Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Narrative of Victor Karloch…

Even though Steampunk is replete with modern representations of the genre, it is refreshing to see a classic era form used to tell a story.  The Narrative of Victor Karloch is such a endeavor, based on its very impressive trailer, and frankly, I’m very enthusiastic about its release!  After enjoying the brief, do take a jaunt to the main website, titled “The Spirit Cabinet”, at…http://www.thespiritcabinet.com/
Do enjoy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Eye-Pod, Two Point Oh, has been released!

The amazing Dr. Grymm has released his newest endeavor, the “Eye-Pod, Two Point, Oh!”  A indubitably clever device, as the eye works as a scroll-wheel, has a flip-up magnifier, a USB charging station, and much more!  After you indulge in the animated motion document below, please consider a visit to the good Doctor’s website, at: http://www.drgrymmlaboratories.com/2011/10/eye-pod-two-point-oh-steampunk-ipod-mod.html… Please do enjoy!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Steampunk Kickstarter endeavors…

Well, its time again to bring a few Steampunk Kickstarter endeavors, and I’ll start with the amazing SteamPig!  Quite a beauty, if I do say so,  It looks like a a beauty, and has a supplemental video explaining the intriguing background behind it!  Do indulge in the videos, and if you wish to learn more, please visit their Facebook location, at: https://www.facebook.com/steampig !

Next, the intriguing novel about two ladies with a penchant for science, tinkering, and adventure is currently being penned, but needs your help!  I hesitate to re-write something an author has written, but I would highly suggest a visit to their locale after watching their video, which is located at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1719411041/martius-catalyst-collaborative-steampunk-graphic-f?ref=live
… or perhaps read a bit more of the endeavor at their website, located at: http://www.martiuscatalyst.com/

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to all who are indulging in Thanksgiving (and the following Black Friday), best wishes from the Steampunk Tribune!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Third Annual Fleet Week of the Steamlands!

The Steamland’s nautical celebration took place last week, with representatives from different nations displaying their seaworthiness during the festivities!  Mr. Loki, our resident production expert, produced another of his outstanding works, to commemorate the event!  Please do enjoy, and if you are interested in the particulars of the soundtrack, do take a turn to the YouTube page, which has a complete listing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Steampunk Spectacle videos…

From one of the resources of all things quite ingenious, Mr. Goggleman has produced a set of videos on his exquisite Steampunk goggles.  Alas, there is no accompanying sound to them, but I’m confident you’ll be transfixed as his amazing work!

If your curiosity is piqued, do consider a visit to his Instructable tutorials, located at:
and at: 
… for more photos of his works and further instructions on how to make your own, personalized goggles!

Monday, November 21, 2011

AnachroCon on PBS!

I was pleasantly surprised the other day, when I came across a very well done and positive production of Steampunk, as PBS visited AnachroCon earlier last month.  The production certainly put the essence of Steampunk into context for those who might not be familiar with the genre, and provides a bit of a newer insight for those who have enjoyed Steampunk for a good bit.  But as always, enough of my chatter, please do enjoy the production!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Aether Salon – Victuals!

The newest edition of the Aether Salon will be taking place today at 2pm, SLT, with Miss Ceejay Writer hosting the edition on Victuals!  As she describes in her blog,

Sunday, November 20 at 2 pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry


Whats that bubbling in the pot on the stove? SCIENCE! Kitchen technology took great strides in the Victorian era, thanks in part to discoveries by Louis Pasteur, Gale Borden, George B. Simpson and many other inventive and scientific minds. Learn about surprising changes in food preparation of yesteryear and how you can bring a bit of vintage techniques into your kitchen of today.

Salon presenter Ceejay Writer practices what she preaches. In her First Life, she grows and preserves foods to last through the winter months. She is a self-taught herbalist with extensive herb and tea gardens, an organic vegetable gardener and forest forager. Besides traditional canning, she enjoys figuring out new uses for her beloved dehydrator. Most of her favored food preparation methods pre-date her own birth.

If you have the opportunity, do consider attending!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The 3rd Annual Formal Uniform Dress Ball, Today!

A bit late, but not too late!  The Third Annual Formal Dress Ball will be taking place this evening, at the Piermont, in Wheatstone Waterways, tonight at 6pm, SLT!  So break out your dress uniform, and do make a point of visiting the most attended event in the Steamlands, as the social crux of Fleet Week!  To take a small boat directly, please follow: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wheatstone%20Waterways/95/41/139

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whitby Goth Weekend’s Abney Park Interview…

It appears that Abney Park had traveled across the pond, to be the headliner at the Whitby Goth Weekend!  Additionally, they mention their new upcoming album, “Off The Grid”, which appears to be an acoustic rendition of some of their previous works, but I’m certain that there will be plenty of new surprises on it… but enough of my prattle, do take a listen!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ghosts of Mercury are waiting for you!…

The newest work of the Space: 1889 series is available for your reading enjoyment!  The Ghosts of Mercury, as described on Amazon.com, is…

“Mercury: a planet of two faces one side cloaked in eternal darkness, the other blistered by eternal sunshine. And balanced between the two is the World River, encircling the globe.

Professor Nathanial Stone and his ward, Annabelle Somerset visit Mercury for what they imagine will be a pleasant trip to visit Annabelles uncle.

But tragic death precedes them a death that provokes a chain of mysterious and terrifying events that challenge Nathanial and Annabelles long-held beliefs. Before long, they with the assistance of French geologist, Arnaud Fontaine discover something ancient and powerful that has designs on humanity.”

To download your copy, please visit…

The UnTreed Reads Store
Drive Through Fiction.com

… or if looking from a non-US locale, please consider visiting Mr. Chadwick’s Space: 1889 blog, with alternative locations, which can be found at: http://space1889.blogspot.com/2011/11/this-just-in-ghosts-of-mercury-live.html !

Monday, November 14, 2011

Steampunk Tales, #12, is out!

Another excellent edition of Steampunk Tales is out and ready for acquisition!  Full of excellent writing, including…

1. Kimberley Fortune, or Blood Money? by Rekha Ambardar
2. G. D. Falksen’s An Unfortunate Engagement
3. Enthalpy of Fusion by Lora Friedenthal
4. Daughter of the High City, Part 3: The Prison of Despair by Hunter Liguore
5. Some Unforeseen Event: Chapter 5 Officers and Gentlemen by Cindy MacLeod
6. Tales from a Millwall Tattoo Parlour by Austin H. Williams
7. The Impossible Mister Lapin Investigates: The Affair of the Terrible Boar Part Three by Peter Woodworth
8. The Irreversible Catastrophe of Professor Babcock by Shelly Goodman Wright

Do pay a visit, and consider a quick purchase of this newest edition, at: http://www.steampunktales.com/

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Venexia

As I was searching through Spanish language Second Life blogs (Caminante de Suenos – Sleep Walker) , I stumbled across a unique looking sim, whose name was new to me – Venexia.  I noted its strong similarity to Venice, and needless to say, a trip was obviously in order!

An “official” photo of Venexia, from its forums

Upon arrival, I did note a few divergent things, after taking a moment to look around at the arrival site.  First, it is a new site (having officially opened last Tuesday, the 8th, if I recall correctly)… and its very busy.  Do be prepared for a bit of lag, and plenty of spacey noobs wandering about in the welcome area.  Secondly, the sim is beautiful (more on that), but its focus is Role Play – its quite in-depth, and though the presentation of its background is well done (via a notecard matrix at the arrival point), it is detailed, so do be prepared to engage in a bit of reading.  Finally, it is a Gothic role-play – meaning its not *exactly* Steampunk (though on a stretch, one could say that the waning days of sending young men on the Great Tour would have been represented by Venexia – a practiced ended by Steampunk technology (specifically, the Steam engine and the emergence of rail and steamship travel).

The very impressive Venexia Arrival destination

At Venexia’s Arrival destination

One more small but vital detail – the sim is designed for a Vampiric focus… thus it revolves around this specific genre.  This being said, there is a “three day” pass (which is easily “renewed”), so one can visit the sim in an “OOC” status, and either obtain a “feel” for Venexia, or simply admire the build.

The Gondola to Venexia – just sit down and you will arrive quite swiftly!

The overall theme of Venexia is a Venice with a Gothic feel to it.  Much of the build was designed with this in mind, so its less likely than not you will find any “sunny” spots to take photos in the city.  In actuality, though there is a normal SL day-cycle, it seems to feel more “natural” with a night atmosphere (if I recall correctly, the sim owner recommends one such appearance – including choice of “midnight”).

Overlooking the canals of Venexia

Once one arrives on the sim itself, it is quite a masterpiece – the builds are crafted extremely well, with rich genre textures (and aligned well – small detail, but important), but in addition, one aspect that captured my attention was the dark and mysterious winding alleyways, along with the classic representations of Italian architecture.

A long view of the Piazza Grande, between the library and the Guild

There are many luscious builds to visit – the Basilica, the Theater, Library, Guild, a Bordello, and many more locations to indulge.  Each is “home” to a “clan”, but if one choose not to participate in the RP (as you’ll need the “visitor” tag), one can still indulge in the atmosphere (along with a bit of classical music to accompany you on your explorations)!

Ah, a young neer-do-well outside the theater!

Which brings me back to the actual RP itself… if one is interested in at the very least paying an eye to it, there is a sim forum with an extensive description of the background, clans, and plenty more information regarding the interaction between individuals.  It can seem a bit lengthy, but the background  is sensible, and not overwhelming (really).  To take a peek at it, please do head towards: http://community.socionex.com/venexia/venexia-background-story/

There are *plenty* of twists and turns in the alleys, so do beware (even if simply exploring)!

Having a quiet discussion with Breezy at the Piazza

I heartily recommend a visit to the Venexia… even if the genre isn’t one’s “cup of tea”, having the opportunity to relax and explore such a beautiful genre sim is a pleasure!  To start your journey, please follow this link to a Virtual Venice, at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/venexia/40/247/609/

The Steamland’s Third Annual Fleet Week, in Winterfell!

The long awaited Fleet Week is just around the corner, which is an opportunity to fly the colors of the Steamland fleets, starting this Sunday, and lasting until the next liberty call!  Taking place in Winterfell, which is quickly becoming a haven for classic ship combat in the Second Life Steamlands, it will host a number of events this upcoming week, including…

Sunday, November 13th – The Shipbuilder’s Exposition; the Exhibit of Naval Arts; and of course, the Fleet Week Opening Ceremonies, starting at 1pm SLT.

Tuesday, November 15th – The first Sailship battle of Fleet Week (6pm SLT)   

Thursday, November 17th – The Iron Melee (6pm SLT)

Friday, November 18th – The Fleet Review (2pm SLT); The New Toulouse Ball (3pm SLT)

Saturday, November 19th – The Windjammer Race (12 pm SLT); Submarine Races (2pm SLT); The Third Annual Uniform Ball, (6pm SLT).

It will be a busy nautical week, but I’d highly suggest taking a moment, pressing your uniform, and perhaps paying a visit to one of the Steamland’s most popular events!  To read more details, I’ll suggest you cross the brow and head to the smoke pit, where you’ll find a copy of the Primgraph, at: http://primgraph.blogspot.com/2011/11/third-annual-fleet-week.html

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mexican Steampunk: Mercaniros de Dios and Steampunk Mexico!

Logo of the Mercenaries of God

I have been sadly remiss in my coverage of the emergent Spanish speaking realms of Steampunk has been lacking… aside from the perhaps more attentive coverage I should be providing the Golden Gear (an outstanding Iberian forum for all things Steampunk in Spain), there is an excellent Mexican Steampunk magazine which by all means merits lavish attention!  Mercenarios de Dios (Mercenaries of God) is a Mexican Steampunk blog and magazine which covers Steampunk for Spanish speaking individuals.  Titled “The Investigator” (El Investagdor), the magazine is on its ninth edition, and has excellent articles throughout.  (This issue has a great piece titled “Nikola versus Thomas”, comparing the two geniuses, and stating that Tesla is rightfully a Steampunk icon, while Edison (an evil scoundrel by all means), deserves the “elephant-treatment“, though my translation might be a tad off).

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend a trip over to the Mercenaries website, indulge in Google’s translation function!  Alas, to read the Investigator, if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll have to do a bit of work, but by all means, do pass an eye on all nine issues, including the most recent edition, located at: http://mercenariosddios.blogspot.com/

After the visit, do consider a trip to Steampunk Mexico, which is replete with intriguing commentary and writing regarding Steampunk… a very nice change from the regular English-based Steampunk chatter, it is located at: http://steampunk.mexico-foro.com/

(A tip of the hat to The Gatehouse for the lead – ty, sir!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishes for a peaceful Veteran’s Day…

WW1 Navy Recruiting Poster, by James Montgomery Flagg (est. 1916)

Caught up in the festivities of the day, I almost forgot to wish the dedicated service men and women in all corners of the world a quiet and peaceful Veteran’s Day – Thank you for your service!

(A quiet and peaceful day, because nothing is worse than having an “interesting” duty day!…)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The CBS Steampunk Fandom, with a bit extra…

As many have seen (as I had mentioned on the following Monday), CBS news had produced a piece on Steampunk, presenting a very positive face to the genre to the general public.  However, as a bit of kismet, it just so happened to be that the gentleman helping Mr. Rocca with his rocket-pack is none other than Mr. Ed Kidera, of the recently mentioned Steampunk Emporium (at about the 5:40 mark)!  So if you haven’t seen the production as of yet, do indulge in the Steampunk luminaries showing off the enjoyable and positive side of Steampunk!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Steampunk at Virtual Con – this Weekend!

One of the interesting Steampunk-related events coming up this weekend is an endeavor titled Virtual Con… to better explain it, I’ll defer to the official press release…

First of It’s Kind Virtual Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention Keeps Costs Down

St. Louis, MO (http://www.virtualcon.org/)The price of gas and other economical factors adversely affected attendence at many media conventions so far this year. At these events, fans of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, supernatural thrillers, anime, and comic books converge with an avid enthusiasm akin to a religious pilgrimage at hotels and other convention centers across the country for weekends filled with a celebration of all things geek. A few of the shows grew in attendence this year, but many declined. Many fans are having to work extra jobs or overtime hours to make ends meet (if they aren’t unemployed). Even if they can get the time off, they must gravely assess the current cost of road trip with gasoline prices soaring, while hotel rooms and restaurant meals don’t get any cheaper.

One convention coming up on Nov. 11th, 12th, and 13th, looks to address this by using videoconferencing technology. Virtual Con 1 (http://www.virtualcon.org/) will allow fans to enjoy the convention experience without leaving their homes, or simply by going over to a friend’s house for a virtual con party. The fan community will be able to rub shoulders with actors, authors, indy movie moguls, comic book artists, voice actors, and other celebrities from the convention world just as they would at a brick & mortar convention by using an easy-to-use user interface provided by the corporate training specialists at Smart Training. The interface will also provide a movie room, a cooking lesson from Stuart Bergman aka The Con Cuisine Guy, and a lesson in pirate fashion from the makers of Salty Eye for the Mundane Guy. Actor Guest of Honor is Jackson Bostwick of Shazam! and Tron. Author Guest of Honor is Shane Moore of The Abyss Walker series.

If your upcoming weekend is open, I’d certainly recommend the proverbial virtual trip to Virtual Con!  For more details, please visit: http://www.virtualcon.org/

(and a tip of the hat to Mr. J.E. Klement for the lead on this event – my thanks, sir!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Facebook Pages, Part 3!

Well, a bit later than I had anticipated, but the latest addition to the Steampunk Facebook pages is done.  Alas, with a cacophony of annoying non-Steampunk issues clouding my work, I regretfully was prevented from listing the narratives I was hoping to include with each addition, but… I though it was more important to have the listings posted, than attempt to extrapolate some brief narrative of my own.  Thus said, please do take a moment to view some of the newer additions – I’m confident there are more, which I will append to this list, with a bit more projected enhancements in the future!  But for now, please do enjoy!

A Clockwork Christmas

Central Oklahoma Grassland Steamer (C.O.G.S.)

Clockwork Con, 2012

Flabobligan’s Armory

Great Plains Steampunk

Haunted Summer (Steampunk Patches and Logos)

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium

Jazz Steampunk

(One note… the unique photos are by a Mr. Nicolas Tarier, a French photographer who documented a National Steampunk Meeting in Paris, in October of 2011.  To see the compete set of photographs, please do visit his DeviantArt website, at: http://nicolastarier.deviantart.com/)

Miss Alexandra Hamer, Classical Steampunk Musician

Ms. Brigid Ashwood, Steampunk Artist

Ms. Maureen O. Betita, Steampunk Author

Pinoy Steampunk

Pirate In You

Rise of Aester LARP

Rose City Steampunk, Local 23

SCARS – South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunk

Socidad SteamPunk Argentina

Starburner Galactic Courier Service

Steam Powered Cause

Steampunk Fabricators

Stitchpunk Dolls

Ta Da Boutique

The Gaslit Pantheist

The Mechanical Grave

The Men That Will Not Be Named For Nothing

The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

The Steam Lab Evolutions

The Wandering Legion of Thomas Tew

Thee-Gartisan Works

Your opportunity to be a villain in a Space: 1889 novel!

A unique opportunity presented itself the other day, and I would say its quite unique – the opportunity to immortalized as a Steampunk villain in one of Space: 1889’s second series of novels!  According to the icon Steampunk author and game designer, Mr. Frank Chadwick, and notification to his website provides the chance to participate in an effort to become a nemesis in one of the series’ works… to learn more, please visit his blog for the full details, at:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Steampunk hat… with automation!

Hello again!  Still working to consolidate and streamline the Facebook links, but in the mean time, I came across this genius Steampunk hat – I’m *certain* it would be a show-stealer at any con!  Mr. Gary Sullivan, the inventor of this gem, specializes in antiques (with an emphasis on clocks, if I divine correctly from his homepage), but with works such as this, I am looking forward to any future designs he builds!  For more detail on Mr. Sullivan’s endeavor, please pay a visit to his website, at: http://www.garysullivanantiques.com/ , and a peek at his outstanding blog, at: http://www.garysullivanantiques.com/Blog.aspx

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Steam Emporium!

As I work through the trove of email I’ve accumulated for the next updated of the Steampunk Facebook links, I did wish to mention an outstanding website that certainly merits attention.  The Steampunk Emporium is the destination of The Maets Foundation and the Society of Strange Technologies, Enigmatic Artifacts, and Mechanisms (S.T.E.A.M.), two organization with fascinating works – not just for perusal, but for acquisition, if one happens to be inclined!  To take a peek at some of the impressive Steampunk metalworks, please follow the link to: http://thesteamemporium.com/

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The final edition of the Gatehouse Gazette..

Sadly, Mr. Nick Ottens, the editor of the respected and well-established Gatehouse Gazette, has released what is the final edition of perhaps the best online Steampunk magazine many enthusiasts of the genre have had the opportunity to enjoy.  In this final edition of the Gazette, one can indulge in excellent genre articles, such as possibilities of Steampunk adventure on the African continent, an excellent piece on Germany’s “Lion of Africa”, how trains introduced change into modern warfare, outstanding reviews of Steampunk related media (such as “Mrs. Darcy and the Aliens”, “The Three Musketeers”, and the ever popular novelization of “Space: 1889”), along with interviews, regular columns, Steampunk fiction, and a bit more insight on the history of the Gatehouse Gazette, and some of the reasoning behind its finalization.  However, I do wish to doff my hat to the efforts of Mr. Ottens, Dr. Molinarius, Miss Heyvaert, Mr. van Olffen, Mr. Piecraft, Mr. Rauchfuss, Ms. McCleary, and all the countless contributors who made the Gatehouse Gazette indelible imprint on furthering Steampunk and Dieselpunk genres – Thank you.

To visit this excellent work, please turn to: http://www.ottens.co.uk/gatehouse/Gazette%20-%2021.pdf

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Steampunk Top Hat for your own little friend…

I do have a soft spot for our canine friends and Steampunk, so a convergence of both is an excellent opportunity to post on this unique item, seen at Steampunk Costume.  At Hundchen Designs, an Etsy site, there is a very nice Steampunk Dog Hat (the “Steampup”), which would make any four legged friend look yet a bit more dapper (imo)!  Even better, 25% of the sale price will be donated to the Utah Humane Society, to help them help animals in need, so it is indeed a win-win…. to read more, please visit the Etsy website for Hundchen Designs, at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/75441347/dog-steampunk-hat-steampup

(… an another thanks to Steampunk Costume for an excellent find!)