Monday, September 29, 2008

Rivet Town: First Annual Inventor’s Expo in October

Spoke with Mr. Harper Weezles a few days ago, and he provided me with a unique contest that will be taking place in Rivet Town in mid October, and should attract a good body of Steampunk inventors and designers. The First Annual Inventor’s Expo information is as follows…

Greetings Inventors, Builders, and fans of the Steam Age!

On October 18th and 19th, Rivet Town will be hosting the first annual Inventor’s Expo. We would like to showcase the best and brightest inventions and inventors of this wonderful thing we call Steampunk! We will showcase nine (9) categories of items and give accolades to the one person who has brought the spirit of invention and creativity to Second Life!

Below are the categories, and we need your nominations to gather the items that need attention. You can nominate your invention or someone else’s. Nominees will be presented at the Expo, and a winner will be chosen from each category by popular vote. The winners will be displayed in the Rivet Town patent office, and will be available for purchase there at no cost to the inventor. This is a wonderful way to gain some recognition for the wonderful work that you (or your favorite builder) does. All entries must fall into one of the following categories – Steampunk, Post Apocalypse, Retro Futurism, Victorian Invention, or Historical Fantasy. Definitions of these generes are subject to review by the Expo Staff.

So give us your nominations and rally support for your favorites! The top nominees will be displayed on October 18th and 19th, and the winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on the 19th.

Please list no more than two entries for each category. Creators of qualified nominees will be contacted with information on displaying their items.

The Categories are…

Best Scripted

Best Textured

Best Vechicle

Best Clothing or Accessory

Best Gadget

Best Building

Best Freebie

Best Weapon

Best item that fits into no other category, but cannot be left out

Steam Gentlemen/Lady of the year!
[Person that best promotes the Steampunk way]

To nominate an item (or person, in case of the 10th category), please complete and send a notecard to Mr. Harper Weezles.

Additional information can be found in Rivet Town. Also, check back, as the current accepted nominees will be posted at the train station (and in the Heliograph – ed note).

To visit the Rivet Town Train Station for more infomation, updates on the participants, and obtain a notecard to cast your ballot, please visit:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

WETA’s “Unnatural Selector” Ray gun

The gentlemen at WETA have produced a new bit of … defensive weaponary! The “Unnatural Selector” is a gem of Steampunk design, and for a mere $8,000 USD (that’s only L$ 2,080,000), you too can own a RL version of this beauty. For more details on this fine piece of workmanship (and other quality weaponary), please visit:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rivet Town Event: Un-Character Night at Steamworks

A bit behind the schedule, but tonight @ 7pm SLT, an “Un-Character” night will take place at the Metalworks in Rivet Town, with further details as outlined above… to go directly there, please turn to:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Chronophage – The “Time Eater”

Late last week, Dr. Stephen Hawking unveiled a new time device named the “Chronophage”. Designed as a tribute to the English clockmaker John Harrison, the gentleman who solved the problem of longitiuge in the 18th century.

Polishing the impressive amount of gold plating (sorry, not brass, as I originaly hoped) used in making the clock…

For further details on this device, please turn to:

BBC News

Times Online

Daily Mail–15-minutes-late.html

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oktoberfest in SL (and RL, of course)…

Oh, the grandiose selection here…!

The beginning of fall means many things to many people the beginning of school, the end of baseball season or the beginning of (American) football however I measure it by one seminal event that I have always wanted to indulge in Octoberfest!

The stallions in the Wunderbar sim that brought all of the beer (virtutal, sadly enough)

My previous employ prevented me from doing so, however I am concocting a plan to deliver me to the Munich (RL, of course), so I can indulge in seeing Bayern Munchen play a home game, go to the fairgrounds, have a beer delivered by a prototypical Bavarian lady in a traditional drindl, and simply have a wonderful time!

The beer was, of course, good, but the environment was a bit sparse…

Unfortunately, that might be a couple of years away, so in the mean time, I shall simply go ahead, plan for the RL version, whilst I indulge in the SL version of Octoberfest, starting with the Wunderbar sim

I had idealized something along these lines in SL….

… and perhaps something extremely beautiful, such as this (and the young lady is quite pretty, also) {from Octoberfestgirls blog, listed below}

Very nicely build, but unfortunately, it was quite empty. I was hoping that I would be able to catch a few people in-world, but then again, if I were in Germany, I would be at the Bier Hall drinking, singing, eating, and drinking even more!

A dream picture from the Hacker Pschorr Tent this year

Did find a SL Bier Hall, but though I had all of the beer to myself, I did find myself to be a bit lonely. As such, I decided to pop into the best known German SL sim, Neufreistadt.

Arriving in Neufreistadt, with a much better sized mug!

I did find quite the crowd here, with dancing, drinking, and well, more dancing, but still, the atmosphere was more along the lines of what I had expected (or could expect, I should say). Everyone was very friendly, and if I was not busy taking photos, I probably would have imposed upon a young lady for a polka! Alas, RL demanded attention, and I departed, sadly.

Watching the polka, with a rat-man – only in SL

Nonetheless, if you have a chance to visit either Wunderbar or Neufreistadt, by all means do so! I have not been able to obtain a schedule for Wunderbar, but I have posted Neufreistadts schedule for future events.

Someday, I’ll be here, hopefully!

Neufreistadt Home Page – with up-to-date news on their events

(Oh, I also added a few RL Octoberfest links oh, someday..

The Official Octoberfest site in English…

The Munich tourism site…

The Wiki on Octoberfest

Octoberfest Girls Blog

IHT reporting on the opening ceremonies

and lastly, the official webcam of the 2008 Octoberfest!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a hefeweisen to indulge in ….

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sparks Ball in Steelhead – Congratuations to the Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and the Europan Consulate

Europan embassy, with the Barons’ Flagship located nearby

Though I missed the initial gathering, Steelhead (and Caledon, and other locations) were abuzz with the Sparks Ball taking place at the Consulate. I did stop in, but it was so popular, I would say it was weighted down with lag from the throng of visitors and well-wishers taking part in the celebration!

The dance floor after a momentary respit from the dancers

Too many people to list individually, so… I took the easy way out of the predicament

Congratulations, Baron! Looking forward to the consulate’s second year, sir!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Europan 1st Anniversary at Steelhead

The first anniversary of the Europan Consulate will take place in Steelhead, starting at 7 PM, SLT, on Friday evening. Additionally, further celebratory events will take place on Saturday, the 20th, starting at 5 PM, SLT, as per the annoucement. See you there!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rivet Town Celebration, North Quarter

A new event in Rivet Town, this time located in the Northern Quarter of the sim… perhaps a bit more pleasing to the average citizen / Steampunk denizen. If the previous Inaugural Ball was any indication of this sims rapid success, the North Quarter event will surely be quite impressive!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GOGBOT at Steeltopia, from September 18th to the 21st

Steeltopia will be part of the Gogbot festival, held in (RL) at Enschede, the Netherlands. Over ten thousand visitors are expected at the festival, and they will have the opportunity to see Steeltopia projected on large screens at the festival and broadcast, via video stream, world-wide!

For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likley

Happened to glance at the recent visitors section of the blog, when I spied a visit by Lord Likley. Decided to pop in for a visit, just for a minute to see his website, and was caught up by his brilliant writing and amazing prose, about his episodes and escapdes! It is a bit (or, shall a say, more than a bit) risque, but for those with a clever eye for era adventure, I cannot recommend the Amazing Adventures of Lord Likey enough! As my words cannot do it justice, please turn to:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Talk like a pirate instructional video

One of my favorites, this video is practical training in preparations for Friday the 19th, Talk Like a Pirate Day – please enjoy!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Babbage’s Engineer Ball was a smashing success!

Arrival at the Ball – fashionably late (I’ve become quite fashionable recently)

Had the opportunity to attend the first annual Engineer’s Ball in Wheatstone Waterway yesterday evening, and I must say, it was perhaps the best event in New Babbage since its inception.

More dancing…

Though the photos do not display it (as your photographer was busy being chatty…), the sim was quite popular (and laggy) that evening with a peak concurrence of 46 avatars at one point (if I remember the statistics correctly).

Miss Dugan surveys the activity on the floor

It was quite enjoyable to see many individuals who I only knew through the Ning, in person (so to speak).

Dr. Obolensky makes his dramatic entrance!

Fortunately, Miss Tanarian Davies rescued me from remaining a wallflower, and had quite the lively discussion with her throughout the event.

Closing down the Ball…

And as usual the European contingent, aside from being snappy inventors, are also quite the partiers (I think the entire ambassadorial party was present at one point…), so I had the opportunity to bid Skusting and Breezy good evening!

The fountains in the competition

On one last note, I did miss the judging for the Cog Fountains, but if I heard correctly, Miss Nikita Weymann’s entry (the middle fountain) won the competition – kudos to all the entrants (Miss Bela Lubezki, Miss Weymann, and Mr. Greg Merryman) on their hard work, providing three fantastic entries to be judged!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happenings in SL Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana

This weekend looks to be quite busy, with a large number of events taking place in a multitide of sims. Although I am listing a few here, do visit Mr. O’Toole’s website, as he has hidden a comprehensive listing of all of the going-ons from throughout the Steampunk/Neo-Victorian sims at the bottom of his website… (all times SLT)



2 PM – Mer-Wedding, Antiquity Laconia
(Not quite sure of the exact location, but the time should be correct).

3 PM – Geisha Show, Antiquity Township East
(Understand that the show is one of the better Geisha shows in SL)

6 PM – Rivet Town Inaugurational Ball
(North American time zone event)



2 AM – Ironclad Seabattle, Antiquity Lagoon

11 AM – Rivet Town Inaugurational Ball
(European time zone event)

2 PM – Blue Whale Grand Opening, Antiquity Shouls

5 PM – Antiquity Yacht Club Regatta

5 PM – Steeltopia Dance Event

6 PM – Engineer’s Ball, New Babbage (Wheatstone Waterway)
(The largest ball of the season in New Babbage)

7 PM – Antiquity Stakes Horse Race

11 PM – Antiquity Sea Battles, Antiquity Lagoon



12 – 1 PM – St. Torley’s Day Services, Caledon Penzance

3 PM – Concernt in the Part, Antiquity Township

3 PM – Palm Court Tea Dance, Caledon Wellsian

3 PM – Steeltopia Dance Event

4 – 5 PM – St. Torley’s Day Services, Caledon Penzance

6 PM – Tsuki Mi Matsuri (Moon Viewing Festival), Caldeon Carntaigh


It appears that there will be no shortage of events to experience or see, so do keep your plans clear if you are in-world!

*Although I have touched upon a few Caledonian events, for more information, do visit Radio Riel’s website, at

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inaugurational Ball in Rivet Town

A rapidly growing Steampunk sim, Rivet Town, is holding its Inaugurational Ball this weekend, with one session starting on Friday the 12th, at (about) 6-7 SLT for State-side citizens, and a second on Saturday the 13th, at (about) 11-12 SLT for European citizens.

Taking a constitutional in Rivet Town

I have been a bit pre-occupied as of late on other SL projects, but have been keeping an eye on Rivet Town’s progress. Their focus on Steampunk Roleplay is quickly gaining… steam… and along with a finely crafted Steampunk sim, it appears that its popularity is increasing dramatically.

An evening view in Rivet Town (the East Side, I believe)

For further updates on Rivet Town (which is a good idea, as almost something happens daily), join Rivet Town’s group, and do read its in-world periodical, the Rivet Town Herald.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Neo-Victorian Military Uniforms, Part 1

Admiral Angus Ceawlin, Royal Antiquity Navy
Full Dress Uniform (sans cover)
Pictured officiating at the Antiquity Regatta, c. 2007

Victorian Military Uniforms, Part 1

Ive found myself a bit busy with RL to address all of the projects that I had intended on completing, much to my chagrin. However, I was able to steal a few moments, roll up my sleeves, and begin on one of the projects, an overview of Victorian Militaria in Second Life.
In the past, Ive flown skyships and am currently fight pirates on the high seas, but regardless of the location, one aspect that differentiate a soldier from pirate rabble (for the most part), is a smart uniform, denoting discipline and professionalism. While most pirates will wear gaudy and flash attire due to the flaunting of Elizabethan Sumptuary laws of the times, specifically

Clothing provided an immediate way of distinguishing ‘Who was Who’! Medieval clothing and fashion like everything else was dictated by the Pyramid of Power which was the Feudal System. However, the old Feudal system broke down and the ravages of the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) significantly reduced the population – even the peasants were paid! During the reign of King Henry VIII a new and wealthy Merchant Class arose. These wealthy men were looking above their station! They needed to be kept separate from the Upper Classes of the Nobility. Henry VIII drafted a new series of laws concerning dress and personal adornment – he updated the existing “Sumptuary Laws”. His eldest daughter Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary) followed suit! The English Sumptuary Laws were excellent tools for maintaining control over the populace!

– From Pirate Clothing,

the military uniform has always had a uniform look to it. While the details of Victorian military attire are perhaps better addressed in numerous other military websites, books, and other media, finding a good match of said attire can be a “hit or miss” endeavor in Second Life. As such, I will be listing a few merchants that carry these items.

Pearsed and Cut

One of the first Neo-Victorian merchants to offer era-specific uniforms, the Earl has quite a selection of attire, though mostly in Caledonian colors. He offers a large selection of British Victorian-era uniforms, along with a good number of kilts with varying patterns (I must admit my ignorance in this category, unfortunately, as I an unacquainted with the knowledge base of Scottish clans.).

A tidbit of the selection at Pearse’d and Cut regarding his military uniforms

However, do visit his emporiums for a wide selection of SL militaria (and associated gentlemens attire one does eventually take leave!) His flagship store is located at:


Moyer Military Outfitters

My most recent discovery in the genre, Colonel Moyer enterprise has a superb selection of historically accurately designed items of both Army and Navy leanings. Located near the Royal Antiquity Military Academy, Moyers is a key part of the “military-industrial” complex there, which includes Rau Paraphernalia (armaments), Edison Corporation Retailer (airships), and of course, the ever popular Speculaas ships.
His attire spans the 19th century, with a superb variety of uniform items from which to choose.

A small view of the selection at COL Moyer’s Military Outfitters

My personal favorite is the British Naval Officers uniform, though his Late Victorian Braided Officers Jacket is quite smart. Additionally, the Colonel offers free pants (one can never have enough pants lol)! A definite “must visit” for the discerning Victorian uniform connoisseur. To visit the main store in the Shouls, do turn to:


Plunder / Civvies

Taking a bit of a Steampunkish leaning, Plunder is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of gentlemens Steampunk attire. A good quantity of the attire is more modern in appearance, but there are two sets that stand out the “Road Agent” overcoat and the “Steampunk Coat”. With a bit of tweaking, they make excellent Steampunk military garments.

The “Road Agent’ and the “Steampunk Coat” pictured above

There are additional accessories that can be converted to “military use”, but the two aforementioned items are (to my understanding) their best sellers due to their versatility. To reach the flying platform housing numerous Steampunk aero items, turn to…


Mako Magellans Emporium

Mr. Magellans is geared more towards general gentlemens attire, but there are a good number of military items that worth exploring, including his Civil War uniforms, his ceremonial Light Horse Dragoons uniform, and something I have not seen since it came out, a version of Sgt. Peppers resplendent uniform (that would be from the Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, for those who are a bit younger)! Most certainly worth a visit!

The “Sgt. Pepper’s uniform” in full regalia!

As with many of my projects, I end up underestimating how large it will be at the current moment, I see this being at least three parts! However, if the reader knows of a location I havent mentioned, please do note it (and appropriate credit will be provided, of course!) In Part 2, a trip to a Victorian Uniform design genius and a good personal friend!

{This is a cross-post from the Antiquity Gazette, but I would venture that most era gentlemen have some military experience, so I felt that a post here might be apopos.}

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giant Mechanical Spider attacks Liverpool!

An amazing construct invaded the city of Liverpool, but to the disappointment of all villains and “tyrants”, it did little actual damage (that’s going to count against the builder at the “Evil League of Evil” conference later this year!)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Steampunk Notables: Dr. Julius Roundbottom

Recently received a dispach from Dr. Julius Roundbottom, a collogue who specializes in not just describing, but photographing the unique and unusual aspects of nature that often go unseen, except for his traind eye.

He has been working dilligently since late 2007, and has had the opportunity to recently redesign his aether location, to better display his works and discoveries. I would heritly recommend a visit to his location and read (and see) his unique explorations in nature and science… and beyond!

To arrive at his location, please turn to:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Babbage Engineer’s Ball

Much anticipated upon its initial whisperings, the Engineer’s Ball is likely to be the premier event of the summer for Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana in Second Life. Taking place in the newest New Babbage sim of Wheatstone Waterways, not only will there be fantastic entertainment and sights, but along with a compentiton to for the “Best Scripted Cog Fountain”, the opportunity to see the newest gem of the crown of SL Steampunk will be on display.

As stated in the flyer, the Engineer’s Ball will take place on Saturday, the 13th of September, at 6pm SLT (9pm EST). Ensure you arrive on time to partake of the festivities!

Notice from the French Empire… expanding into Antiquity

A well placed source passed on this notice to the Antiquity Gazette. A most intersting development indeed…