Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Grand Opening of NeoVictoria

After a good amount of planning and elbow grease, NeoVictoria, the newest Steampunk sim in Second Life, is set to open tomorrow!  Running from September 1st to the 3rd, it is an excellent opportunity to experience the latest Steampunk destination and what it has to offer.

NeoVictoria is unique in the Steamlands insofar that it has a strong machima focus – while there is role-playing, filming and producing these events into machima is a key aspect of the sim.  Fortunately,  Miss Asil Ares and her associates are well versed in the design and production of these works.  They have two sims, designed for supplying and production of in-world works.

Though NeoVictoria was covered a bit earlier in the Steampunk Tribune (back in July), I would certainly recommend a visit to their main center, a very well designed and extensive Ning site, located at: http://neovictoria.ning.com/ .  Additionally, an extensive press release of the NeoVictoria background, development,  machima theory, and further useful sites are located at the House of Asil (http://www.houseofasils.com/neovictoria.html).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nemo III – Alnitak, the floating city

Mr. Shepherd has released the third video of the Nemo sim, Alnitak – the flying city.  A well done endeavor, an excellent match to his land endeavors – do enjoy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Steampunk in PlayStation Home – Nova Venezia

Still Image from the PlayStation Home Steampunk Sim, known as Nova Venezia

One of the reasons I would argue that there is a strong Steampunk presence in virtual worlds is not only for the ability to design Steampunk environs but also for convenience of interaction.  The ability for a person to visit such a location easily from their own domicile plays a circumstance in the virtual experience.  Second Life has been, to my knowledge, on the forefront of virtual world Steampunk locales, with such dedicated Steampunk destinations as New Babbage, Caledon, and Steeltopia, among many other locales.

Production from the Steampunker’s Ball in PlayStation Home
(Mostly people standing around, but still a peek into a new Steampunk world)

As competition in the Virtual world expands, new Steampunk outposts are designed and populated, the range of experiences most certainly expands.  Be it online worlds such as Blue Mars, Open Sim, or IzWorlds, or gaming extensions such as PlayStation Home, I am confident that the platform which provides the best experience (e.g. customer service, system stability, ect…) will emerge as the central location for Steampunk gathering as time progresses.

View of the Steampunk and Midway Sim in PS Home

Though the two works listed above are from PlayStation Home, an entity that I’m not familiar with (more on the X-box side myself), the production and stills show that Steampunk is beginning to expand beyond Second Life.  Additionally, the official “opening” for Nova Venezia doesn’t seem to be set (from what I can divine from their boards), but they did hold a “Steampunker’s Ball” to present its opening.  For more details on the Steampunk PlayStation world, please follow the listed links…




Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fabulous World of Jules Verne – the complete set!

The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, Part 1 of 8

Came across the posting of the entire showing of Karel Zeman’s 1958 work, “The Fabulous World of Jules Verne”.  Have to admit, I was very surprised to see the entire work in eight pieces, but its is certainly worth the time to view.  Additionally, I would highly recommend a trip to Mr. Cory Gross’ in-depth review of Mr. Zeaman’s series at Voyages Extraordinaries (located here).  Do be forewarned, if its your first time at his endeavor, ensure you have a comfortable chair and beverage, as I’m quite confident you’ll be there a long time!  The remaining seven parts of “The Fabulous World” are posted below.  (A “tip of the hat” to Mr. Horacio Hogglephone for the outstanding find)!

Part 2 of 8

Part 3 of 8

Part 4 of 8

Part 5 of 8

Part 6 of 8

Part 7 of 8

Part 8 of 8

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dragon*Con’s Steampunk Exhibition, Sunday, September 5th

Dragon*Con will host a special event this year which will focus specifically on Steampunk.  As Miss Paige Smith details, “…(on Sunday, September 5th, from 4 to 5 pm), 

Dragon*Con 2010 is hosting the premiere of “The Steampunk Exhibition”, showcasing Steampunk’s most inventive and talented creators of gear, device modifications, guns, contraptions and more.  This is a unique Steampunk event at one of the country’s largest conventions and offers builders and craftsmen a rare opportunity to present their work and interact directly with an appreciative audience touring the Victorian-style exhibition. “The Steampunk Exhibition” will be presented at the “Wild, Wild Westin” Hotel.”
Additionally, Miss Evelyn provided an expanded list of Steampunk events taking place at Dragon*Con over the labor day weekend, which can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/dragoncon/2430732.html

So if you have made plans to attend, or happen to be fortunate enough to be in the Atlanta environs during this time, please do consider visiting Dragon*Con over the holiday weekend!  For more details, please visit their main website, at: http://www.dragoncon.org/index.php

(A “Thank You” to both Miss Smith and Miss Evelyn for the information regarding Dragon*Con!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle, leading Victorian Explorer!

Came across this endeavor the other day, and it piqued my curiosity.  Though the website in still in its initial stages, the unique artwork and the clever narrative certainly do show future promise!  For more details on Mr. Fiddle’s adventures, please turn to: http://bertramfiddle.blogspot.com/

Friday, August 20, 2010

Steampunk Employment – AIR seeking artists!

The Steampunk MMORPG AIR is seeking talented artists to assist in its graphic work.  Per the announcement at its homepage…

As a precursor to the MMORPG AIR: Steampunk, Hatboy Studios will be releasing a series of graphic novels set in the world of AIR.  The first graphic novel is planned for release in Spring 2011.  The script is already written, and printing and distribution are set to go upon completion of the project.  Hatboy Studios is looking for qualified comic book artists interested in joining this important project.  We are looking for both line artists and colorists (line artists must be skilled in both penciling and inking).  Applicants must be able to keep and meet their deadlines.
To apply, submit the following to airgraphicnovel@gmail.com:
1. Character samples of some kind
2. At least one full sample page of your previous graphic novel art
3. A list of your past projects
4. Your website (preferably containing your portfolio)
5. Your full name
6. Your preferred email
As extra credit, you may send a draft illustration of a female fighter pilot stepping out of her planes cockpit, with one foot on the edge.  She should be holding a revolver in one hand.  The image should have a majestic quality and contain an early 20th century (First World War era) feel.  For AIR setting reference material, please consult the refined concept art folder on our Facebook fan page.  This additional piece is not mandatory, but it will help us get a feel for how you are likely to approach the imagery of the setting.

To learn more about AIR, please visit their website, or associated Facebook and MySpace locations, at:

(A tip of the Tophat to Miss Evelyn for the lead!  Thank you, madam!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Steampunk Reviews – Episode #20

Miss Yankee999 was hard a work again, having to forgo a review on a recent Steampunk-ish cinematographic release, and heading in a different direction for her twenty episode – do enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Instructables Steampunk

An unsung hero of the Steampunk movement is the often used Instructables website.  As one travels the online venues to see what has been constructed over the months and years, may enbolden a person to wish they knew how to produce the unique items they may see, such as Mr. Datamancer’s outstanding keyboard.  Well, if the desire and the determination to do is is present, Instructables can provide the direction.

Instructables is a DIY website that has plenty of intriguing and useful projects that an average person can take upon themselves to build (e.g. a solar powered charger for an ipod).  With the popularization of Steampunk, a good number of Steampunk-esque projects have surfaced on Instructables, which has led them to build a category for Steampunk itself.

Though there are the somewhat mandatory modified Nerf prop guns, there is a good selection of items that perform unique functions.  The selection of projects to choose from is impressive.  One small note, however, is that though the complete instructions are available on the narratives, to obtain better photographs of the projects one is asked to subscribe.  I understand that the subscription is to support the website – a good deed, and a useful benefit if one is having problems with a sticky project.

Nonetheless, from modified keyboards, MP3 holders, light, attire, goggles, and a cacophany of other projects, Instructables is an excellent place to start your Steampunk projects!  To get started, please follow the attached link to the Steampunk section of Instructables, at: http://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/category-technology/channel-steampunk/

Saturday, August 14, 2010

BioShock Infinite – the Steampunk sequal to BioShock has been announced!

Released still from the upcoming BioShock Infinite video game from Irrational Games

Per IO9, I learned that the sequel to BioShock will have a distinct Steampunk flavor to it!  The new release, tentatively titled “BioShock Infinite”, will take place on a floating city of Columbia, at the turn of the century, and will tentative be released in 2012.  

Instead of belaboring a secondary narrative, I’ll simply point straight away at Kotaku, though the video for it is exceptional!  I might have to acquire an Xbox for this game alone (ok, and for Halo: Reach, but still…)  For more details, please visit: http://kotaku.com/5607451/bioshock-infinite-goes-beyond-the-sea–into-the-skies

Aero view of the sky city of Columbia!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The League of S.T.E.A.M. – Zed’s Clutter Calamity

Fortunate to latch on to the League of STEAM’s latest production – as the fellows depart to address a paranormal event, they leave Zed, their faithful zombie in charge of cleaning their abode!  Watch and find out what happens next! 

For further adventures of the League of STEAM, please visit their website, at: http://www.leagueofsteam.com/

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Results of the most Steampunk Midwestern City … and the next poll!

The results for the latest poll were completed at the end of last month and Chicago was selected as the most Steampunk city in the midwest.  The Windy city garnered 35.29% of the vote (114 votes), followed by Detroit (17.96% of the vote, or 58 selections), which had a tad over half the votes Chicago obtained.  In order, the remaining selections were St. Louis (34 votes, 10.53%), Kansas City (20 votes, 6.19%), Cleveland and Minneapolis/St. Paul {Tied} (14 votes, 4.33%), Cincinnati (9 votes, 4.33%), Indianapolis and Madison / Wisconsin {Tied} (7 votes, 2.17%), and Grand Rapids / Western Michigan (4 votes, 1.24%).  Interestingly enough, Other obtained 28 votes, putting it in third place with 8.67% of the vote, so Im not quite sure if I missed a population center or if a disparate selection of locations were encompassed with this choice.  Congratulation to Chicago, as the most Steampunk Midwestern city!

Of course, this means that there is a new poll.  This one will cover the Southwestern U.S., encompassing Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and New Mexico, (I included Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada in the West Coast poll, so they will not be in this poll).   As such, if I seem to have left off a city, please do bring to my attention, and Ill attempt to resolve it as soon as possible!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Online Steampunk Games – Victorian BMX from Adult Swim

Came across this clever game from Adult Swim as after I finished watching the latest Venture Brothers trailer.  Aside from the very nice music and well done (albeit bare-bones) graphics, Victorian BMX is quite simple – you are Death (or someone akin), who has to finish bicycle tricks before a guillotine fells the head of a hapless victim.  (Its just a timer – the guillotine always falls – you simply have to finish the course before then).  Enjoyable fun – please do indulge!  Its located at http://games.adultswim.com/victorian-bmx-twitchy-online-game.html

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steampunk Adventures Magazine soon to arrive at Virtual Newsstands Everywhere!

Winferfell Anodyne by Ms. Ms. Tardis

Steampunk Adventures Magazine Soon to Arrive at Virtual Newsstands Everywhere

The partners of Steampunk Adventures in Winterfell Anodyne (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Anodyne/46/32/22) have put together their combined talents to publish a new magazine for distribution in Second Life and via the World Wide Web.  The focus or theme of this magazine will be synonymous with the name, STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES.  It will feature original fiction, art and photography, maker spotlights, and much more.  The first issue is due to be released on August 13th.  Steampunk Adventures is a new lens into the cultural menagerie of literature, fashion, imagery, music and interesting bits you didn’t know you need to know. 

The Steampunk Adventures team has assembled a first rate crew of talented and dedicated individuals to steer this project.  Miss CathyWyo1 Haystack and Mr Onyx Plutonian provide the overall vision.  They have brought on Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi as Chief Editor assisted by M. Gordon Soleil who also brings considerable skill as a writer.  M. Zebrati Merricks and M. Alana Steamweaver are on hand for photographic and literary contributions. Miss Tehanu Marenwolf joins the team as graphics design expert.

Ilse of Skye – Winterfell Anodyne, by Mr. W. Beaumont

This may appear to be a rather thin staff for so great an undertaking.  However, the publishers and editorial staff have opened the doors to all aspiring or established authors, artists, poets, news hounds and adventurers throughout the Second Life grid.  All are invited to become part of the Adventure.  Mr. Plutonian explains, We aim to be an outlet for literary and artistic talent as well as a source of entertainment and information for the many so-called Steamlands communities in Second Life.  In the fine tradition of such publications as Analog Science Fiction and FactAsimovs Science Fiction and Amazing Stories we are open to original submissions of short stories, poetry, photographic and other  visual art that fits within our general themes of Steampunk and Adventure.  Even better, if we publish your work, well pay you for it.  Submission guidelines are available on the Steampunk Adventures In Second Life website (http://steampunkadventuressl.wordpress.com/). 

The release date for the First Issue of Steampunk Adventures is set for August 13th.  The magazine will be made available in world as THiNC books at kiosks in the Steampunk Adventures store, on Thistle Hill in Caledon Oxbridge Village (http://slurl.com/secondlife/caledon%20oxbridge%20village/210/63/35/) and other locations throughout the Steamlands.  Off grid the magazine can be read via issuu (http://issuu.com) as well as in PDF format on the Steampunk Adventures In Second Life website and blog (http://steampunkadventuressl.wordpress.com/).  Steampunk Adventures will be released on a monthly pubication schedule thereafter.

A small production introducing the Austral sim

Among the features of this first issue are:
– Exclusive coverage of the Opening Celebration for Austral, the newest nation to join the steampunk community in Second Life.
– An interview with the Governor General of Austral, Mr Alix Stoanes
– An interview with Miss Anna Darwinian, former proprietress of the Steampunk Adventures store
– A Photo Montage of much of the nation of Austral, pictures taken by our photographic staff
– An Original Adventure Story written by Miss Alana Steamweaver.
– Ask a Tiger, our esteemed Executive Publisher and resident agony uncle, Mr Plutonian, answers readers questions.

The Rook settled above Winterfell Anodyne, by Ms. D. Ember

Steampunk Adventures is both a shopping emporium and a soon to be released e-magazine.  The store, located in Winterfell Anodyne (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Anodyne/46/32/22), is a one-stop Emporium carrying everything for your Steampunk or Neo-Victorian outfitting and equipage needs from some of the best designers and builders in Second Life.  The magazine aims to carry the themes of Steampunk and Adventure forward to the distribution of original fiction, artwork and relevant information to the Steamlands.

# # #
Media Contact:
Onyx Plutonian. Co-proprietor and publisher,
onyx.plutonian [at] gmail [dot] com

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steampunk Starwars – Imperial Propaganda Reel

Came across this clever propaganda production by Sudden Stop Films, touting the benefits of joining the Steampunk Empire, including a nice close of one of its fearless leaders, Lord Vader!  Please do enjoy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boilerplate to be made into a motion picture!

Boilerplate and his builder, Professor Archibald Campion

Good news!  The Hollywood Reported announced that Paramont Studios has acquired the the graphic novel Boilerplate!  The movie will be directed by Mr. J.J. Abrams, the winner of numerous Emmys and Golden Globes for such works as Lost, Fringe, and Cloverfield (we’ll bypass discussion of his rendition of Star Trek, however).

Boilerplate wrestling a Grizzly, possibly in the wilds of Alaska

For those who might not be familiar with Boilerplate, it is the narrative of the world’s first “Mechanical Man” and his exploits around the world during the Steampunk era.  The written and graphic source material for Boilerplate is exceptional, and even though there is a graphic novel about him (available at Amazon), a visit to the main website for Boilerplate is always a worthwhile trip!

Official trailer for the Boilerplate Graphic novel

To read further news regarding the current news about this announcement, please follow these links…
Hollywood Reporter
Rotten Tomatos news piece