Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facebook Poll Question…

Well, I’ve been quite remiss with my Facebook link updates, and will be rectifying this challenge in the immediate future, but for now, I did have a question for functionality regarding this topic.  I am a bit torn as to what format would be the best manner to list the entirety of the Steampunk Facebook groups, so I’m hoping a brief poll (no, not the type to hit one on the head with!) regarding placement of the Steampunk Facebook links would be best.  I”m considering the following options…

1) Expand the sidebar of the Steampunk Tribune to include the body of the Steampunk links (e.g. it will be easily visible to anyone (by simply scrolling down the blog, but it will be… very long).

2) Add it as a page to the top of the blog (keeps the site a tad cleaner, and consolidates the links onto one page, which can still be easily seen, and easily accessed).

3) Migrate all Steampunk Facebook address to the Steampunk Facebook page, and promote this website a bit more (located at: )
(This page has been around for a bit, but gets little traffic, so I figure I would expend a bit more effort at promoting it).

So there you are, 1) add links to the sideabar; 2) add a new “page” at the top of the blog; or 3) migrate all Facebook pages to the Steampunk Facebook website).  Please do feel free for other suggestions (please to keep it civil, tyvm!), and I’ll end the voting on the 15th of December, with a goal of implementing the preferred choice by the New Year!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Steam World Chronicles, The Constantine Quest: Part I (Kickstarter)

In an effort to catch up on my backlog of topics, I would like to mention a new endeavor titled, “The Steam World Chronicles”, a comic series based upon a re-imagined Steampunk environment in the United States.  This is projected to be a three-part series, based on an intrepid Dr. Quentin “Q” Bowlsby and his nefarious nemesis  Dragon.  A synopsis is provide above, along with more information and very nice artwork associated with the endeavor.  Alas, there are sadly only eleven days left as of this writing, so if your interest is piqued, please visit…
The main aether page, at:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Abney Park Album Preview: “We Three Kings”, from “Through your eyes on Christmas Eve”…

Stumbled upon this very intriguing single from Abney Park, highlighting their new Christmas album, titled “Through your eyes on Christmas Eve”.  Their released single, “We Three Kings”, has had some quite good (though perhaps not totally unbiased) reviews, and the full album will be released on November 23, 2012, at their website, located at: !  Do make it a point of obtaining your copy for the holidays!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Airship Ventures has been grounded as of last Thursday…

Artistic rendition of the Airship Eureka over its base of operations at Moffett Field

Sad news this week – it appears that Airship Venture, an excellent endeavor focused on reviving lighter-than-air travel, is on the verger of going under, if not already ceasing operations.  Starting as a unique experiment over four years ago, Airship Ventures has been working diligently to ensure its viability, but it appears that without a “white knight” investor, the Airship Eureka will be packed up and returned to Germany.

The Airship Eureka in flight

Per Airship Ventures CEO, Mr. Brian Hall, it would seem that the lack of sponsorship, and the exponentially rising price of helium contributed to the demise of this noble experiment.  Though the biased clipping from the San Francisco Business Journal prods at the price (admittedly, a $375 base ticket), Mr. Hall countered it wasnot the pricing, but awareness of the endeavor which ultimately undid the enterprise.  One can hope for the best, but if market forces dictate, one wishes the best to the hard working people of Airship Ventures, and fair winds and following air-streams to the Airship Eureka…

Artistic rendition of the Eureka over the Golden gate

For more information regrading this bit of sad news, please turn to:

The San Francisco Business Times, at:

and the official announcement by the company, at Space Ref:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Steampunk Travelogue: Goatswood

The entrance lobby to the train to Goatswood…

My first order of business upon returning to regular posting (and addressing the emergent backlog I have accumulated), is a visit to the newest Victorian / Steampunk location, Goatswood.  Not only is it unique as one of the few new Steampunk sims in the virtual worlds, but there are a few aspects which are being attempted, that after my lengthy time in the Steamlands, I have not seen before.  First, albeit not exactly new, Goatswood is not exclusively dedicated to Steampunk – other aspects of the genre focusing on the English countryside are in play, rendering Steampunk as an important part, but not the overarching raison-d’etre for the sim.  Unlike New Babbage, and to a lesser extent, Caledon and a few other remaining Steampunk sims in SL, Goatswood is not an urban environment.  It is actually a beautifully built pastoral English town, placing it a bit apart from the hustle and bustle of a major era metropolis (in the time frame of 1860 to 1900, per the notecards).

… where on can take the train to Goatswood!

A secondary aspect of Goatswood is the focus on roleplay.  While other Steampunk sims have had some episodes of genre role play (specifically referring to the New Babbage endeavors), this particular sim is built exclusively for this indulgence.  Kora Zenakova and Baal Zobel have taken their experience and background from their previous projects, including their current sims, the Kingdom of Sand and Venexia), and applied that expertise to Goatswood.  SGS meters (previously used on other sims to provide differing levels of interaction), unique groupings and associations for participants, and even some minor mystical aspects (not a fan of that part personally, but adding the “Orientalist” category is certainly era appropriate), all contribute to a unique role playing environment.

The village of Goatswood (its outskirts, anyways)

Being superlative designers and builders, Baal and Kora have crafted an extraordinary virtual environment with their latest work.  The attention to detail is apparent when one walks through the sim (though the crows are quite large – I’d hate to anger of murder of them)!  Even if one is not an active role-player, the normal three-day pass (obtainable at the train station), allows one to visit and experience the environment as an essentially “invisible” individual (with regards to interactive RP – though most everyone I’ve come across is helpful, as good manners are a forte of the genre)!

The map of Goatswood (which even the casual explorer will find useful)!

If one decides to involve oneself in Goatshead’s RP, then at the bare minimum a SGS hud will be required (about L$400, but works on all SGS-based sims), era appropriate attire, and a bit of time if one wishes to read up on the background of Goatswood (recommend, but not mandatory).  As one participates in the RP, one ages, gains skills, and more – all covered in the sim introductory description.  For more information, do consider a visit to the SGS website, located at:… a landmark to the station, at: … and a bit more regarding Kora and Baal’s previous endeavors at their main business website, located at:

…and now back to by Guinness (virtual and real!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The World of Steam, a new Steampunk endeavor…

As one watches the Steampunk genre, one does attempt to seek out unique angles regarding it.  As such, the project, “The World of Steam” is such an endeavor, which is working to tell Steampunk stories in a “Twilight Zone” narrative.  As the official Kickstarter description states…

The World of Steam is a new Webseries that sets out to explore the deep recesses of a Steampunk world. Drama, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy are all explored against the backdrop of a futuristic Victorian Age…  We’ve envisioned a place with Jules Verne’s technology and Jane Austen’s dialogue. A world with Charlotte Bronte’s rules and Lovecraft’s horror. A place where mad scientists, corseted heroines and bold adventurers could make their way, bringing you truly unforgettable characters, beautiful stories, and vistas like you’ve never seen.

If your interest is piqued, then consider a visit to their Kickerstart site (located here: ), as they are half way through their fund raising efforts… and visit their main website, located at:
Do enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

“Just Like a Chap”, a new release by Mr. B!

Working on catching up with a few things, so in the meantime, I am taking the liberty of posting Mr. B’s newest video (released only a few days ago)!  Whilst I endeavor to get little corner of the aethernet up to speed, please do enjoy his latest outstanding work!