Sunday, February 28, 2010

STEAM: The Hunt Begins Tonight!

The second annual STEAM: The Hunt begins today!  STEAM, The Hunt, the most popular and successful Steampunk and Neo-Victorian merchants hunt starts off with a kick-off party at the HMS Rustbucket, from 6 to 8 pm SLT,  in Mieville Doyle (just follow the SLurl to the Rustbucket)!

The HMS Rustbucket, located in beautiful Mieville Doyle

To outline STEAM, I’ve taken the liberty of re-printing their narrative…

STEAM: Steampunk Travelers’ Event, Adventure, and Megahunt!

Welcome to the second STEAM: the Hunt!  This event will start March 1st and run until March 31st, 2010.  The gifts will remain available for the entire month, if you can find them!

There will be many Steampunk-themed gifts to find, hidden throughout the grid, in the participating shops.  You’ll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items.  Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only the duration of the hunt.  

As with most hunts, you’ll be given a starting location.  That location will give you a LM to the next, and so on.  Although you can begin anywhere, we suggest that you start here:

(Mieville starting point)

We ask you these favors:

Please do not contact shop owners directly.  All inquiries should come to Perryn Peterson in the form of notecards as IMs are frequently capped.  There will be a website and blog as well.

Please respect everyone participating: designers, shop owners, and other hunters.

Please keep your ARC as lower as possible whilst hunting; do not wear a lot of primmy items, scripts, and laggy items like meters and HUDs.  These will slow things down for everyone.

If yo uopen a package on anyone’s sim, have the courtesy to delete said package or pick up your items before you leave.

Enjoy and bring lots of friends with you!


On the outskirts of Mieville’s Shopping district

Remember, the Kick-Off starts at 6pm SLT at the HMS Rustbucket, the Hunt starts at Midnight, March 1st, and the beginning point for it is in Mieville Doyle, specifically here.

For more information, please visit the official STEAM Hunt blog, at:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Steampunk Short: Professor Dantes and the Severin Conundrum

Addressing a few RL issues at the moment, so today’s entry is a brief Steampunk clip of “Professor Dantes and the Severin Conundrum – a tale of “… adventure and science gone wrong!”  Please do enjoy!

Find more videos like this on Steampunk Empire

Friday, February 26, 2010

SL Steampunk Events 26-28 Feb, 2010

Generally, I tend to avoid the plethora of Caledonian events, as there are usually far too many to list concisely, however, if it is of exceptional note, I’ll certainly add it, and the following event is certainly of note!  Caledon celebrates its fourth year of existence in Second Life today, with what is a day-long celebration of its founding.  Starting at 3pm SLT on Friday, the 26th of February, the Grand Balls will be tiered to  meet the global Steampunk and Neo-Victorian presence of the largest genre virtual world in existence.

Please do note the times and attire – it is a formal event, and appropriate dress is encouraged.  Do make it a point of stopping by!  For more information, please visit the Primgraph’s website for more information, located at:

Saturday has the first of two weekend events at the Academy of Industry (returning to New Babbage)… Miss Canolli Capalini will be demonstrating how to script a drinking animation using qavimator, staring at 1pm SLT on Saturday, the 27th of February.  If one has wanted to learn the basics of animation development, this is an outstanding opportunity!  For more details, please visit:

At 2 pm SLT, on Saturday, the 27th of February, the second calender for the benefit of the New Babbage’s R.F. Burton Library will be taking place.  The Babbage Ladies Fire Protection Brigade presents the “Men of New Babbage” (part two, with the first calender being released last month), with a number of gentlemen and neer-do-wells on its pages (I’ll leave the decision of which to the judgement of the readers).  Do stop by and pick up a copy – all proceeds will benefit the Library!  More details, including a SLurl, are located at:

Sunday, the 28th of February from 2 to 3 pm SLT, the Academy of Industry will host its second class, this taught by Mr. Jasper Kiergarten (a noted sculptor in New Babbage), and will focus on how to make sculpties using Sculpt Studio.  For more information on Sculpties 101, please visit:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Steampunk Music: Death of the Cog

Variety is a quality that often adds to the sum of the whole.  As Steampunk slowly but steadily enters the larger conciousness of the general public, more individuals and groups are able to find an outlet for their pent-up skills.  An example of this are the talented gentlemen of “The Cog is Dead”, an up-and-coming group of fellows with an exemplary sound and Steampunk bravado!

“Steam Powered Stories” Promotional Trailer for The Cog is Dead

In addition to their main website, the have three of the (what I would imagine) are selection from their upcoming album (with a release date sometime in “Spring of 2010”, but I’ll keep an ear out for more information, of course).  They take a very hand-on approach to documenting their album’s progress, with updates (on their website and MySpace), and a cacophony of supplemental items and information at their aforementioned sites.

“Death of the Cog” single from The Cog is Dead’s upcoming album

A recent interview of Mr. Sprocket was completed by Altern8 (an ‘zine that covers quite a bit of online and RL topics) and is most certininly worth a read to learn more about the band it and its inspirations.  To read said article, please turn here

Their website is here:

… followed by their MySpace (with more tracks), at:

… and finally their Facebook locale, at:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steampunk Reconstruction: The Vulcania Volunteers

“Giant Squid Astern”, by Mr. David McCamant

While I was searching for new Steampunk bits to blog about, located an outstanding site on The Steampunk Empire (from Mr. Spectre in the “Sons and Daughters of Nemo” group”).  The Vulcania Volunteers are a group of artists and designers who are intent on… 

“Using research, study, and analysis of the 1954 ‘Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ to imagine and render this (Harper Goff’s Nautilus) vessel as though she were an operational vessel of that era”.

To this means, the Vulcania Volunteers have crafted both artistic imagery and reproductions of the classic submarine that every sailor really wanted to sail on.  The provided images are backgrounds that are kindly provided gratis, but even more enticing are the schematics of the classic Verne ship, which are on sale, including a giant 36′ x48′ inch poster, perfect for framing!

“Fatal Destiny” by Mr. David McCamant

Also, there are a limited selection of props available, including a stylized air vent, a “riser”, and a prop firearm (Captain Nemo’s Underwater Rifle).  Alas, I have had difficulties locating their email (the link doesn’t seem to work for me), but they are available for acquisition, so if one does locate the address, please do forward it!

“Another Journey”, by Mr. David McCamant

Do take a moment (if you haven’t already), and pay a visit to the Vulcania Volunteers, and see their amazing works, at:

Also, Mr. McCamant’s own website is located at:

(Finally, a steamy “Tip of the Hat” to Mr. Spectre, who posted this article, along with other clever artwork at the Steampunk Empire’s “Sons and Daughters of Nemo”, at:

(Image from the “Sons and Daughters of Nemo” Steampunk Empire group)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aethernet Travels: The Hawkins Strongbox

A few weeks ago, the Steampunk Librarian located a unique site titled “The Hawkins Strongbox”.  A change of pace from many other Steampunk-esque blogs, the Hawkins Strongbox follows the unique items in the strongbox, or as the author narrates (from the initial entry)…

On October 17, 2003, a large iron strongbox, dated from the late 19th century, was discovered in the basement of a small house in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. The house was once owned by my grandfather, Cedric Pepper. The house was sold following his death in 1987. The subsequent owner returned the strongbox to my family, as my grandfather was the house’s only previous occupant. That was the beginning of my association with the enigmatic and wondrous Hawkins Strongbox.

An image of Mr. Hawkins sporting a Vanderzee-Deakin Aether III pistol

The narrative of the information is a pleasure to read and each lot has some new item with a intriguing story behind it.  From weaponry to timepieces, plenty of well done images are presented for your enlightenment!  For more details, please visit:

(Yet another “Tip o’ the Hat to the Lovely Steampunk Librarian for this lead – ty!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

New release from BlakOpal Designs – the Anastasia Gown and Levant Suit

A new release from BlakOpal Designs, quite literally “hot off the presses”.  To be one of the first to show off their latest works, speed over to their main store to obtain the appropriate attire, located at:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steampunk Music: Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

One of Steampunk perennial dichotomies is its definitition of “Steampunk Music”.  The standard bearer of the most listened to “Steampnk Music” at this point would seem to be Abney Park, but there are plenty of outstanding musical talent with tangents towards Steampunk.  One such musical group is Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society.  Not quite in the mode today’s “small piece band”, the Secret Society consists of eighteen exceptionally talented musicians, led by its “Composer-Conductor-Ringleader”, Mr. Darcy James Argue, a recognized talent in Jazz circles in North America.

I am confident that there are those who might, after hearing more of the Secret  Society’s track say “… Hey, this isn’t like Abney Park – it can’t be Steampunk”!  Well, I would counter with a quote from the above YouTube entry…

“…not unlike the Steampunk literary genre, the Secret Society blends the ‘old fashion’ style of Big Band with modern technologies such as electric guitars… and techniques such as reverb and looping.”

Their list of awards and accolades are impressive as well – perhaps one of the best known up-and-coming Jazz groups of 2009, with Infernal Machines receiving kudos from industry standards such as, All About Jazz, Jazz Times, and the Villiage Voice’s Jazz Critics’ poll, as well as recognition from more generalized works such as the New York Times, Newsweek, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.  (The complete list of awards for Infernal Machines is located here.)

The Poisson Rouge track from Infernal Machines

As a bit of a Jazz enthusiast myself (for those that are in the know, I even had a now-defunct SL Jazz blog – “SL Jazz After Midnight“), it is heartening to see the definition of Steampunk extend in to Jazz, and perhaps finding a home (or at the very least lingering for a bit) to have each make impressions on each other.

For web links about the Secret Society…

And to obtain downloads (or copies of the Secret Society’s CD), please visit New Amsterdam Records, at:

Finally, their very well-done website is located at:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Make Magazine: The Discrete Ladies’ Companion Raygun

Make Magazine released an excellent “Steampunk” issue (issue 17), which included an article on making “The Discrete Ladies’ Companion Raygun”.  This video demonstrates how do make it, with excellent tips on brass cutting safety (e.g. wear gloves when cutting it, or else)!  Please do enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

SL Steampunk Events, 20-21 February, 2010

This weekend promises to be chock full of events, starting with the New Champagne Room’s Geisha from the Blue Louts.  The production is “The First Rabbits”, and will start at 2pm SLT.  For more information, please visit:

Later Saturday evening, starting at 7:30pm SLT, the Battle Storm will take place in the Obsidian Sea, an opportunity to engage in Ironclad combat!  For further details, please visit Steeltopia’s Ning, at:

The New Babbage Academy of Industry will be holding a class on Goggles 101, taught by the extremely talented Dr. Obolensky, starting at 12pm, SLT, on Sunday, the 21st of February.  Further details are located at:

One of the monthly highlights of New Babbage is the Aether Salon – and this month’s topic will be “Haberdashery!”  For an outline of the presentation, please visit:

Finally, the ideal way to end the weekend will turn full circle to the New Babbage Champagne Rooms, with the regular “Music Appreciation” series hosted by Mr. Blackberry Harvey!  For more details, please turn to:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

International Pipe Smoking Day – Saturday, 20 FEB 10

Finding a new holiday to celebrate is always a pleasure – finding one that ties into Steampunk is doubly so!  Steeped in tradition in the Steampunk and Victorian genres, and frequently used as an introspective device, pipes are a unique era hallmark.  Unfortunatly, I haven’t been able to find out the name of the organization involved, but it does look as if it has a new but steadily growing website.  The IPSD site has a small number of extremely useful links, including a FAQ on the basics of pipes, how to pack a pipe, and a very nice PDF brochure to accompany the celebrations.  For more information, please visit the IPSD website, at:
Or take a peek at the Smoker’s Forum, at: , for further information on pipes and other sundry tobacco topics.

For those who wish to avoid the RL circumstances of tobacco, I would point to an earlier article in the Heliograph on “virtual pipe smoking”, at:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sense, Sensibility, and Sea Monsters Video

Chosen as “Amazon’s Best Book Video” for 2009, this brief introduction to Quirk Classics’ “Sense, Sensibility, and Sea Monsters”, is a gem!  If you haven’t already read it, do make it a point of obtaining a copy – else be on the look out for their next work… “Android Karenina”.  For more information on the above work, please visit Quirk Classics, at: and its Amazon review.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steampunk Media: Adele Blanc-Sec Movie

I was quite heartned to discover that the classic French advenress of the novels of the same name, Adele Blanc-Sec, was going to be made into a film, with a release date of (about) mid April.  Even better was the fact that famous director Luc Besson was directing the endeavor (he is the same fellow who directed “Nikita” {known in the US as “La Femme Nikita”}, Leon {known in the US as “The Professional”}, but I’d say most know him from his most successful commercial film, “The Fifth Element”).  The story involves an adventerous lady (Mlle Blanc-Sec), and her adventures in Egypt… involving “mummies, evil bad guys (the best kind), and a pterodactyl, who hatches from an egg”.  Amazing, I’d say, but see for yourself in the aforementioned trailers… 

The story is based on the series of Adele Blanc-Sec, which first began in 1976 as a comic strip, and followed with more eight stories (now known as “graphic novels” now-a-days).  I realize her early stories put her abutting the further end of  the Steampunk genre (perhaps even in the Edwardian era), and her later adventures are certainly in the post WW1 era (and likley Dieselpunk), but… the architecture and atmosphere demonstrated by the trailers (very Art Nouveau) and the oddities of the circumstances are too good to pass up, as one can see in the following trailer..

Alas, it will be distributed in its native French, but as with most of the director’s movies, it will certainly be translated into English at some point.  However, the film’s website is outstanding, and worth a visit (there is even a virtual Frenchman to greet you)!  So be on the lookout for this gem showing up soon!

The Home Page for the film is located at:
For more on Adele Blanc-Sec, please see: 

and a bit more on the Director, Luc Besson, at:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Steampunk Media: The Anachronism (Trailer)

As first reported on IO9, the film “The Anachronism” is a “retro-futurist” (read Steampunk) production which won accolades in the form of six Leo awards, including one for “Best Short Drama”.  Unfortunatly, very little has been communicated regarding its plot, aside from the key words “… robotic squid submarine…”, but that is more than enough for this reporter!  For more details, please follow the link to the IO9 article, or…
Their website (which isn’t of much help), at:, or…
Their facebook entry, at: .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Airship Month: What type of airship best represents the Steampunk ideal? (Poll)

It is odd how inspiration arrives, or at least how one arrives at said inspiration.  While enduring NBCs insipid coverage of the Vancouver Olympics (oh, how I miss the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations presentation), I took that time to update my infrequently used laptop.  Aside from the never ending list of updates to it, I began searching for a new wallpaper background.  Deciding that it would be an airship, I went looking between Google, Bing, Deviant Art, and a few other locations, searching for an appropriate image.  The longer I looked, it seemed to me that there were some overarching generalities regarding airships, which led me to my current (next) poll question.

There seem to be three general categories of airship appearance from the images I located.  The first type is a nautical ship suspended by an inflatable and over-pressurized gas bag.  Essentially a ship hanging by ropes to some type of balloon holding a lighter-than-air gas, the Nautical Flying Ship seems to be the simplest representation of airships.  Straightforward in design but classic in appearance, it may be the oldest type of airship representation

(Second Life)
(425 prims, but only L$1!)

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Next is the Zeppelin-type of airship.  Usually based on a rigid or semi-rigid frame holding the lighter-than-air gas, the Zeppelin design also has an attached structure beneath the frame, be it a basic capsule, utilitarian under-carriage, or luxurious accommodations such as those from the Indiana Jones movie, based on the LZ129 (the Hinderberg Wikipdeia is a wonderful tool).  Obviously, an interior of such a Stemapunk ship would be modified to reflect the Steampunk / Neo-Victorian genre, but this type of Zeppelin ship, with its frame and capsule style, is another style that was also noted in the image search for airships.

The luxurious Dining Room for passengers of the LZ 129 Hindenburg, 

(Second Life)

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

The last category seemed to be based on, shall we say, non-obvious means of flight for airships.  These airships came in many forms and types, and frequently seem based on traditional military ships of the first half of the century (such as stylized battleships, cruisers, and destroyers from the first and second world wars).  Their means of support/propulsion are secondary to their appearance (e.g. they use cavorite {first noted in the Wells book First men in the moon), Liftwood (Space: 1889)), and almost exclusively are angled for military confrontations.  For ease of reference, I will simply refer to this category as the Flying ships with no specific propulsion.

(Second Life)

There is, as always, the Other category.  However, the only well-known example that I can think of at the moment is the Flying Wing airships from Howls Moving Castle, with ships that had mechanical flapping wings to support their air flight.  I am confident that there are alternative examples which would fit the Other category, and as I come across them, I promise to post them.

The aforementioned airships from “Howl’s Moving Castle” – as one can see,
the wings on this vessel actually “flap” to maintain buoyancy

As such, I have posted the poll on the left sidebar, so please feel free to make your choice and air your thoughts on Steampunk airship design!

Fair winds and following skies – until the next airship entry!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Steampunk Media: The League of STEAM… “Ask the League”

Found this newly posted gem from the League of STEAM, addressing a perennial Steampunk question, regarding one’s preference of tea.  Alas, I do not have a zombie, and the chihuahua is frankly untrainable in tea service, but until my canine companion is up to speed, I’ll simply have to admire Zombie tea from a distance!  Please do enjoy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stemapunk Media: Abney Park Live, at the San Francisco Burton’s Wonderland Ball

My apologies as I’ve been conscripted to attend to pressing RL duties, but I do present the latest performance of Abney Park a the aforementioned San Francisco Wonderland Ball, earlier this month!  Please do enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Steampunk Media: The Soviet Sherlock Holmes…

About a week ago, after the results of the Sherlock Holmes poll were published, I received an email regarding one actor who portrayed the great detective, but failed to list in the choices for selection.  Professor Russell A. Potter was kind enough to provide enlightenment regarding Mr. Vasily Livanov’s portrayal of Mr. Holmes.  Not well known in the West, Mr. Livanov’s Holmes is legendary in Russia, but to better extrapolate his accomplishments, I will defer to a fellow who has posted the clip below (a Mr. TheBishop SSR)…

“… The Russian version of Sherlock Holmes was filmed as the series “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson” between 1979 and 1986.

Livanov’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes is widely regarded as one of the best, especially in the Former Soviet Union. In 2000 Livanov and his co-star Vitaly Solomin were voted the best impersonators of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in a poll by the English press. Both Queen Elizabeth II and former PM Margaret Thatcher were reportedly fond of Livanov’s portrayal, and he was awarded an OBE Order of the British Empire for his work.

The photograph of Livanov as Sherlock Holmes is said to be the largest of those gracing the walls of the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street. The excellent music score from the series is being played to the guests of the museum.

The actors were cast for the roles according to the illustrations by Sidney Paget, a friend of Conan Doyle and the first illustrator of the book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – their appearance was close to this of the characters of Pagets illustrations.”

A snippet of a scene from an episode titled “The Acquaintance” is shown below…

Quite impressive – one simply has to enjoy the entire presentation, especially with Mr. Holmes performing experiments in his own lab!  To read more about Mr. Livanov’s portrayal of Mr. Holmes, please turn to what is perhaps the most informative location on the topic (from the “Baker Street Dozen” website”), at:

{And a ‘tip of the hat’ to the good Professor Potter for the communication – Kudos, sir!}

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Steampunk Games: Cogs, by Steam

Another Steampunk-esque game has been out for about a year (or so), but seems to have received very little coverage – especially for as well done as it appears.  Cogs, by Steam (the people who brought you Half Life, and other impressive games), is a puzzle game played on a PC.  There are numerous differeing types of challenges to overcome, but perhaps the clip below will better illustrate this small endeavor…

The three-dimensional aspect of Cogs is quite unique, especially as one has a “goal” to achieve – not just simply pushing pieces around.  So if your interests converge on Steampunk and Puzzles, and you happen to be looking for a modestly-priced, but impressive challenge, do consider Cogs!  It can be obtained as a download, at the Steam App Store, at:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Steampunk Reviews – Episode 14

Once again, Miss Yankee999 has done the footwork necessary to ascertain the quality of Steampunk endeavors and enterprises.  A bit behind the curve on this release, as it was posted on the 4th of February, but here is its!  If one wishes to subscribe directly to her feed on Yourtube, please follow the link below, and you won’t have to wait for my sloth-like reporting abilities to awaken!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Steampunk Media: Riese the Series… good news and bad news!

Received both good and disappointing news on the status of Riese, the Series.  First, the good news is that Riese has been picked up for production by Fireworks, part of the UK-Based ContentFilm.  The bad news is that just as Chapter 2 of the series is beginning, all video content has been removed.  I gather that means if you want to see the series, you will have to wait until the entire endeavor is released.  Unfortunate for those following it, but its good to know that the hard work that was poured into Riese will be rewarded for those who worked so hard on it.

To read the full report and possible future of Riese, please turn to Tubefilter’s article on it, at:

… and of course, to read more about Riese (just because it is off the web, there is still plenty of material available for viewing), at:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Historical Media: Living History Worldwide

Brook Rife Gun Crew, Port Columbus (by Mr. Bruce Smith)

Yesterday, the CNN iReport had an intriguing article titled “Living in a Time Warp”, which covered persons involved in historical re-enactment in real life.  Written for the genreal public, it does longitudinally mention Steampunk.  However, I would say the best part of the article lies with a brief mention in the body of the article…

My eye caught an address to “Living History Worldwide”, a historical re-enactment forum, with a wealth of information regarding said topic.  While I am not a re-enactor, taking the time to read the differing sub-groups (differentiated by historical groups, such as the “French and Indian War”, “Soldiers of the Queen”, and the new and quickly growing “Steampunk” groups) provides insight to the nuances of the era in question.

“Mark and Dawn” (by Mr. Mark Bagley)

One has to be approved to join the group (which is a cursory review – after all, they allowed me membership), but I’m currenlty reading the depth of its articles, and would certainly recommend an eye to it, if one seeks inspiration!  To visit Living History Worldwide, please visit it, at:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Steampunk Entertainment: Aeropack, a new iPhone game

Received word on the release of a new Steampunk app for the iPhone and iTouch titled “Aeropack“.  A very deceptively simple premise, it requires that one maneuvers an individual, utilizing a steampack, through thirty (30) differing levels.  Of course, things are never as simple as they appear, as there are challenges awaiting derail your efforts at every opportunity!

A peek at the game-play of Aeropack!

Its developer, Micah Lee, said that Aeropack was a nod to the retro-ninties game Jetpack, a devilish little challenge in it own right.  Though it will be available in early February in the App Store, one can obtain a free copy for the Mac by visiting their website, at: .  If you have the opportunity, ensure you do avail yourself of a copy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Steampunk Media: Exhibition Hall, Issue 6

Another excellent issue of Exhibition Hall was released a few days ago, with a cavalcade of new work, including…
  • A preview of the events at the Steampunk World’s Fair, scheduled for mid-May,
  • An in-depth review of the Sherlock Holmes movie,
  • A visit to the Steampunk Display at the Oxford Museum, with a focus on some unique pieces on display,
  • A review of “Carnacki, the Ghost Finder” (a series dating back to 1910, and seeing a resurgence),
  • Airships!
  • and much, much more!
To read Issue six, please turn to:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steampunk Lifestyles: Siphon Coffee Pot

My original planned blog for this evening, about modded Steampunk weapons, had me being scooped by Mr. Bruce Sterling (/me shakes fist), but if one is going to be scooped on Steampunk, I suppose the author of the Difference Engine would be quite the fellow to be scooped by.

However… a new/old gem is getting set to re-emerge on the coffee scene is the Siphon (or Vacuum) coffee pot.  As one who loves the “devil bean” almost as much as Steampunk, an in-depth article by Mr. Smith, of Stumpjack Coffee, is an outstanding introduction to the device is a welcome discovery!  To read more, please turn to:

… and to visit Stumpjack Coffee, Mr. Smith’s enterprise, please visit:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Postcards from New Babbage – The Great Obolensky Metal Steampunk House

One of the intriguing aspects of Steampunk is its ability to re-invent common items in whimsical ways.  An example of this (pet) theory of mine, is a build in the north-western portion of the Wheatstone Waterways district of New Babbage – the Great Obolensky Metal Steampunk House.

Nestled just south of the Iron Bay, this bit of archecture incorporates nature and technology into a virtual living space.  Built by New Babbage’s resident evil Mastermind, Dr. Obolensky, it resided in another portion of New Babbage prior to arriving at its current locale, where it has been for the better part of a year.

Terrace overlooking the (currently frozen) Iron Bay

Lower entrance to the Metal Steampunk House

Its owner, the lovely Captain Red Llewellyn, built a small video (via which actually provides more details on its quirks and secrets, easily located on her blog (Captain Red Llewellen: The Metaphysical Musings of a Merry Misanthrope), specifically at: 

Perhaps one of the worst-kept secret in New Babbage, the *Hidden* Smugglers’ Den, 
just below the Metal Steampunk House

An artistic view of the “Great Oboloensky Metal Steampunk House” 
(also known as the Steampunk Treehouse)

Do take a moment, when in Wheatstone Waterways, to visit this Gem of New Babbage, located at: