Friday, April 30, 2010

The Great Steampunk Debate starts tomorrow!

Due to an evolving Steampunk community, it was inevitable that differing opinions and perceptions would eventually collide in some manner.  One such aspect is the Steampunk and Politics – regardless of how one stands.  Without going delving too deeply into the details, an event during October of last year led to the formation of a plan to debate said topics on a forum, and if the preview of its inception is any indication, I am quite confident that there will be a raucous exchanging taking place for the following month!  To register and participate, please visit the forum for the Great Steampunk Debate, at:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steampunk Movies – Jonah Hex Trailer

I have to admit, in my younger days, I was never a fan of the Jonah Hex comic, so when I saw this trailer, all I could say was – *wow*!  Action, Steampunk gadgets, gunfights, Ironclads, John Malkovich as a bad guy, a tart showing off her “acting skills”… what more can one ask for?  Well, enough of my prattle – please enjoy the trailer!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seattle Steampunk Film Festival details…

KING 5, a local Seattle television station, reiterated some of the details for the Seattle Steampunk Film Festival.  With the goal of rebuilding a classic Seattle Steampunk icon (the stunning Carroll’s Clock), the Steampunk Film Festival will run over a weekend (May 8th and 9th… not this weekend, but next weekend), and will have an excellent selection of classic Steampunk films!  So, if you can make it, please give this good cause consideration for a weekend of enjoyment.  If not, one can always donate nonetheless!  

To visit the Steampunk Film Festival’s Website, please peek over here:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steampunk Music: “Gold”, by Antoine Clamaran

Still attending some pressing circumstances atm, but I do leave this video note card, an visually impressive video by the French musician Mr. Antoine Clamaran.  Though the music may not be to everyone preference, the Steampunk-esque images are quite well done – engines, mysterious scientific experiment, though the ending is a tad more modern than I’d prefer.  Please do enjoy!
To learn more about the gentleman, please visit his website, at :

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne… on YouTube!

One of the later incarnations of Steampunk for the small screen was a series called “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne”.  Most Steampunk enthuiasts are likely familar with the premise of the series (those who might not can follow the Wiki link at the bottom of the entry for more information), but what may not be common knowledge is there is a “SAJV” channel on YouTube, home to twelve of the twenty four episodes produced by the CBC.  The remaining episodes seem to be coming down the proverbial pike, so if one has the time and incliation of watching the adventures of the Airship Aurora (which was won by Mr. Fogg in a rigged poker game), do make it a point of visiting the SAVJ channel on YouTube, at:

(Also, the Wiki for the SAJV is at: )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Steamworks – Disney Imagination Competition entry for 2010

Found this entry for the Disney Imagination Competition titled “Steamworks”, which appears to be the design for an underground dining experience.  First, the Imagination Competition is necessarily to create a product or service, but to provide a springboard for future ideas and concepts for the Disney corporation.  So, as intriguing as the Steamworks dining facitliy may be, don’t expect to come to fruition (unless officially announced by the mouse’s empire, of course).  Still, an impressive work by the group of Mr. Nick Bova, Ms.  Colleen Murphy,  Mr. Matt Elser, and Mr. Evan Bujold.

Their narrative (associated with the YouTube posting) states…

Steamworks is a unique and entertaining dining experience for anyone and everyone! People of all ages and walks of life are welcome to join the hardworking creative force that drives the Disney Empire from the inside. Imagine stepping into a den of top mechanics, scientists, and inventors and being treated to a glimpse of the fantastic mechanisms and magic that keeps Disney running like a Swiss watch. Its a world that gives curious visitors a peek at Disney behind the scenes, without actually divulging the magic.Steamworks combines steam punk aesthetic with fine dining in a friendly open environment. A train ride that is separate from the restaurant takes visitors on a tour of the subterranean Steamworks facility. The conductor makes stops at laboratories, the kitchen, the main dining hall, and even quartz and iron ore mines all the while informing guests of the history of the restaurant and its purpose. Steamworks is the embodiment of hard work and ingenuity and the rewards they entitle. Disney would not be what it is if it were not for these principles and no matter who you are, you can take something great from being shown that your drive and motivation does pay off.Steamworks is the worlds premiere steam punk dining experience and any visitor to Disney is welcome among the ranks of its brilliant and hardworking crew. So pull up a chair, grab a bite, and treat yourself right! You earned it.

Best of luck on their entry, and with a bit of good fortune, the Steamworks may become reality someday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Babbage: The 2nd Annual Evolutionary Ball

Once again, the Piermont Landing is presenting the pinnacle of entertainment in New Babbage, this time in the form of the 2nd Annual Evolutionary Ball!  An evening of entertainment by DJ Bats, and the contest-du-nuit is the “Fish Spawning Build”!  For more details, please visit the New Babbage Ning, at:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Steampunk blogs note…

“Vaux-le-Victomte”, at

Caught up with some pressing circumstances at the moment, but I did wish to mention two blogs which have caught my eye recently.  First, Steam Spectre was kind enough to leave a comment, and upon visiting her site, I was amazed at the impressive eye for detail she exhibits for the genre.  Example one – her astute finding of, with a collection of photos of Victoriana and more.  To see her finds, please do take a moment to visit Steam Spectre, at!

“Vecona 3”, at

Also, the ever-mindful Steampunk Librarian found the writings of Mr. M. Delman, at his website titled Free the Princess, and his excellent analysis of Steampunk in a literary bent.  I do quite enjoy reading an comparative analysis of the “classic” works of Steampunk, but alas, I have yet to finish reading all of his entires!  If you care to surpass my pedandic rate of reading, please do pay his excellent site a visit, located at: .

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ning’s Premium Migration and the demise of SL Ning Steamland forums…

For those who may not be familiar with the Ning networks, it is a free forum used to by groups of like-minded individuals to develop and enhance communities of shared topics such as Steampunk.  Alas, as with many other things in difficult economic times, aside from staff cuts, the Nings are changing to a “Premium” model (aka – no more free ride, you’ll have to pay up to use it).

While understandable, it is unfortunate, as SL has a good number of networks which used the Ning to enhance their community.   Many of these Steamland entities will go to the wayside, unfortunately, and will be lost to the proverbial “Sands of Time”.

Screenshot of a Ning page – this one for an educational entity

However, two influential players who use the Ning networks will likely transition to the Premium status.  First, the ever-growing Steampunk Empire is going strong, and Mr. Aloysius and Mr. Hephzibah have stated they will be ensure the “Empire stays strong” (aka, it will remain after the Premium migration).  Additionally, (a Premium site already, to my estimation) will also stand fast, allowing its excellent reporting on both Steampunk and Dieselpunk to remain intact.

Additionally, one of my own favorite sites, the Art of Manliness, also intends to remain vibrant, so consider paying it a visit as well – plenty of interesting insights gentleman-lyness topics!

Many of the SL Steamland locations, such as New Babbage, Steelhead, Neo-Victoira, New Champagne Rooms, Armada, New Toulouse, and others, will lose their Nings.  New Babbage is currently under discussion on the next step, and further details will ideally emerge soon.

Not sure as to how long it will be until the plug is finally pulled – I’ve heard three months or so, but the Ning management says they will provide further information come May 4th on what will happen and on the Premium status.  However, as a heads up, if you do have anything on a Ning you have posted and wish to save make it a point of retrieving it asap!

(A few aformentioned Ning sites are listed below)…

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steampunk Reviews – Episode #16

Back from her everyday travails, Miss Yankee999 has released Steampunk Reviews, Episode 16!  Please do enjoy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Steampunk Notables: Eadweard Muybridge, inventor of the Zoopraxiscope

The famous “Horse in Motion” set, by Eadweard Muybridge, 1878

On my way from work, I happened upon a unique biography on a Mr. Eadweard Muybridge, a legendary photographer from the era, whom I had only a passing knowledge about.  He was perhaps best known for his sequential images of motion, with his most famous being that of a horse galloping.  So innovative at the time, it was thought that he had doctored the photographs, because a horse could in no way have “all four feet off the ground – if so, the human eye would have seen it happen”!  However, it was true – and he proved it on his invention, the Zoopraxiscope!

“Valley of Yosemite”, by Eadweard Muybridge, 1872

Additionally, he was a pioneer at taking photographs of nature, showing the beauty of the wild to the masses who may have never known such breathtaking place existed in the United States.  So influential were his images, they are said to have been of direct inspiration to the legendary American photographer, Ansel Adams.

Photograph of Eadweard Muybridge

Not only an inventor and artist, but he led a very colorful life – including how he dealt with the man having an affair with is young wife (hint: he was acquitted)!   Do take a moment to listen to the bio presented by NPR, but also take a bit to learn about a gentleman who most certainly belongs in the pantheon of Steampunk Notables!

For more information regarding Mr. Muybridge, please visit the biograph on him, at:

And the following websites…

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exhibition Hall, Issue #8

It seems I missed the release of one of the best Steampunk efanzines latest issues, Exhibition Hall (#8)!  The issue is replete with excellent writings, including a highlight of the Nova Albion event!  Do pay the Hall a visit, at:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Classic 80’s Hits… Interpreted for Ragtime Piano, by Mr. Scott Bradlee

I had been searching out for some graphically intriguing Steampunk videos, when I came across this gem!  Not visually unique, but I did enjoy not only listening to the recreation of classic 80’s songs done “a la ragtime“, but also trying to name them as Mr. Bradlee played them!  To learn more about the talented gentleman, please do visit his website, at:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seattle Steampunks band together to save a local Steampunk gem! – URL update!

Caroll’s Clock, in Seattle

The Seattle Steampunk Film Festival and the Steampunk University event are banding together to save an iconic era timepiece.  Caroll’s Clock (named as it stood outside Caroll’s Jewelry Store for almost one hundreds years {since 1913)), was donated to the Seattle Museum of History and industry in 2005.  Alas, a band of ruffians (less polite adjectives would be out of place here, though well merited), broke into the base of this clock the next year, and made off with its inner workings (replete with brass gears and cogs), rendering the clock inoperative.

A closeup of the timepiece’s faceplate – a gem!

The innards can be repaired, but at a hefty cost – about $4,000!  However, a band of good-hearted Steampunks have banded together to raise the remaining monies and help restore the clock to operation.  In addition to the Steampunk Film Festival (May 8th, 2010), there will be a Steam University – a comprehensive overview in preparation for the SteamCon to be held later this year in Seattle.  (The link to purchase tickts states it takes place on March 22nd…. but I believe May 22nd was the intended date, as it on a weekend, and hasn’t passed by on the calender yet!)  If one has the opportunity, to take advantage of both event both to meet new enthuisasts of the genre and to support a good cause!

For more details, please visit :
To purchase tickets for the event, please visit:
And to learn more about the travesty taken place, please visit:

** Update** 
The correct URL for the events can be located at: !  My apologies for the confusion – but do pay a visit!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Steampunk World’s Fair Advert: “I’m a Steampunk”!

Saw this advert for the upcoming Steampunk World’s Fair, and simply had to post it!  Quite outstanding!  For more adverts and information about the Steampunk World’s Fair, please visit:

SyFi acquires the Steampunk series Riese

SyFy has offically announced that Riese will be added to their lineup!  For more details, please visit:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nemo sim covered on

Found that, a tech website, did a piece on Mr. Shepard’s outstanding Nemo sim.  Not that happens to be new news in the Steamlands, but it was good to see SL Steampunk covered outside the tradition SL Steampunk blogs (inspite of some “clever” comments on the part of some in the article).
To read the article, please visit, at: , and to read in more depth about it, they included the link to New World Note’s review of Nemo, at:

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Babbage: Carnivale D’Arcane Machima released!

A few weekends ago, the Carnivale D’Arcane paid a visit to New Babbage, showing off one more unique aspect of Steampunk – the Carnival!  Quite a bit going on, I’d say, and Miss Pani Page did a fabulous job in capturing the events!  As she narrated…

Renfold & Tremor’s Carnivale D’Arcane circus troupe invades the Second Life town of New Babbage, bringing along all its wonderful freaks. Thrills! Chills! High-wire acts, trapeze, and more. Music: Blockhead by Beats Antique (Yard Dogs Road Show Remix). Machinima by Pani Page.

The performers in the Carnivale D’Arcane include (in no particular order): Elleon Bergamasco, Noelle Ruby, Mosseveno Tenk, Aeolus Cleanslate, Aspman Redenblack, Jimmy Branagh, Maribelle Bronet, Lilliputian Edenflower, Joy Tremor, Singleton Diesel, Gizzy Allen, Wells Eberdene, Tinus Koskinen, Kane Qork, Blackberry Harvey, Professor Lionheart, Roman Brandenburg, Victor, John Merrick, The Elephant Man, Erick Nordenskiold, Roustabout, Ceejay Writer, Ringmaster, Wiggy Undertone, RingMaster, Calia Giha, The Wild Man of Borneo, Jeaniesing Trilling

Though I missed it this time due to RL issues, I do look forward to its return, someday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Breaking News: Boneshaker and Girl Genius are nominated for a Hugo awards!

Ms. Cherie Priest’s Steampunk novel, Boneshaker, was just announced as a finalist for a Hugo Award as Best Novel of 2010!  Outstanding!  Read more at IO9, here:, and her website is here:

Additionally, Girl Genius, Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs to the Storm was nominated for Best Graphic Story!  Mr. & Mrs Foglio’s excellent work is no strange to those who read Steampunk (and Gaslamp Fantasy), but with a bit of luck, both will come out a head and win their respective categories!  For more on Girl Genius – please visit their site at:

The passing of the Steampunk Spectacular

As most are wont to do if one has a portable music device, listening to Podcasts are an excellent alternative once one becomes tire of musical fare.  One of my favorite Steampunk podcasts was the Steampunk Spectacular, an outstanding production by the Mad Craftrix.  I’ve been hoping in vain that it would return, and we could listen to the adventures of the crew of the H.M.S. Astrolabe, but alas, the last blog entry was a year ago as of yesterday, and I have failed to locate any new information regarding the re-emergence of the endeavor.  As such, do take a moment to listen to the remaining work, and take a gander at the (now staid) website, at:

(If any new news regarding its status come to light, I shall ensure it gets passed on!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update: The Heliograph becomes the Steampunk Tribune

“Airship Station Building 1” by ~Alanise

Hello and greetings!  Been quite busy with RL and SL as of late, which has unfortunately cut into my blogging time.  Nonetheless, one change readers may have noticed was the migration from “The Heliograph” to the “Steampunk Tribune”.  Why the change?  Well, to provide a more concise explanation of what exactly the blog is about (to new visitors, anyways) and a concurrent URL to match the blog’s title.  (The old “” url was a tad unwieldy – choosing a good URL is  a hard lesson to learn when one starts blogging)!

“Airship Station Building 2”, by ~Alanise

I was hoping to consolidate things in one fell swoop, but the best laid plans and such, kept it from happening.  The old URL still works, and will direct one to the blog, but the “” will be the main URL for future use.

“Depths of Fear”, by ~Alanise

However, I’ll still endeavor to maintain up-to-date news and events for Steampunk, both in RL and SL, so fear not.  On a final note, I’ve taken the liberty of posting some images from an excellent artist named Alanise  – to take a moment to visit her deviant art locale (listed under the graphics), or her own website, at:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Steampunk Music: The Raveonettes – Heart of Stone

My apologies for the recent lack of posts, as RL has once again been a challenge, but I do leave a brief interluede with an outstanding Steampunk video.  The music isn’t *exactly* Steampunk, but the visual work more than makes up for it!  Please do enjoy!