Saturday, January 31, 2009

The new Mayor of New Babbage: Mayor Tenk!

IN an early election annoucement, Mr. Tenk won the election for Mayor of New Babbage, with the results as follows (verified by Mr. Salazar Jack)…

Mr. Tenk – 20 votes
Mr. Cleanslate – 19 votes
The Baron – 14 vots

Per the official announcement…

“In what turned out to be a close election, Mossveno Tenk has been elected Mayor of New Babbage. The current Mayor, Shaunathan Sprocket, abstained from voting”

The turnover should take about 14 days, for a smooth transitional phase. Congratulations to all candiates, on a well fought election – kudos, gentlemen!

Monday, January 26, 2009

MAKE interview with Mr. Jake Von Slatt

While looking about, found this recent interview with Mr. Von Slatt by MAKE magazine, where he not only describes (and demonstrates) many of the unique items he has made over the past years, but shows the techniques that he uses. The description of the video goes as follows…

Jake Von Slatt invites us into the alternate universe of Steampunk. As leading figures in the Boston arts community, members of Steampunk combine the power of modern technology with the grace and intricacy of Victorian design. Plus, watch the story of steam power, from the first crude water pump to a bionic arm.

Seems like quite the nice fellow – for more on his works, please visit:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A return… and Steampunk Cylons

Well, I’ve been able to return from my RL circumstances, albeit for the time being, and as such, I’ve located a new contest by DVICE to make a Steampunk Cylon. Sounds quite interesting, especially with the return of the series for its final season (though I have been unable to view the past two episodes, to my chagrin).

Unfortunately, the contest is limited to those in the United States, due to international legalities, ect, ect… Nonetheless, worth a look – please turn to:

{Also, to those who were made aware of the cavalcade of circumstances, thank you for your support.}

Friday, January 23, 2009

Black and White Ball this Saturday!

The Black and White Ball will be held this weekend, from 3-6 pm SLT, to better accomodate a larger contingent of residents. As with previous events at the Piermont Landing, tomorrow’s event promises to be an oustanding afternoon/evening!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Deviant Art: Skyships II

“Flyby” by Avatar Z Brown, coloured by Amarynceus

One of the favorite entires, statiscially speaking, tend to be those with large amounts of graphics, and especially those with airships and Steampunk technology. Be it for inspiration or admiration, returning to the purest form the genre (and turning away from other unsavory political issues in the SL Steampunk world), I am displaying some of the more recent entries in Deviant art, a hotbed for new and emerging artists.

“On Patrol”, by Zenzen

I have listed the title of their work and their “nom de plume” below each picture, so if you desire to see more of any individual’s work, simply turn to Deviant art, and search on the artist in question, at:

{From the “daily sketch group”, by meliHitchcock}

“Airship Regatta”, by Steaming North

“Steampunk Airship” by The one without a gun

“An old skyship battle” by Skyship Colonel

“Skyship” by Punslinger

“Pirate Cruiser” by Amarynceus

“Skyship Sketch” by Divine Duty

“Skyship Hagia Sophia” by Steamby51

“Leaving on a Skyship” by Guild a Lilly

“Sunset Skyship” by Skyship Colonel

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aether Salon: Villians!

A quick reminder… the Aether Salon, the most visited academic Steampunk endeavor in Second Life, will hold its next session today, focusing on “Villians!” To quote the lovely Miss Viv Trafalgar, the hostess of the Salon…

Has the Briliant Doctor Obolensky met his match in the suave and mysterious Baron Klaus Wulfenbach? When these collide, who will be left standing (or will we all be left standing on the tracks!?)

Join us from 2 to 3:30 pm SLT for the clash between these two veritible titans of power!

Gasp! Quail! Hide behind your hands! (But please leave your weapons and lag-inducing accoutriments at home!)

As always, a diabolical craft will be assembled at the conclusion of hte salon.

A smashing good time to be had today – do visit the Salon!

(or IM Miss Viv Trafalgar or Serafina Puchkina for a tp)

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Babbage Founders Weekend Events

Well, better late than never I do apologize for the late update to the New Babbage events that are taking place this weekend perhaps one of the busiest weekends ever in the city state! The following celebratory events are taking place during Founders Week (for this weekend, at least)

New Years Ozashiki, (at the Wasuremono Tea House, Babbage Palisades)
(January 16th, from 5-6 SLT)
In order to help bring the New Year to Babbage and our dear little ochaya, there will be another event held at the tea house. The theme of which will be newness and fresh beginnings.Another Special Note: After the first ten or so minutes, an open mic as it were will be offered to guests for poetry reading.

The First Annual New Babbage Airship Regatta (in the skies above the Vernian Sea)
In Honor of Founders’ Day and as part of the 2009 Founders’ Week Festivities(January 17th, from 7-8 PM SLT)
For further details, regulations, guidelines, and other information regarding the events, please visit

Aether Salon: “Villians!” (at the Aether Salon, Babbage Palisades)
(January 18th, from 2 3:30 SLT)
The Aether Salon presents the next of its continuing series Steampunk-centric events, with the topic of “Villians!” Her special guests are brilliantly evil Doctor Obolensky and the mysterious Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, who will engage in a battle of wits to define evil and its place in the Steampunk genre!

Additionally, there are week long events taking place in New Babbage, including

Babbage on Ice Festivities, Shay’s Park, Babbage Canals
(January 17-24, ALL WEEK!)

New Babbage Then and Now Art Exhibition, Ruby’s Pub and Gallery (Babbage Canals)
(January 17-24, ALL WEEK!)

So, if you have have the opportunity to visit one, or better yet all, ensure you take the moment to indulge in the celebratory events!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Airship Regatta in New Babbage this Weekend!

In honor of Founder’s day, New Babbage will be holding a series of airship regattas over the Vernian sea, in sporting competition and in an effort to display the newest airships and skilled captains. The ship classes will be as follows:

1) Single – ships which transport a single individual
2) Light – ships which transports two or more vehicles, with gas-bag dimensions less than 40m
3) Heavy – ships with gas-bag dimensions over 40m
4) Historical – ships designed towards historical accuracy
5) Military -ships designed for combat
6) Whimsical – ships designed with impractical or designs
7) Racing – ships intended for speed-based competitions
8) Modern – ships incorporating technologies invented after 1940

In addition, a “Stationary” class will available for ships not involved with physical movement and available for public inspection and observation.

All airship captains and enthusiasts, regardless of their skill levels are encouraged to participate. The course will begin in Port Babbage, continue down into the Vernian Sea, and return back to Port Babbage.

Registration is free, and further details regarding participation, racing rules, and a map of the course are available at the New Babbage Ning, specifically at:

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Aether Chronicles and a Teutonic Steampunk advertisement

While taking a moment from my RL duties, I located an outstanding SL Steampunk website, the Aether Chronicles, authored by Miss Aether Inglewood, a talented SL blogger. I found her site interesting as she also covers Steampunk, but her focus appears to be more on the aero side of Steampunk, including an on-going series on Caledon’s Airfields (I only thought there was one – I suppose I need to visit the Independent State a bit more).

Aside from her writings, she also happened to locate this amazingly impressive representation of the pre-historic era (or at least, how it should have been – I do admire her admiration of the smokestack on the T-Rex)!

To visit the Aether Chronicles, please turn to:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Steampunk Fiction: The Greatest Inventions that Tesla Never Created

While sifting the aether, I located an interesting article that touched upon some of the dreams that one of the patron saints of Steampunk (Mr. Tesla) was never quite able to attain. Items such as wireless energy transfer, robots, death rays, airships, and a good number of other theoritical idea he had, but due to circumstances, he never realized.

This small article in IO9 touches on them, and fictional references to what happend if he had actually been successful in completing them. To read more, please turn to:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Breaking News – New Babbage for Sale!

Breaking News:

Mayor Sprocket, after a two year tenure overseeing the most successful Steampunk sim in Second Life, has placed it on the free market. First mentioned on the New Babbage Ning, he states…

It has been an exciting and challenging time running a city-state for the past 2 years. I see entirely why George Washington set the 2 year term limit in motion within the United States. After two years you feel exhausted in a way that’s practically impossible to describe. Even the will to log in seems to not be there for me. I want new challenges, I want to move on. Also I think New Babbage deserves better than my absence. It’s time for a new mayor.

Sadly, it’s not as easy as hosting an election. New Babbage is an asset. It is profitable. And it is indeed worth something. It would also be a thoughtless act to simply sell to the highest bidder. Everyone here deserves more than that. I want to sell to someone who has vision, someone who will not only maintain what we have, but strive to grow and evolve it further. We have a unique situation.

Currently, a brand new (and vacant as a desert) sim costs someone $1000 USD to purchase and $295 USD per month to keep. New Babbage is 6 sims of thriving community and active renters, and to use an analogy, an appartment full of renters is worth more than an empty building. I am willing to sell New Babbage to someone for $6,000.00 USD, However there are some strings attached. I want the people of New Babbage to approve you.

To read the full announcement, please turn to…

More to follow on this suprising turn of events as it develops!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

RL Steampunk: Verne in Theatre

Did a bit of trolling about during some free time I had, and discovered that a theatre group in Orange County, California, is currently performing a stage version of “Around the World in 80 days”. I must admit, the last time I remotely involved on the stage I was a *bit* younger, but what is intersting is the aesthetic involved with the set. Looks as if they have done quite a good job of it, both with attire and props involved.

If you happen to be in the local area, it might be worth the while to see a performance, as it will be playing throughout the month of January. To learn more, please turn to:

and the playhouse’s website is at:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

RL Steampunk – #7 Saville Row

Stumbled across a uniqe group of individuals who take Steampunk one step beyond… into RL! Number 7 Saville Row is a dedicated group of re-enactors… well, allow me to borrow their own introduction…

#7 Saville Row is the public blog of La Legion Fantastique! We are a theatrical re-enactment troupe, and this blog covers our winter seasonal show. The show, La Legion Fantastique focuses on the literary works of Mr. Jules Verne in a totally immersive theatrical envrionment, where visitors may explore our halls and hob-nob with characters like Captain Nemo and Phileas Fogg …

Our mission is to create fun and educational theatrical presentations to entertain, enlighten, and to promote literacy by bringing books to vibrant life! We are an unofficial non-profit organization, and our shows can only take place through the dedication, talent, time and donations made by our Legionnaires.

Their website is quite impressive, and contains a plentitude of information regarding their efforts, including their latest journey to the Barbary Coast of the West (better known as San Francisco). To read more about this dashing group of individuals, please turn to: