Emma is a spunky, street-smart girl who lives aboard the spacefaring airship city Ursae. Raised by her foster parents Lord and Lady Beauvolt, Emma has developed a knack for creating mischief about the city – both helpful and harmful.

But Emmas troublemaking is quickly overshadowed when a group of orcish immigrants arrive aboard the cityship. When her orcish friend Humphreys brother is arrested under questionable circumstances, Emma and Humphrey scour the city to find out why. The trail leads them from pirates to naval officers to the very Lords of the Fleet – and a shadowy saboteur with a deadly agenda.”

Image of a Steam-truck with an blue-skinned (Orc, I believe) worker riding on its sideboard

An entertaining and artistically enjoyable endevor, Emma Verne has progressed up to (about 28 pages). Although it has been on hiatus since January, there is hope the author will return to continue the adventures of Emma Verne.

To see the adventures of Miss Emma Verne, please visit:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Victorian Business & Advertisement: Les Maitres de l’Affiche

(by G. Boano, 1898) – “Royal Theater [opera house], Turin”
Duing my wanderings at the RL bookstore, I happened up on a series of imagry books by the Dover Design company. To my suprise, there was a book which had a number of scans of “Les Maitres de l’Affiche” (“The Masters of the Posters”).

(by Otto Fischer – 1896) – “Exhibition of Saxon artisanry and commercial art, Dreden, 1896; the old city”)

For those who are unfamilar with the “Masters”, they were quite possibly the earliest form of standarized advertisement for commerical goods. Many artistic geniuses of the era supplemented their incomes by producing these works, which at the time, which were quite popular, with the major cities of Europe (especially Paris) being plastered with numerous advertisements

(by Will Bradley – 1896) – Victor Bicycles
To provide a bit more insight, the Martin-Lawrence Galleries has a more detailed overview of the Masters…


Les Maîtres de l’Affiche (The Masters of the Poster) refers to one of the most influential art publications in history. The 256 color plates that make up this suite represent a wide-ranging selection of outstanding original prints from the turn of the twentieth century, when this popular art form first reached its peak. By the 1890’s the streets of French cities were enlivened by large, colorful posters. The poster had not only caught the fancy of the public, but its best examples were already being regarded as true works of art (specifically, as fine prints) to be exhibited, reviewed in journals, collected and reproduced in a more manageable form.

In the last five years of the 19th century, Imprimerie Chaix was to play a great part in codifying, hallowing and perpetuating the ebullient spirit of the Belle Epoque. It was in those years that Chéret’s print shop published smaller chromolithographic versions (in authentic colors) of over 200 highly regarded posters of the times. These prints were created by more than 90 great artists, each bringing this fabulous period to life for us today. The renowned set of 256 prints were created by Imprimerie Chaix, forever to be known as a set as Les Maîtres de l’Affiche. Each print was rendered as a separate sheet measuring 11 x 15 inches. The set was compiled in a unique way. Every month for 60 months – from December 1895 through November 1900 – subscribers received a wrapper containing four consecutively numbered prints.

On 16 occasions (each of the five Decembers, each of the Junes, and the March and September of the final three years) the monthly wrapper also contained a bonus plate, not a poster reproduction but a specially created lithograph. The compilation of this set of original prints makes up the complete suite known as Les Maîtres de l’Affiche.

~ from the Martin-Lawrence Galleries


(by Henri Meunier – 1897) – Coffee Advertisement

I have posted a few in today’s article, and will keep a rotate a number on the sidebar in the coming months. For further inspiration, please visit:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

RL Steampunk: The Times, White Mischief, and a bit further down the proverbial rabbit hole…

The UK side of the Telectroscope – certainly more detail (and the oh-so precious brass tubing!)

As I went searching for some RL steampunk bit of news, I was pleasntly suprised to discover that apparently the Times Online has annoited Steampunk as a microculture. Perhaps a gradual recognition that our beloved genre isn’t only a passing fad, but something more permanent?…

A link in this article led me to a RL Steampunk store titled “Got-Steam”. A new store, they are currently adding a plethora of beautiful items to their selection. (I must admit, their “Airship Academy” shirts will be amazing [they are not available just yet]! When I saw the “Berliner Luftsciff-Akademie” shirt, I immediatly knew I had to have one)! For futher goodies, from (expensive albeit beautiful) brass goggles, to airship papers, please visit their site, at:

Additionally, another link at the site led to London-based group called “White Mischief”, a Steampunk group of individuals who enjoy entertaining evenings out (*smiles*). Their website documents their latest going-ons, including the recent “Around the World in 80 Days” gathering, which looked stupendous, frankly! For more on this organization, please visit:

Miss Scrivener (I assume) during a jaunt in London, the capital of RL Steampunk!

And finally, I hapened upon a number of photos of Miss Amanda Scrivener, a Steampunk designer and article designer, who not only has quite the talent for designing era-specific attire, but is a superb photographer (based upon her photos). I was unable to locate a link to her enterprise, but, for further pictures from Miss Amanda Scrivener, please visit her flickr account at:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steampunk Merchants: Loner Lane’s Atelier

Located on the second floor of Loner Lane, Atelier is nestled away from the main thoroughfare of Port Babbage

Upon exchanging locations in New Babbage last month with Miss Frye, I briefly interrupted her as she began rezzing a new build on plot #9 of Port Babbage. I inquired what she had in mind, and she responded that she was working on a project that she had in mind for a while. I returned later to discover Loner Lane, a spot where new and budding merchants could work on their new enterprises within New Babbage.

A few of Miss McBride’s current efforts in her store

Oddly enough, as New Babbage has quickly become a hotbed of Steampunk inventiveness, entertainment, and rp, I saw Miss Meadow McBrides outstanding postcards, and took a closer look, only to discover her efforts in documenting the “Clockwork Cephalods” of New Babbage!
Needless to say, I imposed upon her for a bit more about her discovery, and her store in Loner Lane. She graciously returned my request, and provided a bit of background

The first of three postcards about the “Clockwork Cephalopods“…

“My shop is called “Atelier”, it is one of Kaylee’s little units, and is above the Bakery in Loner Lane in Port Babbage. It is very new, so is very much a work in progress. I have been building my funny little things, clothes and accessories, in SL for a long time, but this is my first foray into selling. It is going very well!”

Miss McBride continues, “the theme for Atelier is ‘turn of the century Paris, with a circus feel’. My builds are primarily Steampunk, but with a quirky, fun, ‘girly‘ edge. The most important thing for me is that I do not simply want to bang up a few vendor boards and that’s it. I want people to come up to my little shop, and enjoy reading about the creations.”

… a bit more detail on the second postcard…

“I like to make accompanying illustrated ‘Atelier postcards’ for each build, which I hope people will find amusing. In future these may not be just stories, but will also offer historical and factual information and even ideas for using my items within roleplay scenarios. I aim to do more than just sell bits and pieces! I want my things to be inspirational to others in developing their avatars and characters.”

“Please do pop along and have a look at where I am at so far, I have lots of ideas bubbling away under the surface and should be adding new things weekly, RL pressures permitting! And I will be setting up a group very soon, so people can be informed of new products.”

… and her final classification work on the cute little invertebrates.

I did inquire about her future plans regarding her enterprise

“With regards to what’s coming next? Well, I have a list of products I want to add to the Poisoner’s theme as people seem quite taken with the arsenic and measuring spoons brooch. I will also be working on a series of detailed hats – an ‘homage’ to my various Steampunk heroes. I will certainly be producing clothes when time allows! Atelier is all thanks to Kaylee Frye for letting me use part of her wonderful Loner Lane build, and I am grateful to her for the opportunity to let my imagination run wild!”

I am confident in saying that the residents and visitors of New Babbage will be looking forward to the next intriguing curiosities Miss McBride discovers! To visit Atelier, please turn to:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Metaversal Arts: Slow One dance animation

Filmed in Port Babbage, Metaversal has produced a new couples dance entitled “Slow One”. After speaking with Miss Hirvi, she did explain that used a non-genre short skirt to demonstrate the lady’s leg animations (not that most gentlemen would object)!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Steampunk Merchants: The Illuminated Port of Freemen

Logo of the Illuminated Port of Freemen

While doing a bit of exploring about SL for a new airship, I happened upon the Illuminated Port of Freemen, an aesthetically appealing edifice housing a good number of said vessels. After window shopping for a new ship, I was drawn to investigate more of the establishment.

Exterior photo of the Port, including a display of their largest airship

After taking my fill of the grounds, I decided to contact the owner of the store, Mr. Allexander Corvale, to enquire a bit more about the Illuminated Port of Freemen. Fortunately, he graciously agreed to answer a few questions about his business.

I have seen a great many chairs in my time, but none were ever this comfortable appearing, not did they offer a refreshment (lol)!

The Heliograph: What was the inspiration behind the “Illuminated Port of Freemen”?

Mr. Allexander Corvale: I have recently been interested in steampunk and steampunk ideas since Ive entered Second Life, about two years ago. With an opportunity to start a business, we wanted to take advantage of steampunk ideas and contribute some of them to this virtual world. We wanted to make a place where everyone can feel free to speak their mind without social or religious restrictions (assuming the follow SL terms of service), a place to gather and talk about real life or second life steampunk ideas and enjoy an atmosphere of quality with steampunk airships, clothes, and gadgets.

A view of the top floor of the Port

H: What are the specialties of the Port?

AC: We specialize in Airships at Port Freemen. Ive designed them to fit many themes and events. These airships have a Victorian, fantasy, and Steampunk feel to them. They are used in various ways, such as for a business, residence, or small airships used for flying and a unique form or relaxation. We have something up our sleeve (a new line of items) that we are still working on, but we will be keeping this particular information to ourselves until the moment of release.

A view of down the center of the Port (displaying all of the floors), during daylight hours

H: Your building is quite unique what is/are its inspiration(s)?

AC: In deciding how to create this new building, I reviewed books, movies, articles, photos, and animations, trying to grasp the feeling and proper methods to employ in its design. We believe steampunk is in its beginning stages and is a fresh and exciting way to look at life in a new way. The world must change as time goes on, but Steampunk offers us all a way to carry on traditional aspects of society we love, while merging them with new societal changes we must adapt to. Our building has some inspiration from the original Bradbury building located in Los Angeles (such as the stairs, elevators, and the roof to make sure whatever we did later would definitely still have that Victorian steam and gear feeling. Since the creation of this building, we have added many building designs of our own into it and soon will be offering people the opportunity to sell their Victorian steampunk items here with our items.

A small stand for refreshments or to simply relax (not as comfortable as the chairs at the entrance)!

H: What plans do you have for the future of the Port?

AC: In the future, we plan to make many more Victorian Steampunk airships, and other items, and welcome other steampunk ideas of all eras to the building. In the meantime, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, considering scripting, textures, and providing vendors to the public with the best steampunk items available from some of the most unique and skilled steampunk enthusiasts in Second Life. W have met many great Steampunk individuals so far, such as the owners of Steam Forge, Mechatiki Research, Antiquity Gas Balloons, and Caledon, who have been a great help, and hope to meet many more people of their quality in the future.

Hmmm… Babbage is five hours ahead, I think, but Caledon is four back…

H: Any parting comments?

AC: ~May the gears of Second Life continue to turn while the steam takes us to new places of excitement, we salute the workers and player that make it all happen, hoping the talent and the beauty of Steampunk captures the interest of many, many more to come, and we at Illuminated Port of Free men hope in some small way to contribute to this wonderful style.

Looking out towards the front of the building, into the sunrise

To visit the Illuminated Port of Freemen, please visit:

The Airship schedule to the Illuminated Port of Freemen… from anywhere in SL

For a bit more information about the Bradbury building, please visit:

A view inside the RL Bradbury Building
(and yes, you are correct… it was the edifice used in Blade Runner…)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Babbage News: Murder!

“Murder in New Babbage” by Miss Monique Justice

The events in New Babbage have grown exponentionally during the past week! First the mysterious epidemic seems to have gone dormant, the flaming disposal of the “Monster Hand”, the re-apperance of the Sky Kraken, and now a murder in the Babbage Palisaides! For further details, please visit the New Babbage Ning, at:

“Sky Kraken” by Miss Storm Thunders

Friday, June 13, 2008

RL Steampunk Dalek and the Great Crystal Cyberdrome of 2008

A bit of eye-candy for all the Dr. Who fans, this RL Steam Dalek was made for the “Beyond Cyberdrome 2008”, who’s theme is the “Great Crystal Cyberdrome”. I’m certain that this will be one of the most eyecatching pieces of design there. (And no – its a miniature! Stop fantasizing about riding around inside it and scaring small children and tourists!)

For details on this piece of art and how it was made, please visit:

For more information about the “Great Crystal Cyberdrome of 2008”, please visit:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steampunk Notables: Nikola Tesla Biography, the Forgotten Wizard

Though I had posted a biography of Mr. Tesla earlier, I would say that this bio is a bit more indepth and better made. The youtube narrative states…

The life story and work of Nikola Tesla. He invented AC electricity, Neon Lights, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless electricity transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things.

As Tesla claimed to have invented a way to harness free energy from the voltage difference in the ionosphere that causes lighning, he was seen as a threat to the world energy economy and most of his inventions were classified for national securtiy by the US govenment.

A lot of his discoveries in physics have not been released to the public, depsite being invented nearly 100 years ago. In 2006 the first comapany publically announced it could successfully power items by remote power without wires, ( stm) something Tesla had invented nearly a century ago. Other technologies not yet released to the public include HAARP Elecromagnetic technology and high energy particle beams used in space weapons.

One of the better works, but not sure if the demonstration of his remote-controlled submarine (@ 0:56) is original or a reproduction.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Babbage News: Academy of Industry has arrived!

Looking towards the new land from Babbage Square

As newly named at the June 08 town hall meeting, the Academy of Industry sim has arrived in New Babbage – just north of Port Babbage, and east of the Babbage Palisaides. It is projected to house a steampunk-themed SL university, offering a wide variety of classes on numerous topic ranges. Will keep updated as to the progression of the Academy!

The view from Babbage Palisaides (indeed, the wall extends into the Academy sim)

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Babbage News: The Monster Hand

The “Monster Hand” on display in Port Babbage

Port Babbage – The current news rushing about New Babbage involves a giant hand which young Mr. Yifu brought from parts unknown, and has on display at his emporium in Port Babbage.

In a related story, the Steampunk medical community of Caledon, Steelhead, and New Babbage have banded together to attempt to address a growing epidemic that has afflicted New Babbage’s citizenry. In consultations regarding this situation with Dr. Darien Mason, efforts to address this growing maladay has stymied most known, and many experimental treatments.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available… for more information, please visit:

Latest reports has the hand begining to detoriate, much to the chargrin of a portion of the populace. Rumor has Mr. Yifu taken violently ill, and unable to comment on the circumstances of the hand.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Steampunk Artwork: Airships III (from Deviant Art)

The Sedales Seperant, by Iron Grip

Ever since discovering, I frequent it often, sometimes for inspiration, sometimes just to see impressive but little-appreciated artists display their artistic endevors. Fortunatly Steampunk has been a growing corner of the site, meaning that there is a plethora of airship art work (lol)!

Zepplin, by Iron Shrine Maden

A few are on display here. If you wish to see more of the individual’s work, simply visit “”, and search under the name of the artist. I’m certain one will be quite impressed with the quality of these hard-working individuals.

Graf Zepplin, by echointhesky
[Artist Comment: Final Project for my printmaking class.Colors are done in lithograph, black is done on silkscreen.]

My Airship, by ShAwNKun

Polska Zepplin, by jeffsimpsonkh

Airship Sketch 3, by JanBoruta

Airship Sketches 2, by JanBourta

Airship Zepplin, by DianaKennedy