Saturday, August 30, 2008

Neo-Victoriana: The Cobweb Forest

Located this intriguing piece of work, an intriguing piece of Neo-Victorian work about a young lady who is shipwrecked in a strange world… and are recounted in a lost diary. Aesthetically accurate, it uses a stop-animation technique merged with the notations of the aforementioned diary (though I admit, I am not the most adept at reading long hand). Most certainly worth a visit – although it is not steampunk in the strictest sense, it does portray a theme of wonderment and mystery. To visit the main site, please turn to:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Sky Ship: The Selene “Cloud Hugger”

The other day, a fellow blogging compatriot, a Mr. Kueperpunk Korhonen, brought a new creation from the well know ship designer, Miss Carrah Rossini, to my attention. Tying up business, I tp’ed to his establishment, Neocortexx, where he had the new ship on display.

The Selene, the “Cloud Hugger” is an impressive ship, similar to her well known “Steampunk Dreamliner” and “Ananke Nereide Flying Submarine”, with a classic Victorian interior, and a unique design.

The central lounge area is higher than the Dreamliner…

and a finely detailed hatch leads down to…

a control room, with seating for three, and analog instruments, fit for even the most demanding of sims! The bow of the ship contains a very nice observatory (located on the main deck), with a seating area and expansive view. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Selene is that it comes with mod options – allowing those who wish to retexture the outside towards a more “traditional” steampunk appearance the opportunity to do so.

And for those moments where you just want a quick get-away, the Phobe can provide a functional (if crowded) alternative!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Steam Clocks – RL and SL

The aforementioned video is of the famous Gastown Steam Clock, located in the beautiful Gastown district of Vancouver, British Columbia. Had the opportunity to visit it a while back, and still remain amazed with its operation.

As the travel tidbit from Wcities (essentially Yahoo Travel) states:

On a street corner of this Victorian-era warehouse district stands the world’s first steam clock, and probably the city’s most photographed attraction. The timepiece plays the Westminster Chimes every hour and whistles every 15 minutes with a gush of steam. Despite its gothic style, it’s not as old as it looks. Famed inventor and horologist Ray Saunders built the clock in 1977 to muffle steam from underground lines.

I have a smaller (and quite low prim) version on my plot in the Palisaides. It does generate steam, and chimes at the top and the bottom of the hour, but not nearly as musical as the RL version. Perhaps in the future I will find a newer clock to alleviate that, but for now, the current time piece is quite nice!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Heliograph Hiatus due to rl weather

Due to preparations for Hurricane Fay, the Heliograph will be on a brief hiatus. I will restart once the excitement has passed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RL Steampunk: Fashion Links

by Grrl+dog (blogger website)

One of the more popular topics at the Heliograph tends to revolve around RL Steampunk Fashion. Unfortunately, aside from photographs, many links from said fashion sites seem to break over time (not necessarily surprising). After mulling it over a bit, I will be adding a “Steampunk Fashion” link list to the Heliograph. In the meantime, I have added a few of the better known sites regarding fashion and attire. I would never pretend to be knowledgeable about ladies fashions, so any references are from a “male-species” brain – please accept my request for forgiveness in advance!

(Note: If one happens to have a preferred Steampunk Fashion site, please do let me know, so I might add it to the selection – thank you!)

Untitled photo, from “”

Steampunk Fashion and Merchants

Gentleman’s Emporium

At Gentleman’s Emporium, this is our promise, and what thousands of satisfied customers have come to expect. Whether it’s an outfit for a special event, a gift for a loved one, or something special just for yourself, we’ve got just what you need!

Jas-Townsend & Sons
“A mail order company that supplies 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history. We specialize in Historic Clothing, Camp Gear, Tents, Books, Music, Knives, Tomahawks, Oak kegs and other assorted goods for people or organizations reenacting the periods from 1750 to 1840 especially the French and Indian War, American Revolution, and War of 1812. We have been serving historical re-enactors, movies, theaters and Pirates since 1973. Jas. Townsend and Son is located in northern Indiana about 45 minutes west of Fort Wayne, Indiana.”

Premier Designs Historic Clothing
“A leading designer of historic clothing, specializing in high quality Victorian & Edwardian designs for women and Victorian to the 1920’s for men.”

The Sulters Stores
“Europe’s leading supplier of authentic historical uniforms and accessories for the period from 1700 to 1950.”

“The leading designers and quality suppliers of Victorian, Edwardian, Civil War, and Old West stylings for women.”

Sword Canes
Quite nifty, and quite affordable – I especially like the “Mermaid” cane!

donnaricci, from

Steampunk Fashion Blogs

House of Secrets, Incorporated
A regular blogger and commentator at Otten’s Smoking Lounge, Miss Hayvaert is perhaps one of the best versed RL steampunk fashionistas around. This particular site is her own blog, and the own below it is her business website. Additionally, her Flickr website is also listed in the Flickr section.

Steampunk Fashion Blog
A blog associated with the Steampunk Fashion Community, and update quite frequently.

Steampunk Fashion Community
An extensive Live Journal community about Steampunk Fashion – certainly a good place to start reading for inspiration and help. Its is very active, and most certainly worth a visit.

The Aldersgate Cycle
A site designed by Miss Natania Barron, a multi-talented lady – Steampunk Author, Blogger, and Podcaster, she has written knowledgeable regarding Steampunk Fashion, providing excellent insights that and other aspects of the genre.

Divine Caroline
“The Beauty of Steampunk Fashion”

Steamyshipyard, by Boilermonster

Steampunk Flickr Groups

Steampunk Fashion:
A Flickr Site that focuses on RL fashion influenced by the genre. With a concentration on attire specifically, it contains quite a number of intriguing inspirations.

Steampunk Gear:
Displays of RL Steampunk works, mostly from projects and accessories. With over 3,000 photos and 700 members, there are quite a few things to see here!

House of Secrets, Incorporated, Flickr Stream:
More photos from Miss Heyvaert regarding Steampunk attire.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking News: New Babbage Wheatstone… and a pair of RL pics of projects

As earlier reported in the New Babbage Ning, the new expansion to New Babbage has arrived. Wheatstone Waterways has emerged (yes, the map is different – but incorrect… I’m *sure* the Lindens will fix their mistake quickly), and will be terraformed in short order.

It isn’t “officially” opened yet, but will be so within a few days – not sure if the sim has been completely sold out, but I did hear property has been going quite quickly!

[ed note: per the Ning (and Wiki)…

For the record, it’s supposed to be ‘Wheatstone Waterways’, not ‘Wheatsone Waterways,’Sir Charles Wheatstone, FRS (February 6, 1802 – October 19, 1875), was a British scientist and inventor of many scientific breakthroughs of the Victorian era, including the English concertina, the stereoscope (a device for displaying three-dimensional images), and the Playfair cipher (an encryption technique). However, Wheatstone is best known for his contributions in the development of the Wheatstone bridge, originally invented by Samuel Hunter Christie, which is used to measure an unknown electrical resistance, and as a major figure in the development of telegraphy.

cour. Miss Commons]

During a discussion regarding my RL with a long time resident friend, I mentioned that I was working to make my small corner of my abode habitable. This being said, I was asked for photos, so Miss E., here they are…

Working towards a “Nautical Steampunk” look, I have managed (with direction from the other 1/2) on ways to reach this particular goal.

The set shown is actually an Ikea “Ivar” shelving system, stained black (with two coats of polyurethane), and scroll work (painted with black, then outlined with a copper paint pen) for the designs.

Not quite staged (noted by the router and phone), but when it is completed, I’ll post better photos.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Victorian Travelogue: Victoriana

Downtown Victoriana in the afternoon

Bit of a stressful time in RL & SL, so I decided to return to a location that I happened to find a couple weeks back, and was later written about briefly by Duke Pearse while accompanying the Duchess of Argylle in a new and quite impressive Neo-Victorian sim.

Facing east (I believe), towards the residential district

That sim is Victoriana, a relaxing locale that quite successfully intergrates the turn of the century atmosphere with a number of unique aspects making it an enjoyable location to visit (or stay, depending on the circumstances).

A relaxing fountain just outside Grand Central Station

As with many sims, one arrives at a tp point, and in Victoriana Square (the central sim of Victoriana), you land in its Grand Central Station. Although the numerous Christmas gifts are long gone (Mr. Lindsay is Australian, so it was the appropriate time for him and quite fun personally, as it is quite warm where Im at in RL), the layout is quite convenient, with a board of tp locations to merchants, a SLexchange machine nearby, and a regular train that will take you to the reaches of the sim (every 30 seconds, if Im correct quite enjoyabe to ride!)

The Welcome area in the main train station, with TPs to merchants, Tiny Victoriana, and an SL exchange machine, among other items.

The layout is quite easy to navigate, with merchants concentrated in the city proper, and the numerous homes surrounding its “downtown”. Checked on the prices, and they do appear competitive with the standard (after the great linden land de-evaluation), and I do believe that there are a few spots left. (In the Grand Central Station, there is a projected growth plan for the sim, including extensions of the train lines).

Entrance to Tiny Victoriana, enclave to the dinumitive denizens of the sim

Another unique feature is the “Tiny Victoriana”. Not exactly my “cup of tea”, so to speak, but it is the first dedicated location for tinies (that I am aware of). I do know this particular genre is popular in Caldedon, but Im not sure if there is a “dedicated” place for them (again, not something I deal with much). However, if one enjoys tinies, “Tiny Victoriana” (in Victoriana Square) merits a visit.

A view inside the Golden Harp, a watering hole in the city proper

Having trains that run on time is always a good thing, and the two train lines in Victoriana run frequently. Rode one until the end of its line (where I was encouraged to disembark ride the “Great Northern Rail”, and youll understand). Also, free coach rides are available just outside the Grand Central Station, providing a tour of the sim.

Waiting for the train to visit the other side of the sim

Finally, the small inlet is a relaxing location to simply get away, watch the ducks swim, and just address business at one leisure. Been doing this a bit more lately mostly for RL. Quite a nice place watch out for the seagulls!

Posing on the dock of a picturesque pond

Ive included a SLurl to Victoriana, and a link to its website. I realize that this location isnt “Steampunk”, but it is (Neo) Victorian, well within the genre. Do pay it a visit it is a classically built Victorian sim, a worthwhile stop for any Neo-Victorian or Steampunk individual.

I have my eye on you Mr. Seagull – no “accidents” like last time, thank you very much!

To visit Victoriana, please turn to:

or to visit their website, please turn to:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

RL Steampunk: Growing exposure to the genre in RL design…

“Siddhartha Pod-Looking Up Towards Top Deck” by Art Donovan.

As I continue to “Steampunk-ise” my small corner of my abode, I find inspiration from numerous sources along the ethernet. This weekend is one example of said inspiration – the Hamptons Antiques Galleries is putting Steampunk works of art on display for the public, with items from numerous well-know Steampunk designers such as Art Donovan and Jake Von Slatt, among others. To read more, please turn to:

And of course, for a full treatment of RL Steampunk Interiors, the Steampunk Home is the Alpha and Omega for this effort, located at:

[Oh, and a small glimpse at my works in progress…

These are Ikea “Ivar” doors that will eventually grace a bookshelf complex in the works…

… and this is a brass gem of a lamp my better half found at a yard sale for $12 – oustanding! More details as the work progresses]

Thursday, August 7, 2008

RL Steampunk: Our own Miss Commons to attend the Dances of Vice

Miss Kandace Commons, perhaps one of the most extraordinary builders in New Babbage (and in SL, by extension) will be partaking in a trip to the 2008 “Dances of Vice”, in NYC, as a VIP! I must say, I am quite green with envy, but I do hope she has a magnificient time at the event! Good show, madam!

This is a photo of her VIP invitation…

To learn more about the event, please visit:

and to see more of Miss Commons magnificent works, please visit the New Babbage Ning, or her Flickr Site, at:

Monday, August 4, 2008

RL Steampunk: Zepplins save a city!

Intersting piece on how the Zepplin industry is bouying the city of Friedrichshafen economically. More on this at the NY times…

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: New Babbage’s Mermaid Arcade

Entrance to the Mermaid Arcade, in North Eastern Port Babbage

One of the earliest venues of Port Babbage (to my recollection) was a small shopping arcade that existed in the northeastern corner of the sim one of the few locations offering merchants selling Steampunk wares (at the time, at least). Visited it a few times, then became distracted by the proverbial “shiny SL object”. However, I revisited the Mermaid Arcade recently, and aside from the dramatic aesthetic improvements the owner, Mr. Pizzini Mayo, has filled entire venue with vendors! (No small feat in these challenging economic times!)

A view on the first floor, just outside of Ironworks

A scripted statue of mermaids is one of the first things to catch your attention upon entering the arcade. Along with the offered beverage and classical music, there are two levels to the enterprise. Mr. Mayo has remained true to the architectural design of classic RL Victorian shopping arcades, which include a glass ceiling and ironwork throughout the build.

A second impressive statue inside the arcade, and a small view of the second floor

The selection of vendors at the Mermaid is impressive, and host a number of well known stores, along with some up-and-coming merchants. Instead of trying describe each one, I have simply made a list of them, on both floors, and highly recommend that if one is ever in the market for a purchase, or simply wishes to visit a cacophony of Steampunk displays, do pay a visit to the Mermaid Arcade.

To visit the arcade, please turn to…

First Floor

Writer Steamworks
Steampunk Accessories

E. Laval Aether
Steampunk Attire

Iron Style
– Fine Beverage Products

Tiger’s Rare Books
– Books and literary supplies

Heron Curiosities
– Furniture and Interior decor

Bird of Prey
– Ladies attire and accessories

Bernard & Sons
Steampunk furniture & eye wear

Rau Paraphernalia
– Weaponry, foot gear, and Samovars

Kheph’s Creations
Steampunk accessories

Chakra Nova
– Gears and Steampunk clothes

The area immediately outside also has imagery and photos from the era, along with a small cafe area (to the left)

Second Floor

Morgana Kingsford’s
Steampunk ladies attire

Privateer Supplies & Gear
Steampunk accessories

Ordinal Enterprises
– Fine mechanical devices

Edison Corporation Retailer
– Airships

Oakwood Laboratories
– Furnishing and Fripperies

C. Capalini
– Fine furnishings

Curio Obscura
– “Strange and Wonderful” Steampunk items

Asclepicus Apothecary
– Medical supplies

Wunderlien’s Historical Garb
– Ladies attire and hairstyles

Europa Wulfenbach Outpost (Girl Genius)
– A small cultural outpost of from Europa Wulfenbach

*** A disclaimer – if any… fine tuning… needs to be made regarding the stores (as offered by the owners), please contact me so I might attend to any corrections! – ty! ***