Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RL Steampunk: DIY Diving Helmet

With the prices of original diving helmets being prohibitively expensive, this clever alternative is an outstanding option to anyone’s Steampunk decor. The movie, well.. that is an imaginative endeavor, but the highlight (imo) is the helmet – enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Aethernet: Steampunk Sites, Part II

Probably one of my favorite Steampunk images, from “Retrostaja

I’ve been a bit remiss in the proposed re-work of the Heliograph (I had planned it for last month, and it looks like it may be a bit longer until I’m done with it), but in the meantime, I am posting a few sites (and images) that may not be as well known.

The first of which, is a site that has sadly fallen to the wayside, just before I began blogging “ages ago (ok – 2007, but still, a while ago)! Retrostaja / Steampunkopedia is a Polish language site which, to my view, is one of the best sources of Steampunk references I’ve encountered online. When one logs in, you’ll see the above image (a stunning “Steampunk Alien Invasion” work), and two flags – be sure to choose the English one!

This will take you to a menu listing a “Steampunk Chronology”, “Steampunk Links” (some of which are dead, but still quite a few are working… so its a bit of intrepid exploring is in order), “Steampunk TV” (an excellent listing of Steampunk television shows), and “Press Releases” (which sadly has not been updated since May of 2008). Additionally, I believe that somewhere there, an excruciatingly comprehensive list of Steampunk movies exists – listing movies since the turn of the century.

To go exploring at this amazing artifact of Steampunk goodness, please turn to:



IO9’s Logo – the “term for early adopters back in the 2070’s!

One locale which I frequent for news and events is IO9 – a site which has regular updates on general science fiction, including doses of Steampunk news. It is refreshing to read the well done articles there and early trailers are post there (e.g. the new Avatar trailer, the “Moon” trailer, and “Daybreakers“, which has quite an innovative storyline). A warning, however – once you start reading, it will be difficult to stop… and that isn’t even including the supplemental sites listed at the bottom of the page (e.g. Lifehacker (DIY projects), Gawker (news), Kotaku (computer gaming), Jezebel (well, you can figure that one out), among others…

To visit this absorbing site (and the other associated sites), please visit:


The “Cogs and Togs” log

Found this gem the other day, and was sutibly impressed with a long overlooked niche in SL Steampunk blogging – Ladies’ fashion. Fortunately, Miss Tehanu Marenwolf has taken the endeavor to address this vastly growing industry. Her reviews (to this point) have covered a expanse of ladies’ items (e.g shoes, corsets), and though I have essentially no clue about Steampunk couture, it is refreshing to see this topic being addressed by such an eloquent reviewer!

To read more, please turn to…

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Steampunk Events: 27-28 June, 2009

A view of the Marzipan, one of SL’s classic Victorian entertainment venues, at Magellan Kinerva

What: The Marzipan Teahouse Baroque Ball
When: Saturday, the 27th of June, from 4 to 5:30 pm
Where: The Marzipan Teahouse, Magellan Kinerva

We warmly invite you to the Baroque Ball on Saturday evening, for a little change. You are most welcome to wear whatever you like, as usual, but if there’s a Baroque outfit you’d love to wear or you’d like an excuse to get one to wear, this is a wonderful opportunity to indulge a sense of formality and grandeur in the Baroque tradition! A few new dances, in addition to all the existing single, partner and group dances should add to the fun, along with the gorgeous music by Radio Riel and the usual lively and friendly chat.Join us … and have a delightful time!


What: Wanderlust – Dance event at the Boathouse
When: Sunday, June 28th, from 12 to 2 pm, SLT
Where: The Wheelhouse, Armada Breakaway

Join us at The Wheel House at Armada Breakaway for “Wanderlust” – two hours of steampunk, gothic, ska, and rock music with DJ Roswenthe Aluveaux. Steampunk is a relatively new music genre exploring gothic and rock music with a Victorian aesthetic, and often includes homemade or invented instruments. To find us, pick up a welcome box at the land point, wear the HUD, click it, and choose “Wheel House” from the menu. Feel free to come in Victorian or steampunk dress, but it is not required. Appropriate dress is required. See the land covenant for further information.


What: Music Appreciation, hosted by Vernian Process
When: Sunday, June 28th, at 8pm SLT
Where: New Champagne Rooms, New Babbage Square

Join Josh from the Vernian Process for a relaxed, casual evening as he shares some of his favorite music. Expect comfy seating, lively discussion, and impromptu dancing!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SL Steampunk: SL6B Eridu Society Transmission

Miss BlackOpal’s SL6B build is officially open and it looks brilliant! Do make a point of stopping by and admiring the handiwork there, by following …


Monday, June 22, 2009

The Aethernet: Steampunk Sites

“Steampunk Mama”, by ~ADN-B

Steampunk Empire Ning

Quickly becoming the “place to be” in Steampunk, the Steampunk Empire’s Ning has certainly become a hotbed of planning and discussion regarding the genre. Quite friendly to SL Steampunk, a few SL residents have made their way to SE’s Ning, joining the large group of LARP members and other Steampunk enthusiasts. To indulge in the cacophony of Steampunk voices at the Steampunk Empire, please turn to..

(And yes, the Steampunk Mama photo is quite cute! To see more of ~ADN-B’s photographic efforts, please visit http://adn-b.deviantart.com/ )

Steampunk Tales @ Itunes

For those wishing to indulge in their iphone addition, Steampunk Tales has been released! A series of Steampunk-based tales, these monthly episodes have ten differing stories, by a “line up of award-winning authors” (not sure who, but time will tell who they are). A “Penny-Dreadful” for a new medium! For more details, please turn to…

A classic “Oven Stove”, featured in Low Tech Magazine

Low Tech Magazine

An online periodical which specializes on “lower technologies”, this site has a plethora of unique articles dealing with Steampunk era technologies, from wooden submarines to motorized monowheels. To read in depth on the speculative basis of Steampunk tech (and later tech topics), please turn to…

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steampunk Video: Edge of Twilight Trailer

Located this video, and though it seems to take the proverbial “Left turn at Albuquerque” with some points of the Steampunk genre, the images are quite good. Do be warned, the latter half of this video has a bit of graphic violence (a warning for more sensitive viewers). It will be interesting to see how the remainder of this particular game will develop.

Steampunk Events: Aether Salon on Sunday

What: Aether Salon
When: Sunday, the 21st of June, at 2pm SLT
Where: New Babbage Palaside

If trying to attend all of the Grand Tour III events weren’t enough, the Steampunk Salon will be in progress today, at 2pm SLT, with “Fey” as the “topic du jour“. To steal the narration from Miss Trafalgar…

…Fairy dust, fairy rings, fey looks, changelings, fairy cake – what do you believe? What is merely myth-twined-mist? Join those who know that the Fae are not mere creatures from children’s books. They take many forms. They are dark, dangerous, beautiful, and innocent – often all at the same time.
The Aether Salon will explore the world of the Fey with CorpseLight DeSantis and TotalLunar Eclipse (and it would have been three if Tenk hadn’t gotten shanghaied) on June 21 at 2pm slt at Aether Salon.
The Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach is proud to sponsor this seating of the Aether Salon. We support this energetic exchange of knowledge among the people of the steamlands for the betterment of us all.

See you there!Viv & Sera,Aether Salon of Babbage(http://aethersalon.blogspot.com)

I believe the last event of the Grand tour starts at 1500 (3pm) SLT, so visiting the Salon is a great way to end the exhausting weekend! Do stop by!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Steampunk Events: The Grand Tour, III

The plaquard for New Babbage’s Illusions – White Themed Ball

This week heads up a cacophany of events, as the Grand Tour continues with an opportunity to indulge in an impressive selection of events! The short version of what is in store (all times are SLT)…

Saturday, the 20th of June

1130 – Neufreistadt: A Taste of Octoberfest
1330 – Victoriana: The Ascot Ball
1500 – Winterfell Solstice: The Fire Dance
1600 – Magellan Kinvara: Marzipan Teahouse’s “Mid-Summer’s Night”
1800 – New Babbage: The Illusions – WhiteTheme Ball
2000 – Caledon SkySteamCity: The Circuits and Relays Ball
2230 – Al Andalus: Ole! for Life party with Joaquin Gustav

Sunday, the 21st of June

0000 – Steeltopia Empire: Trance Revolution
0300 – Steelhead Port Harbor: Punch Out Cancer!
0430 – The Principality of Fauve: A nature inspired Haiku and free form poetry reading
0600 – New Toulouse: The Celebration of St. John’s Eve, Congo Square
0730 – Caledon Rothesay: V is for Victory gathering
0900 – Roma Pro Vita: Apollo’s Masquarde

A photo of the “First Class” Ticket (front and back) to all of the events for the Grand Ball III!

It looks to be quite a busy weekend! To read more on the upcoming events, please turn to either the Primgraph’s Aetheric Log, at:

Or The Waves of a Seebreeze, including more detail on New Babbage’s White Themed Ball, at:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Steampunk Advertisements: Madam Zazuskia

The second of the adverts from the Australian Costumer’s Guild, this particular one offers the services of a “Steampunk Spiritualist”,… “your door into the antechamber of the universe”!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steampunk Advertisements: Empire Tobacco

Found this little gem while I was scuffing around and took a shining to it! Performed by the Australian Costumer’s Guild Event, “The Maiden Flight of the Olympia”, I’d say they’ve done a superb job… in fact, I think I’ll step out for a puff myself…

Monday, June 15, 2009

RL Steampunk: The Flickr Commons

“Two Women Boxing”, from the Phillip Glass Plate Negative Collection

I am currently planning a few modifications to the blog, some of which involve photography and my *slow* development of my own photoshop skills. Finding photos that work for inclusion in articles or some modifications have proven quite challenging in the past, but no more! By sheer luck, I found the Flickr Commons.

Plenty of era Militaria photos, such as the one above of Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schely, from the DC Public Library Commons

The Flick Commons is a unique project that combines …”hidden gems in the world’s public photography archives”. A large number of entities are coordinating their efforts in contributing their own archives, such as the Smithsonian Institution, the National Media Museum, the George Eastman House, and the Library of Congress, to name a few.

Ticket (to the World’s Colombian Exposition) with a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, from the Field Museum Library

Do take a moment and view the photos there or just indulge in searching for your favorite topic from the Steampunk era – I am certain you will be surprised at what you will find! To go directly there, please turn to:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Vintage Village

A view of the Vintage Village at sunset

Sometimes one makes a list of things to do and places to visit and as often happens with SL, RL tends to take priority. That being said, one locale that I have been meaning to write on for ages is Vintage Village, a group of Steampunk-esque stores, anchored by perhaps one of the best known Steampunk entrepreneurs, the Golden Oriole (Mr. Oriolus Oliva).

Arrival point – the left signs lead to the correct destination

Arrival at the Vintage Village starts on a bridge and signposts leading to the Golden Oriole / Vintage Village (or to a different (non-Steampunk) area) to the right. When one takes the left (the point of which is visiting the Village), one walks directly into the main area of the Golden Oriole. The genre goods have been, in my view, quite good and well priced. To the immediate right, individual goods are displayed, including the Lag-o-Meter, an Antique Typewriter, and my personal favorite, the Golden Oriole Antique Gramophone.

The personal goods on the right….

… and the abodes and other buildings to the left.

The left side has a good number of buildings, the majority of which easily fit within the Steampunk genre, albeit they are more traditional (e.g. less strange Steampunk). Of note are the well done Vintage greenhouses and the octagonal old Watertower (of which one is on display on the grounds they would make a unique abode for an enterprising Steampunk individual, I’d say)!

The entry to the rest of Vintage Villages Steampunk area

Beyond the main store, one continues along an elevated walk, where numerous other stores are located. The bulk of them have items which fit in quite easily in the genre, including more examples of the offered buildings in the store.

The lower area, complete with Barbecue (not quite as satisfying as the RL type, however)

Once one reaches the end of the street, that is essentially the end of the Steampunk area. There is a lower area, which is replete with unique stores, certainly worthy of a visit, but I would recommend taking an extra moment to enjoy the offerings of Vintage Village, especially the upper area large selection of items.

To visit the Vintage Village, please visit:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Steampunk Events: 13-14 June, 2009

What: Wanderlust – Dance event at the wheelhouse
When: Sunday, Jun 14th, from 12pm 2pm SLT
Where: The Wheelhouse, at Armada Breakaway

Join us at The Wheel House at Armada Breakaway for “Wanderlust” – two hours of steampunk, gothic, ska, and rock music with DJ Roswenthe Aluveaux. Steampunk is a relatively new music genre exploring gothic and rock music with a Victorian aesthetic, and often includes homemade or invented instruments. To find us, pick up a welcome box at the land point, wear the HUD, click it, and choose “Wheel House” from the menu.

Feel free to come in Victorian or steampunk dress, but it is not required. Appropriate dress is required. See the land covenant for further information.

What: 1001 Nights at the New Champagne Rooms
When: Sunday, June 14th, from 1 to 3 pm SLT
Where: The New Champagne Rooms, Babbage Palisades, New Babbage

To celebrate the end of the plumbing disaster from last month, please come and join us at the freshly refurbished New Champagne Rooms in Babbage Square this Sunday at 1pm SLT! We will take a trip into the desert for our themed performance this month I’m ever so tired of water. Drawing inspiration from the newly translated works titled The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (1885), the lovely Champagne Ladies (with a very special guest *winks*) will be using movement and sound to entertain. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RL Steampunk: The Steampunk Review on YouTube

Episode 4 – Parasols

Located an inters ting series of You Tube videos regarding a growing variety of topics in RL Steampunk. A Miss Yankee999 has started providing reviews of a growing number of genre-related areas, some that are not essentially the standard fare from what has been commonly seen in the general Steampunk circles, with a focus leaning more towards RL Steampunk attire.

Episode 3 – Dracinthebox.com and Serpentine (Perfume Vendors)

She provides a series of reviews and opinions, interspersed with images to accompany her narrative of the topic at hand. Do be warned, she moves at a “break-neck” speed, so there is no lolly-gagging while watch her works. Specifically, the topics to date are:

Episode 1 – A review of the movie “Cthulhu

Episode 2 – A review of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs

Episode 3 – A review of Dracinthebox.com and Gallery Serpentine

Episode 4 – A review of Parasols

Episode 2 – Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs

The good Miss Yankee999 has been a tad busy of late, but with a bit of luck, we shall see more of her unique and concise reviews in the future! I shall post them here as I become aware of the, but her work is easily found on YouTube, in case on is game on seeing her newest works as they become available!

Episode 1 – The movie Cthulhu

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Primgraph’s Launch – Issue Six: New Babbage

The crowd gathers in the Lotus – the gem of the Vernian!

The weekend tends to be a bit temperamental IRL, but I was able to steal away for a moment on Sunday and indulge in perhaps one of the most popular events (and possibly the most crowded) in New Babbage. The “after party” party at the Lotus, Miss Carver’s lovley abode in the Vernian Sea, was the “place to be”, if measured by the quantity of Steampunk and Neo-Victorian notables who attended. Alas, I had to depart much too soon, but from what I gathered afterwards, it was exceptionally enjoyable!

And this lead to the now famous issue six, as seen above. I prefer to read it off-world (e.g. not in SL), as it is a bit easier on the eyes. Quite a time seeing who was mentioned, what was mentioned, and of course, the photography, which was up to their usual high standards. (My small ship actually made the issue – quite contented about that!) To read the “off-world” issue of the Primgraph, please turn to:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Steampunk Events: 07 June, 2009

The “big event” for this weekend is on Sunday, the 7th of June – the press launch party of the Primgraph, Issue 6. This issue will focus on New Babbage, beginning with at Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways in New Babbage at 11am, SLT, followed by a post announcement part at the Lotus in the Vernain Sea at 12 pm, SLT.

For further details (until I can wrestle Blogger into submission), please visit:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Steampunk Events: STEAM

One does not have to be a detective to participate in the upcoming STEAM event!

During my travels in SL I have had the opportunity to encounter a Mr. Perryn Peterson, a gentleman who has been diligently keeping the goal of establishing the sim of Mieville alive. Through many travails he (and his management team) have endured since last November, he has never given up hope on Mieveille. This being said, in preparations for its opening (not yet announced, but soon, baring any further circumstances), he passed me a note-card describing what he has titled STEAM…

If you would like to apply for your shop to be part of the first ever Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt, called the Steampunk Traveler’s Event, Adventure and & Megahunt (STEAM), please {read the following}…

STEAM begins Tuesday, the 1st of September and will run until Wednesday, the 30th of September.

Grid-wide hunts present a superb opportunity to boost sales for your shop as well as increase traffic to your land. STEAM is a first in SL; there has never been a Steampunk-themed hunt before. For this reason, it is a chance to showcase your talents and products to a huge new audience and have lots of fun in the bargain.

Here is what we ask of you:

1) Please use only your own original creations as gifts. Sculpties, textures, and scripts may be used to this end, but please make certain that the final product is your very own design. We ask that you create items(s) for THIS hunt only. This means that it has never been offered by you before, and cannot be obtained in any other way except through the hunt, until after September 30th, 2009.

2) The theme is Victorian Steampunk. Whilst you may create anything you like as a gift/gifts, hunters will appreciate something that goes along with the theme, if possible.
We ask that ALL applications be submitted no later than Saturday, the 1st of August. If you would like yours to be one of the first stops in the hunt, please submit your application asap. Act quickly to reserve your place in STEAM!

3) Please hide your hunt item within 20 meters of the landing spot INSIDE your shop. If we cannot find them, the hunters won’t succeed either. We do want them to have a challenge, but also to have a good time. However, if you feel your item is being found too quickly, by all means move it as often as you wish; however, if you do so, make certain you change your hint! Hints will be required on the site (that is, in each shop).

4) You will be given a hunt poster, a group joiner, and a hint prim. You will also be given a box in which to hide your gift. Please do not change the size, color, name or shape of the box which at this time is anticipate to be a sculpty Steampunk gear. If you are clever about hiding it, people won’t find it right away, but will spend time in your shop, which is to your benefit.

More about this if your application is successful!

To find out more about the STEAM and/or obtain an application to participate, please contact Mr. Perryn Peterson in-world.

Monday, June 1, 2009

RL Steampunk: Dr. David Livingston, Explorer, on the History Channel

Dr. David Livingston, Legendary Explorer

The History Channel has a new show titled “Expedition Africa”, which details the travels of a group of four travellers retracing the route Mr. Stanley undertook to locate Dr. David Livingston. The good doctor, for his part, was asked to settle a debate on the source of the Nile by the Royal Geographical Society president, Sir Roderick Murchison.

Though a young 51 years of age, he had anticipated a comfortable retirement. However, he could not refuse the request of his friend and comrade. (Ed. note – The History Channel’s narrative had a phrase that was quite telling “Explorers were the rock stars of Victorian England…”, and after reading the details of the story behind Dr. Livingston and Mr. Stanley, it is quite impressive.

Mr. Henry Morton Stanley, Journalist and Explorer

I’ve seen a bit of the show (at this point – RL issues cut my viewing pleasure short), but the idea is the four individuals will trace the steps of the Victorian explorers, while a narrative of the history matches their travails. Full videos will be posted soon, but there are some video clips at the History Channel’s website, specifically:


And if you wish to learn more about the legendary gentlemen, please visit…