Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mantecoza, the webseries!

One series which most certainly deserves a plethora of coverage is the innovative upcoming webseries Mantecoza.  Set in an alternate Steampunk reality, as its introductory narrative states…

“Mantecoza tells the humorous adventures of Sebastian King, the newly christened Ring Wizard of the steampunk world of Mantecoza. Travelling between Earth and Mantecoza, Sebastian must defend both from the villainous Lord Barr.  Sebastian King (Aaron Ginn-Forsberg), a dime a dozen office drone, struggles to stay interested in his mind-numbing job while keeping his sister out of jail, and trying to find his mom in a decent group home.

Stuck in his responsible, mind-numbing life, it seemed nothing would ever change for Sebastian, until one fateful night when he received a ring and mystic word of power.  Sebastian is suddenly tossed into the fantastic and magical world of Mantecoza where he is declared the Ring Wizard and tasked with defending Mantecoza from the machinations of the evil Lord Barr and his murderous minions.  Assisting him with guidance and with her blade is the beautiful Lady Chenna Danbeau (Katherine Stewart), Minister of Wizard. It is her duty to keep Sebastian alive long enough to master the powers of the Ring.  Also joining him on his journey is his kleptomaniac larcenous younger sister Raven (Beth Alspaugh) and medieval re-creationist buddy Joe Kayze (James Leatherman).  Both find that the skills and hobbies that branded them slackers and losers on Earth may just give them the edge to be the heroes Mantecoza needs.”

Mantecoza Trailer #1

One very notable feature of this series is the exceptionally high quality cast and crew involved with the endeavor.  The cast has a vast repertoire of acting experience, ranging from Hollywood features, independent theater groups, to associated media productions, commercials, and films.  Additionally, the filmmakers harken from an experienced background in cinematographic production, so based on the trailer, musical video, and from what I’ve garnered from the website, I am quite optimistic that Mantecoza will do very well indeed – perhaps yet one more shinning point of light in the Steampunk sky.  I will endeavor to keep tabs on the newest goings on with Mantecoza, but to learn more, do consider a visit to their exceptional website, replete with news, blogs, future episodes, and much more, at:, and visit their Facebook site, at:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Steampunk at CONvergence 2011

Well, I appear to have shaken off the bug which assaulted my well-being (who catches a cold in the summer)?  Nonetheless, I’ve been back punishing the keys, including a couple of works, and Page Three of the Facebook endeavor.  However, Miss Bookwork Heinrichs pointed out that CONvergence 2011, located in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, MN, will not only be taking place this weekend, but it will have a notable Steampunk faction to correspond to its Steampunk-related programming.  To learn more, please to take a stroll over to their website and eye their program, which is located at:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Airships of the present and future!…

Currently busy hacking away at the next entry, but alas, it won’t be finished in time!  Nonetheless, I did come across an interesting article on RL airships of both current time and future (via I09).  A good article, though I’d wager that most Steampunks are familiar with at least half of them (pretty much a “must” for any idealized skyship pirate)!  To indulge in the article, please visit here:–and-near-future

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steampunk Facebook Pages, Part 2!

After a bit of time consolidating the list, I am stepping forward with the second of the updates to the Facebook Steampunk listings.  Since the original list began, I was a tad surprised at how many more have come to light since the beginning of the year.  Nonetheless, I did wish to highlight a few groups (specifically, those who have been patiently waiting for my laggard ways regarding on posting)!  So, without further ado, here is Part 2 of Steampunk Facebook Pages…

Airship Ambassador

Mantecoza Webseries 

Steampunk France

Steampunk Chronicle

Victoria Steam Exposition II

Shadowbinders (Steampunk Comic)

AustinPeay SteampunkUniversity

Mercenarios de DIOS

Arizona Steampunk Society 

AZ SPS Duels

SPACE: 1889 & Beyond Official Press Release

and a few others I’ve added to the listing!….

The Aeronauts (Band)

The Artifice Club

The Boiler Room: Props, Costumes, & Oddities

The Clockwork Cabaret (Steampunk Radio)

Davenport & Winkleperry

Emmett Davenport (Wireless entertainer)

Klaude Davenport (Wireless entertainer)

Dim Horizon Studio (Artistic Enterprise)

Dr. Q (Public Figure)

Emerald City Steampunk Expo

The Extraordinary Contraptions (Band)

G.D. Falksen (Author)

Great New England Steampunk Exhibition (New Group)

The Hemlock Emporium (Steampunk Fashion)

Ladies against corset entrapment

The Men that will not be blamed for Nothing (Band)

Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer

NY Steam

Penny Dreadful Productions

Phoenix Cog (LARP)

Professor Elemental (Musician)

Spokane Steampunk


SteamCog System (for the Phoenix LARP)

Steampunk Brew Pub

Steampunk Conventions

Steampunk Circus

Steampunks of MD-NoVA-DC

Steampunk NZ

Steampunk Retrofuturism Catalan

Steampunk Show

Steampunk Supply (Enterprise)

Steampunk (Mr. Stephen Hunt, Steampunk Author)

Up in the Aether – Detroit’s Monthly Steampunk Gathering

Well, that is the list for Part 2!  There is projected a Part3, and Part 4, however.  Part 3 is a thematic Facebook page, which I will post later this week, and as one might surmise, Part 4 will be a continuation of those individuals who I have missed on this listing.  As I’m learning, Facebook is ever evolving, so though I endeavor to keep up with the additions, and with the upcoming archiving of old groups in Facebook, I do appreciate a spoonful of patience!  As always, if your group/organization/musical endeavor/business enterprise has a Facebook page, please feel free to forward it for the listing! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer v. Professor Elemental – the 2011 Chap Off!

Came across this gem while working on tomorrow’s project!  Via the SF Crowsnest website (and attribution by a Ms J. Martin), it was certainly one of the more “genteel” episodes on this steamy controversy, which took place earlier this month!  Please do enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rubble Ball, at the Piermont, Saturday the 25th, in New Babbage

The Rubble Ball will be taking place this Saturday, June 25th, in the Wheatstone Waterways district of New Babbage.  The name is apropos for this particular event, as there will be a noteable event taking place soon – so do consider paying a visit the the Piermont!  For more details, please visit:

(Ed. Note – yes, I do realize the poster says “rumble”, but rubble or rumble, the result will be the same!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Steampunk University – A real world class in Steampunk Sculpture!

The Professor, melting silver solder to be poured into a mold

A unique Steampunk endeavor is underway at Austin Peay University, one of which I’d say the likes of which have not been attempted before!  A class in Steampunk Sculpture, taught by Professor Mitchell (the Adjudnct Steampunk Professor), is well underway, and it is producing works of art!  This new course, as reported by Miss Christine Piesyk from the Clarksville Business & Heritage, is an excellent overview of the class, which is currently half way through its program of instruction.

Steampunk Dragonflies from the Steampunk Sculpture program, 
by Miss Tanyalyn Wygant

I actually learned of the Steampunk Sculpture program a bit earlier from one of Professor Mikewindy’s students, a Mr. Bobby King, who alerted me to the endeavor.  With his kind assistance, I had the opportunity to discourse with the good professor a tad regarding his course, when the Business & Heritage article was released!

A diligent Steampunk crafts-person hard at work!

Fortunately, her presence on the locale provided an in-depth insight into the class’ work, along with a plethora of outstanding photos of Steampunk art being constructed!  I have every intention of extrapolating the further success of this enterprise, including the exposition of the artist’s works on July 6th, but for more details, please do visit Miss Piesyk’s excellent article on this novel opportunity, at:

The original class flyer!

…. or feel free to follow the class via Facebook, at:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Los Angeles Times Article on Steampunk…

The League of S.T.E.A.M., by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

Last Sunday saw a quite positive article in the Los Angeles Times regarding the League of S.T.E.A.M., and Steampunk in general.  Most certainly worth a read, and again its a positive step to see the genre receive good coverage and positive reviews overall.  To browse the piece, please turn to another yellow rag, located here:,0,3386174.story

Monday, June 20, 2011

BioShock Infinite – Factions trailer

The latest BioShock Infinite trailer has been released, and it provides an insight into the two competing factions of the upcoming game.  Very impressive, and the narrator (the game’s creative director) extrapolates on their storylines.  Can’t wait until it comes out – do enjoy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Antoni Gaudi Park (Parc Guell)

Landing point of Parc Guell

Today’s Steampunk Travelogue is intriguing for a numbers unique reasons.  First, today’s sim, the Antoni Gaudi Park (Parc Guell), is based not only a real location, but based on a legendary RL architect, Antoni Gaudi  (I’ve linked his biographical Wiki here – its an amazing story, but too long even for the Tribune)!  Not only was he prominent towards the latter portion of the Steampunk era, but his signature works (yes, including the Sagrada Familia – another amazing story), have a distinctive and stunning look which set it apart from the better know styles of Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, and other styles of the time.  Finally, the entire build is not located on the ground, but in a well done skybox – floating rocks to be exact.

Main stairway in the park, in Second Life…

One of the nicer opportunities in Second Life is to pay a visit to virtual recreations of Real Life locations.  Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to visit Parc Guell, but the virtual rendition is an excellent experience.  From what I have seen, comparing RL photos to SL photos, the designers have done a yeoman job of integrating the brick-and-mortar version to the virtual recreation.

The Grand Dragon Fountain in Second Life…

One of my favorite details is the Grand Dragon Fountain statue, which one can see measures up comparably between the real and virtual versions.  I didn’t seen any water in the virtual one, so I’ll have to return and pay a visit, just to make sure.

Walkway and plaza of the park

Its Catalan Modernism look isn’t what the majority of people involved with Steampunk may recognize, but as influential and innovative design, it reflects the experimental and unique flavor of Steampunk – in either world!

An overview of the highest point of the park

I did chuckle at the somewhat sideways compliment when I saw the sim floating on top of a set of boulders – seemed as if it was a complement to another Catalan great, Salvador Dali!  Also, if one becomes enamored of the build, at the entrance of the park, there are two small endeavors – a Gaudi museum, and a store, selling copies of parts of the sim.  Some of them can be primmy, but then again, its art – so you’ll have to sacrifice something!

The peak of Parc Guell, with a beautiful view!

I most certainly recommend a trip to Parc Guell, and indulge it its unique Steampunk design!  To pay a visit, do head over it, via:

To learn more and see more about the Parc Guell, please visit:

The Parc’s Wiki:
UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention Site:
Great Buildings Online:
The Gaudi Club:’s website:

… and as an extra bonus, a trip to the RL Parc Guell, from the kind people at!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Attempting to forward Steampunk fashion from Latvia to London…

Bit of a short notice article, but I did receive an email from a young lady in Latvia, Miss Anda Masq, a budding Steampunk fashion designer, who is in the midst of a European fashion contest (the Evoque Fashion Award) sponsored by  She’s hoping to introduce her Steampunk-inspired works to the contest, but alas, her time is short – the general voting for the event ends at 2400, GMT, on June 18!  It does require a brief registration via Facebook, but if she is selected as one of top ten designers, she’ll be off to London, and and have the opportunity to help the genre in yet one more direction!  To see (and ideally vote) for her work, please follow this link:

Additionally, Miss Masq has her line… online.  To see a bit more of her works, please do consider a trip to her Esty site, located at:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Space 1889 and Beyond … coming in July, 2011!

Everything Jules Verne should have written.
Everything H.G. Wells could have written.
Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of,
but never published because it was too fantastic!

A brand new series of ebooks based on the world-renowned Role Playing Game, fully licensed from creator, Frank Chadwick, and headed by best-selling author of Seeker (Book One of The Garden), Andy Frankham-Allen. Space 1889 & Beyond takes the concepts and ideas that have thrilled steampunk gamers for over two decades into new and unexpected directions. Familiar enough for the old guard, and thrilling enough for a whole new generation of fans.

This series follows the exploits of Professor Nathanial Stone, scientific genius and unwilling adventurer, and Miss Annabelle Somerset, niece of infamous scientist Doctor Cyrus Grant and born adventuress, as they travel the inner worlds uncovering secret plots and encountering strange creatures. From the unexplored subterranean world of Luna, all the way to the divided sands of Mars, and back again, adventure and wild daring-do is never far away.

The first series of six ebooks runs from July through to December 2011 and is brought to you by some of the best names in the field of steampunk, science fiction and horror.

Cover to the original Space: 1889, by the legendarily talented

Andy Frankham-Allen is a Welsh-born author of many short stories, both for Untreed Reads and the Big Finish official range of Doctor Who anthologies. In 2005 he co-authored the last in Noise Monster Productions range of Space 1889 audio dramas, and in early 2011 Hirst Publishing and Untreed Reads published the first novel in his new real world dark fantasy series, The Garden. In June 2011 he was also Author of Month with Queer Magazine Online. He is the author of story #1: Journey to the Heart of the Luna and co-author of story #6: Return to Luna.

K.G. McAbee writes steampunk, fantasy, horror, science fiction, pulp and YA, plus a few more genres from time to time just to keep her hand in. Shes had seventeen books and over ninety-one short stories and novellas published so far, and she has from five to seven underway at any given time; she also has a passion for prime numbers. Shes the author of the Lady Abigail steampunk short story series at Untreed Reads, and she is co-author of the steampunk series The Brass Chronicles; the first book, Brass and Bone, will be released soon from Carina Press/Harlequin. Shes a history geek who once spent an hour lying in a stone vault in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, and she lives in a 217-year-old log cabin in the woods of upstate South Carolina, near an ancient stone quarry used by some of her ancestors, the Cherokee. She is the author of story #2: Vandals on Venus.

Mark Michalowski is the author of four BBC Doctor Who novels, a Doctor Who spin-off novel and a BBC Being Human novel, as well as more short stories than he can count (mainly because he’s never been very good at counting). He lives in Leeds with half a cat. Not in a macabre way – it’s just that Lulu spends half of her time living in the lap of luxury at various neighbours’ houses. If only humans could do that… He is the author of story #3: The Ghost of Mercury.

L. Joseph Shosty lives in Beaumont, Texas with his wife and son.  He is the author of nearly fifty short stories, as well as numerous essays, articles, book reviews, and poems.  A novel, Sign of the Hanged Man, was serialised on the web in 2000 and 2001, and his story collection, Hoodwinks on a Crumbling Fence, was published in 2000.  His second novel, a mainstream work titled The Return of Baldheaded Johnson, has recently been completed. He is the author of story #4: Abattoir in the Aether.

Frank Chadwick is no stranger to the Victorian science fiction field. He is the creator of the Space: 1889 universe, with the first in a series of role-playing adventures, board games, and miniatures rules appearing over twenty years ago. He is known throughout the gaming industry as one of its most prolific designers, with over a hundred published games. He is also well-known in the history and military affairs field, with over two hundred books, articles, and columns. His 1991 Desert Shield Fact Book reached number one on the New York Times bestseller list, but he still lists steampunk as one of his first and greatest loves. He is the author of story #5: A Prince of Mars.

J.T. Wilson is an author, a script consultant and a musician. He is the manager of the band Deathsex Bloodbath and the wrestling zombie Chris Stone, a traveller in Unspace, a renowned lover and a compulsive liar. He is best known for his far-fetched fiction novel Cemetery Drive and the forthcoming Untreed Reads short Squalling Brats. Despite growing up in the North of England, ill-fated dabblings with the undead condemn him to dwell forevermore in Coventry. He likes cats and dinosaurs and is the last of the romantics. He is the co-author of story #6: Return to Luna.

Steve Upham is the artist, editor and publisher at Screaming Dreams, a small press dedicated to all things fantasy, sci-fi and horror. He also produces cover artwork and designs for several other independent publishers. Although formally trained in traditional media, Steve now works digitally for illustration work using numerous 2D and 3D graphics applications. As if he doesn’t already have enough to do, he continues to look for new challenges! You can find out more at his website – He redesigned the series logo, and designed the cover template.

David Burson is a freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction art. He writes and illustrates the comic book Draculasaurus, and is an active Doctor Who fan artist. David lives near Austin, Texas with his wife. He is the cover artist for series one.

(Ed. Note – Beyond Steampunk cinema classics, Space: 1889 is probably one of the first ways in which many were initially exposed to Steampunk, though the concept or the genre certainly hadn’t picked up traction “back in 1988”, when the system was first released.  Nonetheless, it was an excellent gaming series, but unfortunately had limited success, due to lack of appreciation for its brilliance (imo).  Space:1889 has, however, tenaciously held its own over the years (through campaign expansions, computer games, and audio dramas), so learning of this ebook endeavor is quite exciting!  For those “too young” to recall, do consider a brief trip to …the Heliograph’s website, at: – Do enjoy!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Steampunk Bible makes USA Today!

The Steampunk Bible, which is, well, the Bible of Steampunk was featured in USA Today.. (earlier today).  Quite unexpected, but perhaps it is one more sign that Steampunk naysayers and defeatists are on the wrong end of emergent opinion.  Bit of a short article, but its a wildly read paper, so its simply one more means to spread the good word about Steampunk!  To see the article, please turn here:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Worst Jobs of the Victorian Age

Part 1 of 6

Well, a particularly challenging day at work, so I arrived home wonder, “Could today have possibly been worse”?  Oddly enough, I happened upon this series by TalkCreativePlanet, who happen to have a complete series of “the Worst Jobs” in History, and… an entire series of the Victorian era.  I’ve been through about half of them, and after watching only a few, and seeing what real work was like “back in the day”, I’ll be quite glad to make the commute to the office building tomorrow with a smile!  Do enjoy!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

… and Part 6 (the synopsis and ending!)

Don’t forget – Today, June 14th, is International Steampunk Day!

Just a quick reminder that to day is the awaited International Steampunk day!  For more details before you head off for your daily routine, please visit…

Monday, June 13, 2011

Steampunk Dentistry – a short film

Opting for a bit of lighthearted entertainment, I located this short which shows the predicament of an entertainer seeking dental assistance, after a particularly bad incident!

(In actuality, the designer, a Ms. S. Ribbons, explained that she created the short for a dentist who had the character on his business card.  The short was drawn many years ago, and the dentist was eager to allow her to have a go at making the endeavor.  The ragtime was provided by her daughter – and excellent work!  One does wonder what the replacement material was…)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Emergence of Spanish Steampunk

Following international (aka, non-English speaking) Steampunk movements is very intriguing, especially seeing how this Anglo-centric genre is interpreted in other locations.  Over the years, as documented on the “International Steampunk” section of the Steampunk Links, there has been numerous Spanish Steampunk groups, which have sadly fallen to the way side.  However, I was recently contacted by Sir Jack & Lady Elisabeth regarding an emergent Steampunk light on the Iberian peninsula.  The Golden Gear had emerged during the past few months has one of the most traveled locations in Spanish Steampunk.

A leisurely daytime stroll at the Retiro

In addition to online interaction, a group of Steampunk indulged in a day out, La Quedada Madridlena, at the end of May, in the beautiful El Retiro park.  Though there are plenty of intriguing locations which are Steampunk-esque in the new continent, having the opportunity to wander in appropriate attire (at least before the summer heat arrives) in a classic park does provide plenty of photographic opportunities… and the opporutnity was certainly taken advantage of during the outing!  (I have appended  a few photographs, but an expanded spread of images can be located at the Golden Gear’s article on the trip.)

Surprised during the outing (What are they seeing?)

If one cares to learn more about the very impressive Golden Gear, their most recent outing in the city, or simply take a moment to look around,  please do indulge on a trip to their website, The Golden Gear, and see Steampunk through a new lens, at:

Running since 2008, the Steampunk SP (Spain) board has been a steadfast source of information for regarding Steampunk in Spain and other Spanish speaking locations.  There is quite a treasure trove of information in the plethora of threads, so feel free to pull at them, by visiting:

As in the United States, conventions are a major endeavor – and the Convention Steampunk y Retrofuturistica 2011 (Steampunk and Retro-futuristic Convention of 2011) is the place to be this year!  Taking place this upcoming November, this event, which has been running since 2009, looks to be an outstanding opportunity engage in Steampunk in beautiful Barcelona.  Alas, it is a bit of a trip for me, but if one considers attending, please do take the opportunity to visit their main website and their blog, which are being updated as this as written, at:
Event Website (with a nice video as well!):
Event Blog:

One of the earliest endeavors documenting Castillian Steampunk, Alrededor del Mundo (Around the World) has fallen victim of blog-fading, it appears.  Its author, in the March 14, 2011 entry, documents how the ever pesky RL (real life) encroached on Steampunk blogging, and efforts to attempt to reconnect via a second blog (Full Steam Ahead).  To take a trip to an eariler day in Spanish Steampunk (back to December of 2007 – virtually ancient in current Steampunk terms), do consider a trip to Alrededor del Mundo, at:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poll Question: What is the most important characteristic of a successful Steampunk sim?

The Steeltopia Telescope and Way Station

I took a moment to review some of the blogs that I’ve started and currently attempt to maintain, and realized that I’ve let them go without proper maintenance for a good while.  Deciding where to start wasn’t too difficult, but no, it isn’t with the Tribune, or not as of yet.  I’ve started with polishing up the old Steampunk Travelogue, a blog I began back in October of 2008, when a sim that I happened to enjoy (Solarya) had ended, and didn’t quite think that it was proper for it to simply “pass into the virtual non-existence”.  Did a quick little piece on it, and as Steampunk sims passed, I felt it was my way of providing a bit of an “eulogy” for them.  At one point or another, each sim was someone’s enthusiastic dream, and sadly, for whatever reason, they passed along.

Steelhead Shanhai

This being said, I wondered what was perhaps the outstanding characteristic of a successful Steampunk sim.

Out of the options I’ll provide, one might state that “all” of the options are necessary for a successful sim, but realistically, a Governor/Mayor/Owner/Benign Despot will usually attempt to focus on one aspect.  New Babbage, in its infancy (yes, I was there – I turned over my plot prior to going on sea duty in RL), had an enthusiastic community, but perhaps more importantly, it had outstanding builders who provided a unique look to NB.  Caledon, when it first started (I arrived when Caledon II first appeared, so no, I’m not that “old”), already had a flourishing community, and people flocked to the Independent State it in droves.  The Guv (to my perception) would sell out his sims in literally minutes, as I recall!  Rivet Town focused on Steampunk Role Play, and was a stunning build, but it had a few vexing issues (at least per the old New World Notes article – read it here).

The current crop of emergent Steampunk sims also have their own focuses.  New Baratria and Legacies 1891 focus on Steampunk Role Play, Angeleno Heights and Titus Groan maintain entertainment venues, and the Clockwork Kingdom is an amazing architectural build.  So the new poll question is “What characteristic would you consider is the most important aspect of a successful Steampunk sim?”

Steampunk build and architectural representation – Having a classic Steampunk appearance is key to attracting and keeping individuals in a Steampunk sim.  After all, if a sim claims to be Steampunk, but doesn’t reflect it, there isn’t much point of being in said sim.

Entertainment and events – If there is no reason to visit and enjoy regular entertainment with in the confines of the genre, then a Steampunk sim doesn’t hold my interest.  I want to be entertained, damn you!

Steampunk Role Play – Steampunk is a fanciful background, and I/My avatar enjoy being immersed in a simulation reflecting the period.  I prefer to be “in-character”, and attempt to reflect that in the things in do in-world.

Non-Role Play community – I prefer like-minded individuals who engage in Steampunk, but not necessarily in a Role Play means.  IM’s, in-world chat, and just general banter is the key to a Steampunk sim’s success.

Another Characteristic not listed – Interesting options, but my idea for a successful sim isn’t listed in the above choices.  (Feel free to leave a comment about your preference, if you choose)!

Victoriana Carnival Coastline

I realize that a successful sim is likely to be a combination of all of the above options, but I’ve limited responses to one issue – so do choose your preferred choice!

(Editor’s Note – I’ll be updating the Steampunk Facebook links in the coming weeks, so if you don’t see your Steampunk group listed, please do forward your address, and I’ll endeavor to ensure it is added to the new listing – thank you!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Datamancer’s next generation of Steampunk laptops is ready for pre-orders…

Mr. Datamancer is currently in the process of accepting pre-orders for his new “better and faster” signature Steampunk laptops.  Perhaps one of the most recognizable icons of the melding of new technology and classic design, they will be available for a limited time only!  To learn more regarding the stunningly beautiful devices, please do visit his website, at:
… or read a bit more at: and …

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern wetplate photography revival…

Stereo Wetplate Camera, circa 1863

When they are not busy slinging barbs at Steampunk, NPR does occasionally have an article or two which is applicable to the genre.  One of these is the surviving endeavor of wet-plate photography.  The first widely used photography methodology, it was eventually superseded by new technologies of the time, such as the daguerreotype, and fell to the wayside as a bit of a curiosity.   

However, NPR had an intriguing piece on a young lady who is travelling across the United States, and documenting her travels by using wet-plate photography.  One interesting item of note was her observation that wet-plate, though it is literally over a hundred years old, provides more detail than current modern photographic equipment.  Whether this is true or not, one has to see to judge, but to read more about Ms. Hasty’s endeavor, please visit:, or her website, at:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steampunk Softies!

I have nothing but tribulations from my email as of late, with a number of items being shunted to the spam filter, being stuck with the likes of lotto winnings from overseas and contacts from West African bureaucrat about funds stuck in bank accounts.  One of aforementioned gems which was mis-directed is an excellent work from Ms. S. Skeate and Ms. N. Teadman, titled “Steampunk Softies: Scientifically Minded Dolls From A Past That Never Was“.  The book is comprised of not only characters (one can see the “Doctor” on the front left of the book”), but instructions on how to construct said plushy characters!  As it was described in a small narrative…

“Steampunk Softies features eight original designs for steampunk characters that incorporate science fiction and fantasy elements as well as anachronistic inventions and props. Each softie is accompanied by a biography that gives crafters the background story for each steampunk character, and many have dual roles that add practicality to their punk existencesuch as a cloak that functions as a screen cleaner.”

As on can see on the Amazon website (where one can easily obtain a copy of the publication), the directions are simple enough for a craft-deficient fellow to produce a high quality icon – which would be the envy of your Steampunk compatriots!  To learn more, or even perhaps obtain a copy, do feel free to visit their site, at…

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Young Gentlemen Explorers – A Steampunk Kickstarter series in the making!

The newest addition to the Kickstarter series is an intriguing endeavor titled “Young Gentlemen Explorers”.  A projected live action production, it is still in its nascent stage, though plenty of planning has been completed – or as its narrative states…

The first live action Steampunk show of its kind! Set in the depression of 1893, Riley and the The Magician are freelance explorers forced into taking a job from a secret government agency in exchange for not having their pile of acculturated criminal chargers come due. Their mission is to retrieve the powerful Infinity Pistol found in one of the Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales before the Prussian’s do.

Now with an army of evil Prussian soldiers after them and an iron grip around them from a secret government agency, these two explores must now partner up with a beautiful Mexican artifact agent in order to find the pistol before the Prussian’s can weaponize it. Young Gentlemen Explorers has a rich Indiana Jones-like story to it with a Sherlock Holmes character dynamic all with a Steampunk ascetic. This is truly something you havent seen before!”
To learn a bit more regarding this work, do consider visiting its Kickstarter location, at:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Basic Steam Engine Tutorial… from Italy!

Came across this clever school project, by a Mr. Filippo Magrini, which details the basic operational theorems of steam engine operation. Quite good for a scholastic endeavor, so I do hope you enjoy his small effort, and with a bit of luck, this will be the first of a series!  Do enjoy!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Titus Groan

Contrary to one of my earlier beliefs regarding the contraction of Second Life and Virtual Worlds, it seems that a number of new Steampunk sims have emerged into the Steamlands in recent months.  There seems to have been a trend of new Steampunk sims, with specialized groups who develop sims with a Steampunk background, often with exceptional success.  One such sim is Titus Groan.

A view of the beach boardwalk

Titus Groan, and its associated surronding sims, are intriguing, but not for its advertised reason, however.  Titus Groan, and Engine, its Steampunk club, is a dedicated gay community.  Though there are individuals in the Steamlands who happen to be gay, I do believe that Titus Groan is the first Steampunk sim that makes a point of marketing itself as being gay-focused, which makes it unique in that aspect alone.

The expansive roads and parks of the main city

What I have found interesting of this sim is its construction and design.  Many in Second Life are not builders (myself included) – if one has a plot of land, either one will acquire an pre-made build, or if one has the finacial wherewithal, hire a talented individual to design and construct a build, or perhaps even an entire sim.  However, a mish-mash of build without a coherent design can be taxing on one’s virtual eyes.

A view of the urbane side of the city

Titus Groan uses pre-constructed builds, but Bear Land Holdings, LLC, (the owners of the sim), have done an outstanding job of build selection and layout.  Though I can see the fingerprints of many well-known Steampunk builders (e.g. Mr. Sextan Shepherd, Miss J. Dibou, Four Winds, the Golden Oriole, to mention a few), the owners have done an exceptional job of re-creating a Victorian sim, with notable tinges of Steampunk throughout.  The sim is easy to navigate, pan, walk, and is a nice mix of stores and personal residences.

The Northmead Exhibition and Lecture Hall

If one does like to explore Steampunk beyond the established Steamlands, I would certainly recommend a trip to Titus Groan.  I’m confident that there are regular events, which can be found at their entertainment center (at Engine, pictured below, in a castle across a moat), or even if one wishes to simply walk the expansive parks and walkways of the sim, I would encourage one to indulge on a trip to Titus Groan.  To start your ambulating tour, please visit:

The Engine Steampunk club – a brief walk across the moat (by the beach)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Steampunk Reviews – Episode #26, Suckerpunch

Miss Yankee999 diligently reviews the somewhat recent move “Suckerpunk“, and most certainly provides some unique insights into this work!  As with her excellent endeavors, please do enjoy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Steampunk Events for June 3rd to 5th, 2011

The first event in this weekend’s listing is from the virtual worlds… but not Second Life!  This event is a brand new Steampunk build in InWorldz, sponsored by Red Pyramid, who will be displaying this innovative build, or as Mr. Nyx Breen stated in his press release…

“The Marvels of Yesterdays Future are here for today for your entertainment and exploration. Some of Inworldz most creative and innovative creators have joined together to build a unique sim based theme in the Victorian and Steampunk styles. The grand opening is this Friday evening (time will be announced) and the sim will remain open for your exploration for the next several weeks.”

The grand opening, which will take place on Friday evening, will be unique, being in InWorldz.  Though this platform has its growing pains, it does have one notable benefit compared to Second Life, in prim usage.  (Ed. note… for those not familiar with virtual worlds, a “prim” might be considered a “building block, akin to a malleable Lego”).  Whereas a Second Life sim might hold about 15,000 prims, an InWorldz sim holds about 45,000 – a substantial bit more!  So if one wishes to take a trip to InWorldz and see Red Pyramid’s new Steampunk build, to consider signing up (for free, of course), at:

Back in the real world of Steampunk, a novel event will be taking place in Fort Worth, on the 4th of June… the Difference Engine event will have its debut!  A brain child of Mr. Ramon del Mar (ed. note – a frequent contributor to the Steampunk Tribune), the Difference Engine is a highly immersive Steampunk event in two parts – the first of which will be taking place this weekend… to do it justice, do pay a visit to the Difference Engine’s website, where one can learn its details, at:

Last but not least, Steampunk Chicago will have yet another of its amazing events!  The Polyphonic Panorama will be a night of Steampunk, Vaudeville, Pirates, and much more!  For more details, and enticing information of the talented performers, please do take a moment to travel to this link…