Thursday, July 31, 2008

RL Steampunk: A tirade by an unknown writer…

Illustration by Suzanne R. Forbes: Jake Von Slatt and Datamancer working on a steampunk keyboard. Image courtesy slurkflickr

A brief link to a puported “guest author” who attempted to take an easy swipe at the Steampunk genre. Not quite sure how much response he expected (I assume a bit, as I believe it was an effort at baiting readers), but the response is quite interesting.

The link is at…

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RL Steampunk: Modofly (and a bit more…)

“The Mechanism”, available at Modofly

One of our New Babbagians, Miss Chelsea Main, asked if I would be favorable to posting her request for her unique organization, so I will use her words, so not as to misspeak…


Modofly is hosting a call for submissions for Steampunk themed art. We are an artist collaborative who modifies Moleskine sketchbooks with laser etched artwork. We invite you to visit our blog for detailed instructions, and our website to see what we’re all about. If you could also post our Call for Submisions on your blog(s), or know any other artists who would be interested in either submitting or posting, please forward our info along, and help spread the word!



If you happen to post the information on a site, please send a link back to me!

Thank you!

The site is quite impressive, as one can see from the graphic above, and is certainly worth a visit. If one wishes to learn more about RL Handmade books, I might also suggest a visit to the Handmade Books Community, which has plenty of insight regarding this topic, which is at:

Monday, July 28, 2008

SL Neo-Victorian Establishments: The Pearl, a Victorian Gentlemen’s Club

Did a bit of morning surfing of the ethernet, and must admit that when I arrived at the SL Hearld, I was supised to see a piece done on the the Pearl Club, a well established Victorian Gentlemen’s venue. The article, to my understanding, was a bit of an inside joke between the ladies at the Pearl and the mermaids who frequent Antiquity, so I must admit I was a perplexed with the work. {The article is at: }

However, the Pearl Club does maintain a blog, recently started, that narrates the events and happenings of the club. Do understand that it is a brothel, so some of the subject matter is adult in nature – if this particular type of material does offend you, then one might not wish to visit the site. That being said, there is nothing lavacious, either written or graphic, about the site. The ladies take the opportunity to describe their Victorian backgrounds, the going-ons at the locale, and do provide insight into a unique aspect of SL Neo-Victoriana and, by extension, Steampunk.

To visit their website, Pearl Strings, please turn your browser to:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Caledon Glamorgan

Home of “Steampunk and Tesla”, a Steampunk corner of Caledon

As most who visited the SL Neo-Victorian scene in the “old days” (back in 06, when Caledon was a “massive six sims” in size, and being run over by the local trolly was what passed for entertainment in the Independent State), one location I enjoyed visiting was “Steampunk and Tesla”, quite possibly one of the first Steampunk merchants in Second Life. It always had creative and unique items on display, and I enjoyed the clever sense of humor the owner/builder displayed with his goods.

A view of the main store (r), and the adjacent textures store (l)

Forwarding to 2008 (e.g. last week), my voyage started when Mr. ambient Kukulan contacted me regarding some issues on the New Babbage Ning. His branch of Steampunk and Tesla was located across the street from my locale in the New Babbage Palisade, and I must admit to frequenting it, if only to purchase a few items for my projects. A few days later I discovered he had relocated his business! Wondering what happened, I decided to go on a bit of a quest, with a happy resolution a trip to Caledon Glamorgan.

Viewing the nicely done SkyStation, which provides an impressive view of the surrounding area (and a nice deck above, for entertaining!)

Mr. Kukulan has a centralized location where he has headquartered his business, Steampunk and Tesla, and to my good fortune, has placed a great quantity of his products on display. Fighting through the computer issues that SL has cultivated over the past few months, I was quite impressed with the new center, and smiled when I saw his products, recognizing the stamp of his building skills in his work.

An aero view of the Glamorgan Airfiled

From Tesla coils generating electrical energy to the numerous aero-machines on display at the Caledon Glamorgan Field, from the Scientific Workshops cackling with electrical energy to the plethora of clever devices he has developed for the SL Steampunk aficionado, a visit to the new home of Steampunk and Tesla is most certainly worth the time for anyone with a inkling of a Steampunk bent!

Love the rotating spheres… espcially the one of Mars…

To learn more about Mr. Kululan’s endevors, Victorian Technology, Time Travel, and the Caledon Tesla Society, please visit his website at:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

RL Steampunk: Telectroscope Spam

Well, it was only a matter of time! A bit of spam on the Telectroscope… for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RL Steampunk: The Gatehouse Gazette

It seems as if this week has a pronounced number of Steampunk magazines “hitting” the market (perhaps the New Babbage Urchins will be selling them on the street corners)! In addition to the SL Primgraph, which will officially be released tomorrow, another RL Steampunk work is already in circulation.

The Gatehouse Gazette, issue 1, has emerged with a number of extraordinary articles that appeal to both those of the Steampunk genre, and to those interested in a bit beyond (e.g. Dieselpunk). The first issue includes…

An in-depth analysis of what exactly “Dieselpunk” is, including comparisons and references to the popular literature that provides the framework for the genre…

Two articles by Miss Hilde Heyvaert, Steampunk Fashionista extraordinaire – one concerning RL Steampunk wardrobes and a second regarding Steampunk Fashion in contompary culture…

An interview with Mr. Toby Frost, author of “Space Captain Smith”, a Steampunk novel…

An in depth article on Victorian male societal norms…

and many more Steampunk articles. Needless to say, I heartily recommend a read of this up-and-coming periodical. To read its inaugarl article, please turn your browers to:

and for much more in the way of Steampunk, do visit Otten’s Smoking Lounge, either on the side bar of the Heliograph, and at:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

SL & RL Steampunk: Openings, acknowledgements, and Steampunk land expansion…

Pouvez vous avoir un jour d’interdard” (“May you have an interesting day” more or less…) Well, its been a couple of interesting days in SL for myself, and felt I needed to bring a few things up to speed, beginning with the grand opening ball for the Primgraph! As the Steampunk and Neo-Victorian societies grow dramatically in SL, Prim Perfect saw fit to design a vehicle to focus on this aspect of our world. (Ah, and as a further note, I did write a small piece for it, so I do have a bit of vested interest in seeing it – and taking any criticisms for it, both good and bad!)

This being said, a celebratory ball will be held on Wednesday, in Caledon Penzance (at the Gaiety Theater), from 2 to 5 pm (SLT), where vendors and initial editions will be provided (as well as a busy party, knowing the Caledonians (/me rolls eyes and grins)!))

Also, the Connolly Telegraph has been reworked as a flagship for the Primgraph, so it will be back in operation – do pay it a visit! (Please turn to:

Received kudos and and acknowledgements from one of my favorite websites, the Steampunk Librarian. Quite an honor, as her blog is one of the most comprehensive Steampunk blogs around – unfortunately she does not the accolades she deserves! If you wish to visit her endeavor (and do so frequently, as she often scoops me *grimace* – lol!), please turn to:

And finally, amazing growth in the SL Steampunk realm during the past few months is simply leaving me agog! For example…

1) New Babbage is adding two new sims (Brunel Heights, and the “Mystery Titled” expansion to the Canals). The Mystery Titled is almost at 60% full, and along with the Academy of Industry, it makes a total of four sims added to New Babbage this year…

2) Steeltopia is exploding (Steeltopia Obsidian Bay just opened, Steeltopia Anchorage (a future residential sim), and Steeltopia Atlantis (an underwater sim)). Additionally, an “Entertainment Department” has been added, with a playbill at the Coal Power Plant, the Maritime Stage (in the Harbor District) and more locations to be added in Obsidian Bay (TBA). More on times and locations to follow, but I was encouraged to hear that Miss Diamanda is one of the scheduled DJs destined to become a regular (Thursdays, from 7 to 9 SLT).

3) Laputa has undergone numerous upgrades, with the addition of new (and unique) Steampunk vendors, and minor upgrades, but more on this in a future article…

*** As a last issue, I’m essentially giving away my spot outside the New Babbage Palisaide (yes, giving away, as in “Free”). If you are interested in a 2048 sized plot in the New Babbage Palisaide, please contact me here, on the Ning, or in-world, if you are interested in this offer.***

Friday, July 18, 2008

SL Steampunk: SL Tobacco Merchants

Enjoying a cigar at the New Babbage Palisade domiciliary, using the Don Reginaldo SmoKommander cigar HUD

I must admit that this piece is a bit out of the ordinary, but even though smoking isnt quite as healthy as it was portrayed at the turn of the century, it does have its place in the Steampunk genre. Be it a genius detective who smokes a pipe, a gruff engineer or sky pirate with a ever present cigar, or a femme fatale with a cigarette (and cigarette holder, of course), smoking was quite pervasive at the turn of the century, as noted in one of my earlier Heliograph articles…

Fortunately, in SL, one can avoid all of the inconveniences of smoking (e.g. smell, ashes, undesired addiction, ect) and have a smoke (following social norms, of course)! This being said, I am listing two of the enterprises that I frequent for cigars and pipes in SL

Outside Foxy’s Smoke Shop

Foxys Smoke Shop

One of the first smoke shops of any large measure in SL, Foxys has a wide selection of SL tobacco items, ranging from simple cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other items that can be smoked. In addition to the tobacco items, she has a number of smoking poses available, in case you wish to add one to your A/O.

The cigarette selection appears to be one of the best sellers at her store

I do own a number of her cigars and pipes, and her smoking HUD is practical with the specific effects of the particular smoked item (e.g. amount of smoke, type of exhalation, ect..) I find the basic pipes and cigars to be adequate, but personally, her smoking HUD is fairly large in size for my tastes – though if one wishes to exhale a dramatic amount of smoke (it does allow minute control of the item smoked), it is the one to use! With the selection she carries, a visit to her store is quite worthwhile.

To visit Foxy’s Smoke Shop, please turn to:


At the entrance of Don Reginaldo’s Cigars

Don Reginaldo Cigars

My newest discover in the realm of SL tobacco, Don Reginaldo (DR) carries an impressive number of cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. As it is a newer store, its products have the benefit of being designed with scuplties, allowing more realistic appearance of his products, especially the bowls of the pipes he sells (especially with his higher-end genre and fantasy pipes).

The location has an impressive selection of pipes, along with his cigar choices

Also, he has recently developed a HUD for his cigars, called the SmoKommander. It differs from Foxys insomuch that, if one purchases a set of cigars (e.g. one for each hand, and a third for the mouth), the SmoKommander will allow the particular cigar to transfer from hand, to mouth, to hand (or a variation there of), giving the impression of taking an inhalation from said cigar, then holding it in the hand (and it works in conjunction with other A/Os). [I must admit, it is my newest favorite SL item (lol)! However, to fully use A/O, one will need to purchase the smoke exhaler – a couple of more lindens, but well worth the investment.]

Another pleasureable aspect are the small bonuses that one can enjoy as a member of the DR group. From typical freebees (e.g. shirts, and the smart branded captain’s caps), to more unusual items, such as a dashing prim moustache (lol – I proudly wear when visiting the New Babbage Town Hall meetings). His creativity is quite admirable – from typical items (for smoking items)such as tropical clothes, to one I have been admiring from a distance, the impressive “cigar trees”, which produce cigars that can be smoked on the parcel the trees are located on (quite clever)! Needless to say, Don Reginaldo has quickly become one of my newest favorite SL Tobacconists!

Sporting a smart prim moustache, a benefit of being a member of the DR group!

To visit DR, please turn your browser to:

and allow yourself to be drawn to the front door by the Caribbean music!

Regardless of your choice, if you choose to indulge in genre-specific aspect, or simply wish to indulge in a virtual pastime, Foxys or Don Reginaldo are probably the best locations to visit for any tobacco needs.

RL Steampunk: Steampunk Quiz

A bit short on time, but I did locate this little quiz (aka – time devourer), and thought I would pass it along… to help other dispose of their valuable time (lol)!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RL Steampunk: Steampunk Wallpaper

Blotter with letter (my current wallpaper)

While I toil on the next entry for SL Steampunk, I was fortunate enough to locate a fantastic new website that has quickly shot to the top of my favorites. It is called “”, and its is quite self-explanatory. Miss Mouse, a soon-to-be favorite of Steampunk enthuistast on the net, has proclaimed she has a goal of making 365 different Steampunk wallpapers this year. She has posted the first fifteen, but though she is dilligent, she is asking for possible suggestions

“Victoriana – Widescreen”, by Miss Mouse

Needless to say, I am quite certain that she will have a plethora of visitors to her site…

If one wishes to make suggestions on possible wallpapers, please visit the Brass Goggles forum, at:

and do feel free to visit her own website at:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Victorian Manners – Gentlemen

This week, instead of continuing with the Victorian Glossary, I happend to see a small piece in “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew”, and thought it might make for a nice bit contrasting the norms that gentlemen one hundred years ago tarried to maintain and current social norms. Though much of this not is applicable in SL, it does provide a bit of juxtaposition.

Basic Etiquette: Gentlemen

1) In riding horseback, or walking along the street, the lady always has the wall. (Editors note: as I understand this “rule”, its purpose if there is water along the street, the gentleman will be splashed with the grimy substance, keeping the bulk away from the lady).

2) Meeting a lady in the street or in the park whom you know only slightly, you may wait for her acknowledging bow then and only then may you tip your hat to her, which is done using the hand farthest away from her to raise the hat. You do not speak to her or any other lady unless she speaks to you first.

3) If you meet a lady who is a good friend and who signifies that she wish to talk to you, you turn and walk with her if you wish to converse. It is not “done” to make a lady stand talking in a street.

4) In going up a flight of stairs, you precede the lady (running, according to one authority); in going down, you follow).

4) In a carriage, a gentleman takes the seat facing backward. If he is alone in a carriage with a lady, he does not sit next to her, unless his is her husband, brother, father, or son. He alights from the carriage first so he may hand her down. He takes care not to step on her dress.

5) At a public exhibition or concert, if accompanied by a lady, he goes in first in order to find her a seat. If he enters such an exhibition alone and there are ladies or older gentlemen present, he removes his hat.

6) A gentleman is always introduced to a lady never the other way around. It is presumed to be an honor for the gentleman to meet her. Likewise (and it is the more general rule of which this is only a specific example), a social inferior is always introduced to a superior and only with the latters acquiescence. Elizabeth Bennet is horrified when the obtuse Mr. Collins insists on introducing himself to Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. She tries to persuade “him that Mr. Darcy would consider his addressing his addressing him without introduction to as an impertinent freedom, rather than a compliment to his aunt; that it was not in the least necessary that there should be any notice on either side, and that if there were, it must belong to Mr. Darcy, the superior in consequence, to begin the acquaintance.”

7) A gentleman never smokes in the presence of ladies. (More on this later!)

Next, the “rules” for ladies! But for now, the source is…

Poole, D, (1993). “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew”, by Touchstone Publications, New York: New York.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Babbage SLRFL Calendars are out!

The New Babbage SLRFL Caledars were unveiled last Thursday at Novem, and are curretnly available throughout New Babbage.

The SLRFL Vendors which distribute the calendars, will be available to anyone who wishes to place them out on their parcel. Please contact Eggberta Echegaray on the day of the event, to obtain the vendors.Hope to see you all there! Here’s a sneak peak at the Calendar Covers! Congrats to Quinn and Victoria for being this years Steamy Cover Models!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tesla Day in New Babbage and Opus Free Port!

It has finally arrived! The most admired figure in the Steampunk genre, Nikola Tesla, is remembered today at both the Tesla Lounge (Opus Free Port), from 6 to 8 pm SLT, and at Novem: the Muses Playhouse, from 7 to 9 pm SLT. The event at Novem will also be the launch of the New Babbage SLRFL celebration, with an earlier gathering at 12 noon (SLT) in the Babbage Palisaides.

SLurls to these events are on the sidebar!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Babbage – The Movie

Mr. Loki Eliot has produced an amazing tour de force about New Babbage. Quite possibly one of the best (if not the best) Second Life movie made – superb cinematography, outstanding sequences, and certainly provides the essence of New Babbage. Please enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Rivet Town

The East side of Rivet Town, looking North on the main promanade

During an afternoon constitutional in the Palisade, I had the fortune to meet a Miss Lurra, a Scandinavian Steampunk adherent who happened to be visiting New Babbage. After a fairly lengthy conversation, she recommend a new Steampunk build with an interesting twist it was to be exclusively designed for Steampunk RP. An intriguing concept, one of the last things she mentioned was to ride the teacups when I arrived. I raised an eyebrow at the concept, but tped nonetheless to Rivet Town.

Entrance to the Rivet Beach Boardwalk (Rivet Town West)

I arrived at the edge of a boardwalk, with a Ferris wheel reminiscent of the first worlds fairs wheel, a beach boardwalk, and a number of amusement rides, including the teacup ride. After dizzying myself on it for a couple moments, I took a “lay of the land” to gather an idea of where to go first north or east.

The Teacup ride on the Boardwalk (and yes, it is operational!)

Rivet Town consists of three connected sims. The main juncture tp point is Rivet Town West, the board walk / beach / amusement center sim. To the north, just across the bridge, is Rivet Town North, which appears to be the “rougher” part of Rivet Town (including the docks on the Eastern side. Also, storefronts and/or artist stalls are available for a quite reasonable price in this area.

A distant view of the Ferris wheel and the beach house

Rivet Town East is the affluent portion of the sim, with a church, police station, and other genteel aspects of the Victorian era. Additionally, the large portion of the sims stores reside here, with some enterprises already in operation.

Rivet Town East, the upscale downtown area, currently home to numerous merchants

An impressive facet of the sim is the building appears to be a one-woman endeavor. Miss Grace Loundon has constructed the vast majority of the sims herself, and has shown not only a talent for building, but for doing quite a good job of capturing the disparate atmosphere of the Victorian age, as represented by the three existing sims.

The dangerous Rivet Town North, with darkened streets and mysterious alleys

I attempted to learn more about the Steampunk RP aspect of Rivet Town, especially since the New Babbage RP has grown quite dramatically during the past month. Unfortunately, the bulk of the information was via the group notices, which stated that the sim is expected to be officially open sometime nearing the end of July.

The Docks of North Rivet Town during the day – troubled waters abound here!

Rivet Town is a beautiful build, and a visit to any of the three sims would be worth the effort. As to the RP I am keeping tabs on its development, but if the build is representative of the RP plans, a richness of Steampunk excitement, intrigue, and Victorian indulgence appears to be in-store for this Steampunk sim.

To visit Rivet Town, please follow this SLurl…

Saturday, July 5, 2008

RL Steampunk: NY Times Steampunk-esque Articles

View from inside the cabin of a Zepplin over southern Germany.

Read the daily (electronic) fishwrapper, the New York Times, and was suprised to locate two stories that were potentially RL-Steampunk … Airships, and working with mechanical cog-driven machines.

The first article involves the possible rebirth of Zepplins in the Continent, specifically France and Germany, and the travails they face in bringing this form of transportation back to life. For more, please turn to…

Mr. Robert Coffin, master clock craftsman

A second article discusses a Mr. Coffin, one of the remaining master clock repairers in the United States. A very interesting story, including the part where he is described as only working on clocks that run “on cogs and springs” made me smile. To read more about this gentleman, please visit:

Friday, July 4, 2008

Victorian Glossary – Part 1

Oxford University, sepia toned, and then some (The topic seemed a bit academic…)

When one moves (or simply delves into old boxes full of “items”), it is amazing what can be found. I re-located my old copy of “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew”, and began re-reading it, fascinated with the depth of detail it contained about the Victorian age.

The “steamy” part of Steampunk is certainly the technological extrapolation about steam, strange science, ect However, the foundation of Steampunk lays with the Victorian era alien to us as the current world will most certainly be 100 years from now. Still, after reading the glossary of Mr. Daniel Pools book, I though I might transcribe a few (ok a good portion) of his glossary, to provide perhaps a bit of insight into the Victorian age, and the basis of the beloved genre.

As such, starting with the “A”s, all reference are from the aforementioned book:

Poole, D, (1993). “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew”, by Touchstone Publications, New York: New York.


Abagail A ladys maid

Acceptance The act of putting ones name on a bill of exchange and writing “accepted” across it, which then made one liable to pay it.

Accommodation note or bill A bill of exchange that one “accepted” for someone else so he could, in effect, borrow money based on ones creditworthiness.

Act A piece of legislation that had passed both Houses of Parliament, been signed by the Monarch and became law; before that, it was called a “bill”.

Advocate The name given to the lawyers (counterparts of the serjeants in the common law courts and barristers in the Court of Chancery) who argued cases in the old courts of ecclesiastical law and admiralty law in the Doctors Commons. The protectors, corresponding to the solicitors in the other courts, assisted the advocates.

Ague Basically, malaria and the chills that went with it. Later generalized to include any similar fevers or chills.

Ale What was the difference between ale and beer? Sometimes the term “beer” included ale. Sometimes it didnt. Sometimes ale was supposed to be stronger than beer, sometimes not.

Almshouse Lodgings for the poor supported by private rather than public charity. Publicly funded lodgings were called poorhouses or workhouses.

Antimacassar The Victorian gentleman often applied macassar oil to his hair. To prevent it from coming off all over the furniture, Victorian ladies pinned antimacassars little white doilies on their armchairs and sofas where a gentlemans head would be. Considering the other hair-control substances that it might have come in contact with the nineteenth century sofa, macassar oil might not have been so bad David Copperfield also instances beef suet and bears grease.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

RL Steampunk:

Recently, I have been looking about for Victorian graphics, but unfortunatly, I have been fairly unsuccessful in this effort – until recently! I discovered “Fisheye Ebooks” (or “Fisheye Publishing”, apparently they go by both names), which has a plentitude of Victorian Graphics, E-books, artwork, and other internet-friendly items that are quite useful for era imagry.

From classic scenes of the turn of the century, the Royal family, and tours throught the British Empire, to circus freaks, risque images of “artistic nudes”, and photos of “Victorian Drug Fiends”, this site has quite a selection worth visiting – if only to see what is offered.

To visit the site, please turn your browser to:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Return to Laputa

The main street of the Sky City, abounding with merchants and cargos!

A while ago (back in early April), I had the opportunity to visit Laputa, a new Steampunk sim that focused on the aero aspect of the genre (read skyships). The “Sky City” was impressive then, even though it was still in its nascent stages, so though I wrote a small piece on it, I did my best to wait until it was better developed, and then pay it another visit.

The Balloon tour (just to the right of the tp point in Laputa)

Mr. Crunch Underwood, the sim owner, has done quite an impressive job in putting the final touches on Laputa since my last visit. A Steampunk balloon that allows a visitor a brief narrative tour about the sim, more (and some new and novel) Steampunk merchants, and one unique aspect that frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t done before.

The Sky Docks in Laputa – most of the ships are out adventuring, I assume

Laputa has rental berths for skyships, to be used as domiciles for those who wish. It is located near the sim’s library, and is quite easy to navigate. The prim limit seems a bit low for a residential skyship (about 117 prims per berth, I believe), but the berths have been disappearing quite rapidly, from what I’ve seen.

The 10 Bells Tavern, a growing Steampunk entertainment venue

The 10 Bells Tavern had its “Grand Opening” last Friday, the 27th of June. Unfortunately, I did miss it, but am confident that in the future I’ll stop by and enjoy the entertainment.

The Main Library of Laputa (beware of little rodents…!)

The library appears to have been tweaked a bit, rendering it a bit more spacious, and small creatures have taken residence in its grounds (including a determined little rodent who tried to gnaw my lighted cane)!

Overhead shot of the Sky City

Mr. Underwood’s planning and execution in developing Laputa has been exceptional and bodes well for its future. It would seem that the Sky City appears to be on the cusp of becoming one of the favored destinations in the SL Steampunk / Neo-Victorian lands.