Sunday, September 30, 2012

SteamStock, coming this weekned, in the mythical nation of NoCal…

An extraordinary event will be taking place in the environs of Northern California (hence, NoCal), specifically in the beautiful city of Richmond.  Steamstock, will be taking place, with a cacophony of Steampunk musical luminaries, including Abney Park, Vernian Process, French and the Punk, Lee Presson & the Nails, and many more, including the legendary Thomas Dolby!  With a lineup as such, it will certainly be an event talked about in the Steampunk realms for years to come… so to be part of Steampunk History, do take a jaunt to their webpage, and make your plans to attend!  To learn more, please head to…

Friday, September 28, 2012

The 5th Annual Engineer’s Ball, on Saturday, the 29th of September!

Afraid I’ve been quite under the weather this week (as the lack of posts would indicate), but before I take some particularly strong medications, I did want to remind those in the virtual worlds that tomorrow, the 29th of September, is the 5th Annual Engineer’s Ball, which will begin at 6pm SLT.  Do make a point of returning to the highlight of the Steamland’s most popular social events!  For more details, do visit the New Babbage homepage, located at:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Clockwork Watch, a storytelling endeavor…

As some know, I’m not usually in the habit of reviewing books, for a variety of reasons – unless the book in question is particularly different.  Whilst wandering about the aethernet, I came about a project, which happened to have a literary addendum on its side.  The Clockwork Watch is an interesting project, insofar that it is not only a book, but an ongoing storytelling endeavor about the Clockwork Watch Steampunk background – complete with a hefty amount of “news articles” describing the world and its current events.  I am currently working to procure a copy of this book, and certainly do recommend a visit to at the very least read the background presented – extensive, well written, and does portend well for its future!  For more details, please head towards:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day @ Neo-Victoria!

Steampunk doesn’t have too many holidays unto itself, but one day that is regularly celebrated is “Talk Like a Pirate” day, which will be celebrated tomorrow (Wednesday, the 19th of September).  As such, the Steampunk sim of Neo-Victoria will be celebrating it with a large shin-dig tomorrow, hosted by Radio Riel, starting at 6pm (SLT), and running until 9pm (SLT).  If you are in-world, I would certainly make the suggestion to stop by, say hello, and indulge in the goings on!  For more information, please follow the link… 

Else… if one cannot make a visit to the virtual Steamlands, here are a few more “Talk Like a Pirate” day link, just to help out a a bit….

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Tweed Album – by Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer!

A most challenging week, with my old, clunky computer finally give up the ghost at the worst possible time!  With a bit of elbow grease (and a good chunk of savings), I was able to set up a new system, load it with the old software, etc, etc… and back to posting!  Just in time, as I was behind the curve with my newest download from Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer!  His newest album, titled “The Tweed Album“, is another gem, with every song a wonder!  A fellow has placed a few of the songs on YouTube, but I’d certainly recommend a trip to iTunes to sample and download The Tweed Album, and perhaps his earlier work (titled “O.G., Original Gentleman” as well!  Please do enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Adventures of Princess Fluer, Steam Chihuahua

The Lovely Princess Fluer!

Well, the inevitable happened this weekend – my computer has crawled off to the mechanical graveyard in the sky (or wherever), so I’m having to work on limited availability.  Nonetheless, I did wish to point out one of the loveliest Cosplay ladies to grace the world of the Aether – Princess Fluer, the Steam Chihuahua.  Came across her web page the other day, and it seems that there is quite a budding canine Steampunk gathering developing, including such luminaries as Major Catastrophe, Miss Carmen, the Steampunk Chihuahua (who graced the pages of the Steampunk Tribune, back in 2011), Krusher, the Steampunk Hound, and many more intrepid four-legged friends!  To learn more about the Princess, please visit her Facebook page (as she is quite the networker), located at:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art Nouveau on Deviant Art!

One of the pleasures of Steampunk is its impact on providing a new focus on the classic art genre of the ear, specifically Art Nouveau.  One can easily appreciate the classic works of Mucha, the “godfather” of the graphic Art Nouveau style, but there are many exceptionally talented artists who also work to replicate the style, using both classic and modern takes on Art Nouveau.

An excellent source for new interpretations is located at a small artistic corner of the internet named Deviant Art.  If one follows the provided links (below), there is a cacophony of outstanding work available for viewing.  There are perhaps hundreds (between the two dedicated groups) of stylized work on display (oh, the website are at…
The #artnouveau group is located at:
The #art-nouveau-club group is located at:

Cafe au Lait, by *HenarTorinos (#art-nouveau-club)

The groups are civil and encouraging of those wishing to improve their skills in the graphic arts.  In fact, one group actually has an excellent tutorial for those with some Photoshop skills (or like to imagine they have some skill, such as myself – meh)!  One can eye the tutorial right here:

Exposition, by ~TheRoaringMonkey (#art-nouveau-club)

There is another option, if one’s artistic skills aren’t quite up to snuff, there is always another option.  Some artists (you’ll have to visit their main pages – those are identified by a “~” or “*” in front of their name/hyperlink), do take commissions, so if you are desiring some personalized work, a bit of searching may very well prove fruitful!  Nonetheless, do pay a visit (with a nice cup of coffee… or Guinness), to the Art Nouveau groups of Deviant art, located at: The #artnouveau group is located at: , and at for the #art-nouveau-club!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Steam Hunt has arrived in Second Life!

The Escargot-a-vapeur, by Mr. Sextan Shephard

The seventh Steam Hunt has arrived at Second Life, has has grown to such proportions, that it has its own dedicated blog!  The Historical Hunts (at:, maintained by the very lovely Ms. Breezy Carver-Fabre, keeps tabs on this great event, along with photos of the available gifts for those dedicated to decipher the clues provided!  A few examples of the growing quality of the hunt are shown below…

The Crystal Egg Street Lamp, by Axo’s (#62)

The Time Machine, from the Land of Nodd (#28)

Personal Teleporter, by Asil Emor
The Neo-Victoria Visitor Center, at the Machinima Sim (#45)

And a special prize awaits those who make the trek to Cedar Bay Furnishings (in the beautiful Steelhead sim)!  So clear some time of your schedule and space in your inventory, and start your trek on the 7th SteamHunt, at:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Steampunk ABC – An Alphabet Book for Boys and Girls

Fallen a bit behind with tracking the Kickstarter Steampunk projects (alas, may are almost expired), but this one (noted by IO9) is a real gem!  The Steampunk ABCs – An Alphabet Book for Boys and Girls is an excellent endeavor, a hard bound reader providing children with the basics of reading, with appropriate Steampunk (and RL Victorian) insights.  To read a bit more, please consider a visit to Ms. Luk’s Kickstarter page, located at: