Friday, July 31, 2009

Steampunk Media: Recreation of the Exposition Universelle of Paris 1900

Afraid that I’m in a bit of a rush today, so I am making a quick post of a unique video I had located, showing a Mr. Expo 1900’s effort to recreate some of the buildings of the Paris Expo of 1900, highlighting the various countries display buildings. Please enjoy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RL Steampunk meets Project Runway

Received a tip from my old friend Miss Viv Trafalgar (ty, madam) that Steampunk has made another incremental step into the mainstream. The fashion show, Project Runway, had a casting call for its sixth season (which will start on the 20th of August), and the very well know RL Steampunk designer Miss Louise Black was selected to compete this year!

Miss Black is well known in the RL Steampunk fashion world as a trendsetter, and her etsy site, show off many of her designs, including her trademark cameo corsets (those would be the ones with the images in them, gentlemen). High quality and innovative design are her signature, along with an infusion of Victoriana – with a bit of good fortune, she’ll come out as the winner of season six!

To learn more about Miss Black, the next season of Project Runway (which does not allow embedding of videos, to my chagrin), and see her works, please visit the following sites…

Miss Black’s Shop, at:

The Project Runway site with videos, images, and more on Miss Black, at:

and more reviews on her works, at:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Steampunk Media: Steampunk Port

A test demo from a “unnamed MMORG” by Square Enix, I was impressed at the nice detail it used on its interior work, akin to the NB Mars build. It would be nice to eventually see this particular MMORG emerge, but for the time being, there is at least this small peek at it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RL Steampunk: Amazon Steampunk Community

A “Steampunk” computer console (from “”)

With small visitors nipping at my heels, I’m afraid that today’s post will be a bit brief. One locale that I visit for ideas, research, and leads for other Steampunk work is Amazon’s Steampunk community. Aside from their Orwellian Kindle episode (another reason why “old fashion” books are a better option for a library than their “new fangled” gadget), they do provide a clearing house for new works related to the genre, be it books, graphic novels (what used to be called “comics”), software, goggles, or what not.

If you happen to have a good bit of time to spend, I might recommend a visit to the “Amazon Steampunk Community”, at:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Steampunk Events: 25-26 July, 2009

Its time for the weekend events, and before anyone make a mention, the above image is simply a modded Play Magazine cover (to the best of my knowledge), but… I figured that I’d find some place for it! Nonetheless, the following Steampunk events will be taking place in New Babbage…

What: The Clockwork /Mechanical Doll Themed Ball
When: Saturday, the 25th of July, from 6 pm to 9 pm SLT
Where: Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage

New Babbage’s exceptionally popular social event series, this month’s theme is one of Clockwork / Mechanical Doll, so do make it a point of finding your favorite mechanical appendage and showing it off to the world!

What: The New Champagne Room’s Music Appreciation
When: Sunday, the 26th of July, at 8pm SLT
Where: The New Champagne Room, Babbage Square, New Babbage

Miss Kitti Munster will invoke a musical journey, which will include old-school goth, with a bit of Celtic and some of own unique items “thrown in”!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Steampunk Media: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Had to wait a bit, but Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” trailer has been released! The actual trailer is below as the Disney Corporation’s Stazi refused to allow the embedding option for blogs, but the hyperlink will take you directly there. The trailer itself is a bit brief, but… it looks fantastic! Please do enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RL Steampunk: Steampunk Attire

A brief notice (as RL is a bit pressing this evening), stumbled across a Steampunk site titled “Steampunk Attire”, which has a good number of accouterments for the Steampunk enthusiast! In addition to many commonly found Steampunk items (e.g. bracelets, necklaces), there are very useful and unique items, such as antique typewriters, astrolabes, walking sticks, and of course, a very impressive selection of goggles.

To indulge in the selection, please take a moment to visit, at…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RFL Steamlands Wrapup

Loki’s “New Babbage – SL Relay for Life ’09”

The 2009 RFL has wound down, and the Steamlands provided a number of outstanding sims, garnering a number of awards from the SL RFL Judges, including….

Best Designer Build – Mars / New Babbage, headed by Mr. Reitsuki Kojima

Most Inventive Campsite Fundraising Award – Armada Fights Back

and New Babbage placed for RFL Best Decorated Campsite Award!

Kudos and congratulations to all of the RFL teams from New Babbage, Armada, Steelhead, and Caledon for their efforts and dedication to a worthy cause – and again, thanks.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Steampunk Media: Airship Diaries and The Clockwork Cabaret (revisited)

Steampunk podcasts tend to come and go, such as ZenMondo Wormer’s excellent “Zen and the Art of Steampunk“, or circumstances intervene in their production (e.g. The Steampunk Spectular), but there is a new Steampunk podcast which holds quite a bit of promise.

Airship Diaries, easily found on Itunes, is produced by a Mr. Evan Cummings, and documents the adventures of Captain Jerrick, and his amazing Steampunk adventures aboard the airship Babbage. To locate his body of work, please turn to Itunes, and simply search for “Airship Diaries” – and enjoy the current nine episodes (and counting).

Made a point of stopping by the Clockwork Caberet, and saw that they have reworked their site, with a very nice presentation and an archive of their 77 (!) of episodes of Steampunk music! The Davenport sisters have been broadcasting for over a year, and are going strong – kudos, ladies!

Though the definition of “Steampunk music” is fleeting, the Clockwork Caberet can quite easily be stated as the focal point for the genre’s soundtrack, providing depth beyond the the common standards. Not only do they archive their previous episodes, but very kindly list their extensive playlists along side their producitons. If, for some reason, one has not indulged in their endevor, please turn to…

Or simply locate the Clockwork Caberet on Itunes as well!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steampunk Events Update: More Relay for Life (and SLurls as well)!

The SL Relay for life is in full swing, and it is quite an impressive event! However, before I begin my monotonous monologue, I’ve listed the SLurls below, so one can go directly to the event if the time presents itself…

[Editor’s Note: The SL RFL will be open until Tuesday, so if one wishes to take one last opportunity to visit the sims, there is a bit of time remaining!]

New Babbage Universal Exposition, at:

Port St. Christopher (The Martian Dreams Display), at:

RFL Caledon’s Main Display, at:

RFL Caledon’s Metropolis Display, at:

Steelhead Salmon’s Display, at:

And now, a “brief-ish” overview of some of the notable displays and builds from the Steampunk realms. Do keep in mind, the photos do not do the originals justices – one needs to visit them in-world to appreciate the amount of work and effort expended on the beauties!

Miss Kandace Common’s Sphere d’ Unite – a stunning remake of the 1964 World’s Fair’s Unisphere….

…. with more fascinating detail at is base than can be captured in the photo!

Dr. Obolensky’s Tour Vertige – a simply stunning airship port, with working elevator and observation platform (I am the small speck on it – you’ll need to squint!)

The Petit Palais – home to the NB RFL vendors, a varied selection from the City-State’s vendors for the RFL.

Mr. Merryman’s La Grand Roue, a superb Ferris Wheel attraction (and yes, it is rideable, so do indulge in a view of the surrounding environs on it)!

A full image of La Grande Roue.

The center plaza, with the elevator to the top of La Tour Vertige

A peek inside the Petit Palais, with the NB RFL vendors and a milk display (and milk tracks leading out of it…)

The Grand Palais, with display from around the Steamlands

The Galarie de Machines, with outstanding Steampunk displays from New Babbage….

… a glance to the left…

…. and a glance to the right provides a snippet of the uniqe displays, ah… on display.

Mr. Reisuki Kojima’s amazing Martian Dreams, a recreation of Martian settlements with a classic Steampunk view is adjacent to the New Babbage build.

The entrance to Port St. Christopher…

… the landing pad with a ship ready to return to Earth.

The Red Rum Cave, the place to refresh oneself after exploring Martian ruins…

and a view of the pathway that intersects the dome.

A secret was shown to me during my visit to the display…

… providing an amazing view of the entire dome!

Caledon’sSteampunk-Metropolis” build – mixing elements of Steampunk and Pulp/Dieselpunk (or shall we say Art Deco and Art Nouveau?)

The base houses a very well done Art Deco stylized train station with train, along with airships above.

The RFL Caledon’s main display (unfortunately, I arrived at a very laggy time, requiring some sim restarts!)

Housing an intriguing device located inside – well done and textured.

The Steelhead display focused more on atmosphere, providing a respit from the lenghty, slow-going walk – this is the TP arrival point…

…. though I preferred the point a bit farther down the road.

“Bloody hell! This place has the worst service ever – must be that Martian waiter! I’ll give it two more minues, but after that, I’m leaving….”

Be sure to visit – after Sunday, it will all be gone!…

Friday, July 17, 2009

Steampunk Events: Relay For Life

A view of the main New Babbage RFL build, including the Ferris Wheel and the stunning Unisphere

This weekend is the official grand opening of the Relay for life sim, and New Babbage has a stunning set of builds, easily providing some of the most notable highlights to the event.

Starting on Saturday, a number of themed laps will be taking place, each with its own theme (as listed on the chard below). Though one can visit at any time (after Saturday), the themes are specific SL gatherings for viewing the events

The scheduled listing of lap events for the RFL.

A graphic overview of the RFL

As one can see, the “walks” provide a comprehensive viewing of the entire display of the works at the RFL site. Numerous outstanding builders and designers from around SL have generously contributed their time to this endeavor, highlighting the numerous quantity and quality of the builds. (New Babbage’s location is in the upper right corner-ish of the map).

New Babbage’s theme was partially drawn from the Ning Calender’s “Great Exposition”, highlighting Paris’ legendary “Exposition Universelle” of 1900, itself considered one of the best remembered displays of innovation and design IRL.

The Grand Palais

A number of different builds are available for viewing in the Expo area, including representations of classic buildings of the era, housing a wide variety of displays and vendors.

A second view of the Unisphere and the (ridable) Ferris wheel

The Petit Palais

The Galerie de Machines display

A photo of the build, in the earlier building stage

And finally, a “sneak peek” of the “Martian Dreams”, a stunning recreation of the idealized, Steampunk era view of “life on Mars”

For more information, do visit the New Babbage Ning

I’ll be posting more photos and SLurls to locations as they become available!