Monday, August 31, 2009

Steampunk Media: Gatehouse Gazette, Issue 8

This weekend saw the publication of Otten’s Gatehouse outstanding periodical, the Gatehouse Gazette, issue 8. their Halloween edition (I know its a bit early, but it is a bi-monthly publication). This issue contains a review of Victorian Halloween traditions, an overview of H.P Lovecraft’s extensive mythos, an overview of Absinthe (along with other items from “the Liquor Cabinet), and much much more! To read the latest issue, please turn to the Gatehouse, at:

and visit the main Gatehouse site, at;

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Steampunk Tarot (…and system update information)

A set of Victorian Tarot Cards…

The other day, my good friend Miss Bamika Easterman brought to my attention the hard work of a pair of Caledonian ladies (a Miss Alana Steamweaver and a Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi) who were busy devising a Steampunk Tarot. A unique goal, and Miss Easterman has written on it in more detail at her blog, Patent Pending ( Do pay it a visit, and see in person this unique accessory to the “here-after” (SLurl included)!

(ed note: the above image is from Z-Brush, for illustrative purposes only!)


As an additional note, I have made a few changes to the blog, including updating the link list (removing some older blogs and adding a few newer ones (or simply ones I had failed to add in the past), including “The Backpacking Burro”, “Virtual Mitote”, and”The Virtual Underworld”), added a “Victorian Resources” section (even though Steampunk is Steampunk, its roots are from the Victorian Era), and finally, as one may have noted, a new header. If one has civil suggestions on how the blog might be improved, simply leave a comment or contact me at rafael_fabre [at] yahoo [dot] com! Thank you!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Steampunk Events: 28-30 August, 2009

This weekend looks to be quite an eventful time in the Steamlands of SL, starting with the Grand Opening celebrations of Steelhead Shanghai, with festivities starting at 7pm SLT on Friday, the 28th of August (as per the advert). Enjoy the fireworks and admire the uniqueness of this addition to Steelhead! For more information, please visit the Steelhead Ning, at:

On Saturday the 29th, VR Style will host a Steampunk “Masquerade Festival Ending Gala Costume Ball”, from 6 to 8 pm SLT, as they wind down their Steampunk festivities. Do pay a visit to what portends to be a unique event in the Steamlands! To arrive in style, please following this SLurl…

Last, but certainly not least, New Babbage’s own Dr. Obolenski will have a celebration in his honor! NB’s beloved “Evil Mastermind” will have an “Evil Party” to pay homage to his (nefarious) deeds, in addition to all of the good works he has done for the City-State (purely by accident, I’m certain). Show up as yourself, or your evil twin (as Mr. Pearse, your host will) on Sunday, the 30th, from 3 to 5 pm SLT! For more information, please visit the New Babbage Ning, at:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Steelhead Shanghai

Steelhead Shanghai’s docks at night

Fighting off the RL weather as a healthy storm passes by, I did want to make mention of Steelhead’s newest addition, Steelhead Shanghai. As I am a bit late the reporting of this impressive build by Mr. Lunar Eclipse, I would like to point towards others who have provided quite good reviews on Shanhai, starting with the builder himeself, Mr. Eclipse’s blog, with a conceptual overview of it, at:

followed by his interview by Orange Island, at:

a very well done review by in an outstanding new blog, Virtual Mitote, by Miss Koshari Mahana, the owner of Four Winds and Four Directions (an exquisite builder of commercial and private edifices), at:

also, Miss Eladrienne Laval’s “A Stroll Through Caledon”, taking her to Steelhead Shanghai, at:

additionally, New Babbage’s own Miss Breezy Carver presents an extensive visit to Steelhead Shanhai, at:

Do pay a visit to the blogs and to Steelhead’s new gem!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steampunk Media: The Fine Art of Poisoning

My apologies for the lack of updates – between a multitude of RL projects, and a certain MMORG, I have busier than I had realized. However, for the moment, I’m posting a Jill Tracy work titled “The Art of Poisoning”, or as described…

Music by Jill Tracy, directed by Bill Domonkos.
A lavish chiaroscuro montage of 2D and 3D animation, still photography and hand drawn images, “The Fine Art Of Poisoning” seduces the viewer into an elegant netherworld of deceit, plotting, and secretly-served revenge.

This cult favorite has won multiple international film festival awards.

I do hope to get things back to ship-shape soon, so please do enjoy the video in the meantime!

Monday, August 24, 2009

RL Steampunk: The Corkscrew

Located this quirky yet unique device to uncork a bottle of wine and decant it afterwards. The designer describes it…

In a nutshell, this elaborate corkscrew by British designers at Oneofonehundred is kind of like a cross between orrerys, elaborate clocks, and a Rube Goldberg machineall wrapped up with a steampunk vibe.

Perhaps a bit of overkill, but its quite nice to see the device in action, especially watching the brass cog, flywheels and associated devices work in unison to perform its ultimate function – pour a glass of wine. A bit of overkill, but a marvel to watch – do enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Steampunk Events: 21-23 August, 2009

This weekend will appear to prove quite busy, as a good number of events will be taking place in the Steamlands of SL. Starting the weekend off, will be VR Style’s Steampunk Weapons Tournament, which will take place over the duration of the weekend. Afraid I don’t have all the details of it as of this writing, but if one wishes to learn more, do visit their main location, on Pavo Isle.

Next, the Marzipan Tea House will celebrate its 2nd birthday on Saturday, August 22nd, from 4 to 5:30 pm, SLT. As the lovely Miss Elspeth Woolley, the proprietress of the Tea House details…

You are warmly invited to join the festivities for a rather special evening ball! Take your turn at the pinata for delicious candy, and share our delicious birthday cake! Champagne, Macallan and Guinness will flow, along with tea, of course. Noted tarot reader, Madam Kitsuko Pelazzi, will give free readings to guests in a private corner of the ballroom, while Radio Riel sets us to dancing with its usual incomparable music.

Whether you’ve been our guest before or you choose to come celebrate with us for the first time, you are welcome … and you will not feel alone because there is always friendly company at a Marzipan Teahouse event. 🙂

To learn more regarding the Tea House, please visit the Victorian Second Life Ning, at:

Followed by what has become one of the best known events in the SL Steamlands, the Piermont Landing presents “The Orient Express Formal Ball”, on Saturday, the 22nd of August, from 6 to 9 pm, SLT. Recalling the glamour and formality of the classic Orient Express, the themed competition revolves around locomotives, or as the charming Miss Breezy Carver has prizes for the top three trains, to be judged by the Mayor of New Babbage, Mr. Tenk. To learn more about the ball, please turn to the New Babbage Ning, at:, and at her own blog, at:

Next, the re-invented Armada will host its “Wanderlust” event in a new location on Sunday, the 23rd of August, from 12 to 2 pm, SLT, or as described by the debonair Miss Roswenthe Aluveaux…

There are a few changes happening to Wanderlust as we transition to our new sim design. First, we will be moving Wanderlust to the carnival, and the SLURL is below. The carnival is in the SE corner of the sim. We have a floating dance platform hanging above the carnival.

Next, I have decided that we should start having costume contests. Prizes will be $500L each week (but others can add to that prize money if they so choose).

In addition, I have set up a booth so that if you are a builder or a designer, and you make something especially for the contest, you can box it up and set it in our kiosk to sell for one week. You set the price, throw whatever landmarks in it, and it’s your prim. We will return it to you the next week after the next contest. You are free to put it in your shop or on XStreet, too, as it’s your item. We are just offering a prim space to sell it for one week. Anyone who has made something, so long as it’s your work, is free to set it down even if you didn’t win the contest. The contest winner still receives the prize money, of course.

To learn more, please visit:

Last but not least, the New Champagne Rooms in New Babbage will have their “Music Appreciation Night” on Sunday, starting at 8pm SLT. Miss Khaos Republic will be the entertainer for the evening, and to learn more regarding the event, please return to the New Babbage Ning, at:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Steampunk Media: Riese

Discovered that a new web series titled “Riese”, an “original Steampunk inspired web production” will be coming online soon. The early portions of the plot seem a bit basic (from the brief description provided by the website), but I must admit, I will jump at the opportunity to indulge in a new Steampunk series.
To learn more about Riese, please turn to

(do be aware, some of the videos are currently experiencing technical difficulties)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steampunk Decision: What is your shade of Steampunk?

“Here Comes Miss Banford”, by Keiiii

During the past few weeks, I’ve had to engage in a bit of a retrospective regarding how exactly Steampunk is defined. Fortunately, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with numerous individuals to ascertain their perception and ideas (both in RL and SL), as to how it is viewed. As seen many times in the past, there are numerous versions and opinions of it, and though it isn’t’ exactly splintering divergence, it may be seen that some gradients are certainly emerging.

From its earliest inception, a single direction for Steampunk has been elusive, with some using the works of Verne, Wells, et al…, as a spring board, while others adhere quite ardently to a specific view or atmosphere provided by the concept of Steampunk. After further reading of the comments of the SteamCon book circumstance, I raised an eyebrow when someone made what might be seen as a snippish comment towards the very genial Mr. Foglio (the author, along with Mrs. Foglio, of Girl Genius), stating that …Girl Genius isn’t Steampunk at all, but rather
Gaslamp Fantasy (by The Lost Vikings of ROACH). A bit of hair-splitting, as it is quite an enjoyable read with plenty of the genre-specific items which are Steampunk (e.g. steam-power, airships, ect…), but I did wonder, what exactly is considered Steampunk? What better way than to ask (via a poll)?

In an attempt to provide a somewhat level handed choice as to the possible categorizations of the genre, I’ve used two sources for making selections in the poll the Steampunk Wikipedia, ( )and a particularly colorful thread from the New Babbage Ning, listed here: ? (Its a bit lengthy, but it does show the passion and division involved with the differing perceptions of Steampunk). As a basic premis, one aspect of Steampunk that all variations would have to have is a dependence on alternative technologies applicable to the Victorian era (e.g. steam-power for energy propulsion, clockwork

“Steampunk Zoe”, by ZoeStead

I am forwarding a few categories as examples, but first, a disclaimer. They are not rigid definitions, only conceptual ideals, so please, while discourse and civil debate is highly encouraged, I would ask readers not to engage in dogmatic arguing regarding the definition of Steampunk, or attempt to start a an uncivil episode everyone has their opinions, and I (and possibly many others) are curious to learn of said ideas.

Additionally, if the groupings do not sufficiently describe your view of Steampunk, by all means feel free to extrapolate in the comments! Enough of my prattling, on with the poll, and the choices…

“Motor Unicycle”, by anicman

Classic (Working Class) Steampunk
A version of the genre known known for its resemblance to working-class England, with touchstones of old, sooty working-class neighborhoods and an underlying sense of class tensions, which tie into a storyline.

Though not as grimy as many other Steampunk stories, Steamboy does reflect the interaction between class conflict and technological progress. Though its story is a bit simplistic, it does provide a good example of the context often mentioned within many working class Steampunk stories.

Aesthetically, one would see grime and grit, showing age and use in their appearance. Some examples of this might could be the environments envisioned in The City of Lost Children, Lemony Snicket, and of course, the aforementioned Steamboy.

“Steampunk Madam at Ohayocon ’09”, by yayacosplay

Scientific Romance (“Upper Class”) Steampunk

To quote the wiki entry on Steampunk…

…writers tended to minimized the role of individual “heroes”, took an “evolutionary perspective”, held a bleak view of the future, and had little interest in space as a new frontier. Regarding “heroes”, several novels by H.G Wells have the protagonist as nameless, and often powerless, in the face of natural forces.

and additionally….

The modern use of the term might superficially seem related to the rise of the “Steampunk sub-genre, but there are notable differences between the two: modern “scientific romances” typically take a distinctly more nostalgic or romanticized view of the era than Steampunk, and also often involve the future rather than the past, albeit a future based on Victorian or Edwardian sensibilities. Modern Scientific Romances are not of any form of “punk” or cyberpunk.

Many of first contact that seasoned individuals have is with the literary classics Verne, Wells, and their contemporaries. As outlined, the emphasis is less on class tensions, and more focused on grander exploits on exotic machines (e.g. airships, submersibles, time machines).

Aesthetically, one needs look no further than classic Hollywood movies (e.g. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, The Master of the World), along with some newer movies (e.g. The Golden Compass, The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen) to see what could be perceived as the visual background for Scientific Romances.

“Steampunk Mouse”, by the Human Fly

Gaslight Romance (also known as Gaslamp Fantasy)

Again, to mention the subjective font of wisdom known as the Wiki, regarding Steampunk…

…”steampunk stories are most commonly set in a romanticized, smoky, 19th-century London, as are Gaslight Romances. But the latter category focuses nostalgically on icons from the late years of that century and the early years of the 20th centuryon Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes and even Tarzanand can normally be understood as combining supernatural fiction and recursive fantasy, though some gaslight romances can be read as fantasies of history.

The genre would seem to mix elements of Working Class Steampunk and Scientific Romances, but the inclusion of notable era fictional characters and inclusion of supernatural elements separates it from its other ilk. Possibly, the most notable example of Gaslight Romances is the Girl Genius comic series, with an extensive background in this sub-genre of Steampunk, found at:

Western Steampunk

A differing aspect of Steampunk, it is most notable for taking place in the American West. First envisioned in the classic 1960’s TV series The Wild, Wild West, it has been revived at times in popular media (e.g. The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., the re-make of The Wild, Wild West). It is most noted for its transition from an urban setting to a western setting in the United States during the mid-to-late 1800s.

“Clockwork Steampunk Fly 1” by CatherinetteRings

Fantasy Steampunk

The most notable difference in Fantasy Steampunk is the introduction of the concept of magic with in the technological context of the background. The use of spells, potions, and their ilk are combined with the basic technological background for Steampunk. IMO, this incarnation as listed in the wiki seems more Fantasy with Steampunk, but some well known example of it are Perdido Street Station, and The Scar.

Other Variants of Steampunk

Though a few more varieties are listed (e.g. SteamGoth, ClockPunk), I’m not quite sure of their popularity or view by most who follow Steampunk, so I settled them into the Other category, in case there are other areas of Steampunk that are pursued.

So, if one has a preference, feel free to vote on the sidebar, and if there is some further explination is required, please feel free to do so!

(Also this provides an excellent opportunity to display some excellent Steampunk works from Deviantart please do pay the artists a visit!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Steampunk Cinema: The Picture of Dorian Gray movie trailer

Stumbled across this while I was working on an upcoming article, and though it isn’t *exactly* Steampunk, I would say the Oscar Wilde’s work does hold up quite well. The plot synopsis narrates…

When a naïve young Dorian (Ben Barnes) arrives in Victorian London he is swept into a social whirlwind by the charismatic Lord Henry Wotton (Colin Firth), who introduces Dorian to the hedonistic pleasures of the city. Henrys friend, society artist Basil Hallward (Ben Chaplin) paints a portrait of Dorian to capture the full power of his youthful beauty and when its unveiled Dorian makes a flippant pledge: he would give anything to stay as he is in the picture even his soul.

Looks to be an intriguing production, and must say that I’m quite looking forward to its release!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steampunk Music: Abney Park’s “Clock Yard Live” performance

Not only is Abney Park releasing a new album soon (Aether Shanties), but I located a single that is projected to be off of it. Once again, they demonstrate their prowess – do enjoy!

For more AP goodness, do visit

Friday, August 14, 2009

Steampunk Events: 14-16 August, 2009

Bit of a hurry for an oddly quiet weekend in SL Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana, but the events this weekend take place on Friday night, starting with …

What: Steampunk (and Cyberpunk) Fashion show
When: Friday, the 14th of August, @ 7pm SLT
Where: Phoenix Horizon, Pavo Isle (122, 124, 2503)

An impressive lineup of designers will be present for this fashion show, so if you are a lady (or a gent) who is aware of the latest styles, then do ensure you pay a visit! Showing of four of the best known Steampunk and Neo-Victorian fashionistas in SL, it is certain to be a fantastic event.

What: Dreadful Bunkin’ Feathers
When: Ongoing throughout the day
Where: Rendezvous Point, Ibranic (114, 16, 1758)

This is an event that was quite literally “dropped” into my lap (e.g. a mysterious notecard). It is a musical event, taking place on board a Zeppelin moored to a giant tower. I’m not quite sure what the musical selection will be, but if one is of an adventuresome bent, do stop by, and take a step away from the well-worn circles of the known Steampunk, and try a new event! Well, time is of the essence, so until later!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steampunk Media: The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Good day! I do not usually make a point of posting two videos on successive days, unless it were something outstanding, perhaps the trailer for Mr. Terry Gilliam’s newest movie, the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Stumbled across this trailer this morning, but did not have the opportunity of posting it until now. Not strictly Steampunk, nor strictly Victorian (I would postulate some strange confabulation of the two), but any work from the director of the Steampunk classic “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, not to mention his other amazing works, I am certain that a small indulgence can be forgiven. With a star-studded cast, it is certain to be an outstanding production!

Additionally, the wiki on Mr. Gilliam’s background is quite fascinating (did not know he directed the famous “Secret Tournament” videos), and can be found at:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Steampunk Media: Venus is Doomed!

A small pair of works based on the Weta Industries rayguns, the “Venus is Doomed” series has a nice introduction, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed with its ending. Nonetheless, do have a peek for yourself! Enjoy!

(As an editor’s note, Miss Diana Vick, the Vice-Chair of SteamCon was kind enough to leave a counterpoint to yesterday’s article, addressing the managerial decision to follow a “Steampunk-only” decision regarding booksellers at SteamCon. Please do pay it a visit (in the comments)!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Steampunk Events: SteamCon Booksellers Controversy

A photo of individuals in Steampunk attire, by a Miss Cindy P (via Flickr)

The Seattle SteamCon, which will be taking place in late October 2009, looks to be quite an interesting event, but it appears that issues are beginning to emerge pertaining to the dogmatic adherence of Steampunk marketing. As first reported in IO9, registration for vendors has closed for the event, and it has been reported that no booksellers will be making an appearance at a convention for a genre, which started on the printed page.

From what at least one book seller, Book Universe, has stated, is the convention organizers insist that according to the contract provided by the convention, only Steampunk materials are allowed to be sold, with no exceptions, including books. The logic of the organizers, which does follow some conceptual adherence, is they “didn’t want people with fairy wings and Star Trek jerseys” at a Steampunk convention. The “Steampunk Only” concept extended to merchants, including booksellers, who understood the rule extended to any books (e.g. only “Steampunk” books could be sold at SteamCon).

As such, there will be no booksellers (at this writing) at SteamCon. A bit ironic, as the majority of visitors to the SteamCon will not be in costume, and mostly likely be speaking in an American accent (vice, say, an English accent {a real one, not a “faux” accent}). Insisting on a strict Steampunk attire does make sense, as most attendees to said convention would not wish to view individuals engaging in Cosplay anime costumes or wearing attire appropriate to other genres, but to insist that only Steampunk books be sold seems to be a bit much. Though there is a base of literature for the genre, I would be hard pressed to argue the literary niche of Steampunk (as the only type of publications allowed to be sold) would provide the monies necessary for a bookseller to turn a profit at SteamCon.

To insist that individuals in costume reflect the theme of the convention does make sense, but to impose regulations on organizations who would not only help one perpetuate the potential success of the SteamCon and help pay its bills, seems to be an exercise in adventurous judgement regarding the attendance (and potential profit generated) from SteamCon. Every story has two sides, so it will be interesting to hear the SteamCon’s managerial team take on this issue.

To read the IO9 article, please turn to:

To visit the SteamCon website, specifically the vendor’s page, please visit:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Steampunk Events: 08-09 August, 2009

My apologies for the delay in posting, as RL had emerging issues, but nonetheless, here is a brief outline of the Steampunk events for this weekend… Starting with the Steampunk (and cyberpunk) Festival, supported by the kind individuals from VR Style. As this is their Grand Opening weekend, there shall be a concert taking place at Pavo Isle (though I am still attempting to locate more detail regarding it). The Steampunk Festival will be running through the month of August, ending with a Gala Ball on the 28th. To take the “steam-coach” directly to Pavo Isle, please follow…

What: Breakfast in Babbage
When: Saturday, 8th of August, from 8 to 10 am, SLT
Where: The Clarendon, New Babbage

A bit of morning entertainment to start your SL weekend, at:

What: Guisee’s Glorious Emporium of Magic and Mystery
When: Saturday, 8th of August, starting at 1pm SLT
Where: The New Babbage Champagne Rooms, New Babbage

Per the New Babbage Ning
The New Champagne Rooms in Babbage Square is proud to introduce the delightful folks at ‘Guisse’s Glorious Emporium of Magic and Mystery’ who have worked their fingers to the bone to create a spectacular for you that’s not to be missed! Saturday, August 8th at 1pm SLT they will be there to mystify and enchant you with their magic tricks in a carnival style atmosphere. As a special guest, the exquisite Miss Beq Janus will be there as well, performing a tantalizing burlesque with her beloved carousel horse.

What: Music Appreciation, Hosted by Miss Agatha Palmerstone
When: Sunday, 9th of August, starting at 8pm SLT
Where: The New Champagne Rooms, New Babbage

Again, lifted from the New Babbage Ning
Music Appreciation will take place every other Sunday at the New Champagne Rooms in Babbage Square at 8pm SLT. Our DJ this weekend is the delightful Miss Agatha Palmerstone. Come on down, pull up a cushion or put on your dancing shoes and let’s share and enjoy some fantastic music as we wind up a busy weekend.

Looks to be a busy weekend in the Steamlands, so do plan your time accordingly!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steampunk Media: Oceanid Highway

A Mr. DavidRothelius was involved with a project school project requiring him to produce a minute-long video for class. Fortunately, he decided to use his budding skills to make a gem of a video involving a Steampunk robot, inspired by Verne and other notable works from the genre. If his video is any indication of his talents, I certainly look forwarded to his future endeavors – please do enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: The Taj

An aerial view of the White Taj…

One of the pleasures of exploration in Second Life is finding those rare gems that catch one’s eye and provides a unique experience past the first impression. One of these idyllic locales is the Taj, better know as the diametric descriptions of the White Taj and the Black Taj.

… and the Black Taj, with a bit of the interconnecting bridge between the two.

This is an impressive build, located upon two sims, each housing one of the two structures, connected by a well-designed bridge. In fact, most Babbagers will recognize details of the build, as the entire locale was designed by Miss Jenne Dibou, the brilliant builder who designed the New Babbage Palisade (and Clockhaven) walls.

The Arrival point to the White Taj – with a full gamut of places to explore!

Miss Dibou specializes in using sculpties in her constructions and edifices and has been able to introduce an impressive amount of architectural detail into her work. Additionally, the thematic confluence of Indian culture and Steampunk (yes, there is an airship involved) is unique to the SL Steampunk/Victorian experience.

The aformentioned airship, providing a spectular and lenghty tour of the White and Black Taj

Off just a bit from the arrival point, is a small platform which provides an efficient airship to explore the sim and indulge in its spectular beauty. Simply touch the platform, and you’ll be whisked away via Steampunk air transport!

Another nice view of the White Taj!

A word of warning – the build is extensive, and there are plenty of small nooks and crannies to explore – when I visited it with my dear friend Miss Carver, we spent quite a bit of time seeing the sights from the build, but later expeditions led to the discovery of hidden coves (via boat – provided on the sim), hidden passages, and a very nice dance platform (to the left of the White Taj), and a very nice aero-platform, which takes a bit of work to find the entrance to, but worth the effort!

Heading off to the Black Taj – and further mysteries located in the northern sibling of the southern Taj!

I have purposely left the Black Taj off the extensive descriptions (to encourage one to pay it a visit – lol), but it has just as many intriguing locations buried in it – along with one of the few stores in SL selling native Indian attire.

Exploring the halls of the White Taj

As one may have noticed, I am quite smitten with this locale, and do highly recommend it for a visit. Not only is it breathtakingly well done, but certainly fits into the Victorian/Steampunk era for visits/escapades to “a far away land”, but remaining within the genre.

A dance platform on the lower level of the White Taj

To pay the White Taj a visit (followed by the Black Taj, of course), please follow this SLurl…

Enjoying a midnight dance with Miss Carver

To learn more about Miss Dibou’s works, please turn to her blog page

“Quiet you! I haven’t gained a single pound, so quit your growling!”

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steampunk Events: 1-2 August, 2009

Well, this weekend is perhpas best described as a “recovery weekend”, after all of the excitement of the massively successful Steamland entries for RFL and the perennially dazzling events at the Piermont Landing. This being said, not all of this weekend’s events are to be “attended”, perhaps visited, or of only interst to a limited group….

Saturday, August 1st

Last Call to particiate in STEAM (event registration ends on Saturday)

The STEAM event, a circumstance for merchants, will end its registration run this Saturday, so if one is intersted in particiapting, please ensure you do contact Mr. Peterson. For the sake of convience, I have reprinted the earlier post regarding STEAM below…

During my travels in SL I have had the opportunity to encounter a Mr. Perryn Peterson, a gentleman who has been diligently keeping the goal of establishing the sim of Mieville alive. Through many travails he (and his management team) have endured since last November, he has never given up hope on Mieveille. This being said, in preparations for its opening (not yet announced, but soon, baring any further circumstances), he passed me a note-card describing what he has titled STEAM…

If you would like to apply for your shop to be part of the first ever Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt, called the Steampunk Traveler’s Event, Adventure and & Megahunt (STEAM), please {read the following}…

STEAM begins Tuesday, the 1st of September and will run until Wednesday, the 30th of September.

Grid-wide hunts present a superb opportunity to boost sales for your shop as well as increase traffic to your land. STEAM is a first in SL; there has never been a Steampunk-themed hunt before. For this reason, it is a chance to showcase your talents and products to a huge new audience and have lots of fun in the bargain.

Here is what we ask of you:

1) Please use only your own original creations as gifts. Sculpties, textures, and scripts may be used to this end, but please make certain that the final product is your very own design. We ask that you create items(s) for THIS hunt only. This means that it has never been offered by you before, and cannot be obtained in any other way except through the hunt, until after September 30th, 2009.

2) The theme is Victorian Steampunk. Whilst you may create anything you like as a gift/gifts, hunters will appreciate something that goes along with the theme, if possible.
We ask that ALL applications be submitted no later than Saturday, the 1st of August. If you would like yours to be one of the first stops in the hunt, please submit your application asap. Act quickly to reserve your place in STEAM!

3) Please hide your hunt item within 20 meters of the landing spot INSIDE your shop. If we cannot find them, the hunters won’t succeed either. We do want them to have a challenge, but also to have a good time. However, if you feel your item is being found too quickly, by all means move it as often as you wish; however, if you do so, make certain you change your hint! Hints will be required on the site (that is, in each shop).

4) You will be given a hunt poster, a group joiner, and a hint prim. You will also be given a box in which to hide your gift. Please do not change the size, color, name or shape of the box which at this time is anticipate to be a sculpty Steampunk gear. If you are clever about hiding it, people won’t find it right away, but will spend time in your shop, which is to your benefit.

More about this if your application is successful!

To find out more about the STEAM and/or obtain an application to participate, please contact Mr. Perryn Peterson in-world.

New Babbage: A special exhibition of Doctor Katari Kaligawa’s work…

This is the last weekend to view the Doctor’s endeavors, so to quote the NB Ning entry…

The exhibit will run from the 21st of July to the 4th of August, at the Perdido Street gallery in Babbage Square. We’ll be giving over the entire main gallery to Doctor K’s works, including her photographs of New Babbage, and several paintings and drawings new to SL. Additionally, those of us at 221B will be displaying some Babbage-centric works in the smaller studio room.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

The events for Sunday take place in the Armada sim, starting with the Wanderlust dance event (at the Wheelhouse), taking place at 12pm SLT, followed by the first Scarlet Chamber meeting (at the Siren’s Kiss Burlesque), at 6pm SLT. The Scarlet Chamber is a Salon event, which will discuss “Women and Power”, so perhaps I’ll simply sit at the Aetherdome, have some whisky and smoke some cigars (hm, sounds like a good RL options as well)! For more details on the aforementioned events, please turn to the Armada Ning, at: