Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Steampunk Queen of the Silent Age!

Received first word of this very nice work from the Florida Steampunk Society (via Mr. R. Chambers), The Steampunk Queen of the Silent Age describes itself as, “…. classic love story with a hero, heroine, and villian, in a plucky comedy”!  A yeoman work, and there is yet more (regarding its development) to be found, if this production tickes your fancy, located at:

** Oh, and do visit the Stemapunk Queen’s Facebook page, located at:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Steampunk Inspiration #10; Mr. Stephen Crowe

One of the challenges that become more apparent as the Steampunk and Dieselpunk genre begin to mature, is finding art that is able to delinate the line between Steampunk’s Art Nouveau style and Dieselpunk’s Art Deco.  There are those who, for whatever reason, confuse the two – which is unfortunate, because though I do enjoy Art Nouveau, I also have an eye for Deco.  Parsing the line between the two is a challenge, but I would say the Mr. Stephen Crowe, an exceptionally talented illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand, has been able to hit the mark between what might be termed as Late Nouveau / Proto-Deco.  Though there are the smooth and sharp curvatures of Art Deco in his illustrations, one can also see the 19th century stylings in the attire, along with added details to the designs.

I’ve not been able to find much more of his Steampunk work (well, aside from his outstanding vehicle illustrations on DA), but do pay a vist to his outstanding gallery, located at:, and – Do enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Steampunk Conventions and listings on the Airship Ambassador and the Steampunk Empire!

One of the many changes I have planned this year involves becoming a tad more involved with Steampunk conventions (as in attendence).  For a bit, the Tribune did have a side bar which listed Steampunk events and  goings on, but I never considered it to be as informative as I had hoped.  However, the oustsanding aethersite The Airship Ambassador has a quite comprehensive listing of information which would be useful to those seeking further involvment in the RL Steampunk realms.  Specifically, their “Events” page provide a listing of upcoming Steampunk conventions and gatherings, groups, and Twitter updates, and much, much more!  If seeking to plan your travelling schedule around Steampunk happenings, I would most heartedly recommend a healthy visit to the Airship Ambassador’s locale for comprehensive information, located at:

Additionally, I would like to state that the Steampunk Empire also has an excellent listing of upcoming Steampunk events – frequently updated, and exceptinally inclusive (as many intriguing events are listed here as well)!  Do consider a visit to the Steampunk Empire’s Events page, at:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Fifth Annual Founder’s Day Formal Black and White Soot Ball, Today!

Again, working to catch up on the backlog of entries I have, I did wish to remind all in the Steamlands that the Fifth Annual Founder’s Day Formal Black and White Soot Ball will be taking place the the Piermont Landing, today starting at 6pm SLT, and running until about 9pm-ish!  Do take a moment to stop by, take a spin, and say “hello”!  For more details, please visit the New Babbage aether location, found at:

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Steampunk Traveller’s Podcast mention (whilst I continue to recover..)

Well, its been a challenge the past few days, as I’ve wrestled with a failing (and new replaced) router!  In the meantime, while I get things up to speed, would like to mention a recently found iTunes link.  The Steampunk Traveller (of the outstanding blog of the same name) has a podcast he continues to dilligently work on, so take a listen on iTunes (at: ), and his blog, of course, at:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #9: DarthIgorMortis

Many have their own reasons for induling in virtual Steampunk worlds, for stories, interaction, and of course, photography.  As odd as it might seem (at least to those who have not had the opportunity to experiment with SL photography), it can be a challenge, but a boon to those wishing to tell stories and provide illustrations of unique worlds (such as Steampunk).  Mr. DarthIgorMortis, is a prime example of a gentleman with such a talent and eye for composition.

Working for the most part with SL compositions, he has created some intriguing and thematically dynamic works using a combination of excellent topic choice, along with photoshop skills to portray an aged look to his work.  Though he has a good number of Steampunk images, I am partial to those with a nautical theme, so it seemed appropriate to add a few said works on the Tribune.

His work certainly conveys a rough-hewn atmosphere of Steampunk, and to see more of his works, please do consider a visit to his Deviant Art page, located at:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ripper Street, on BBC America!


Much to my chagrin, I missed the initial airing of Ripper Street!  My partner Breezy asked how I liked the premier of Ripper Street, so to satisfy my frustrating oversite, I’ve posted the initial trailer for the BBC presentation. 

The Victorian styling, atmosphere, and use of the new science of “forensics” to attempt to resolve the mysterious murders, all combine to be one of the best Victorian / Steampunk prodcuctions (I’m confident that though I have not seen the production as of yet, my optimistic projection will be sustained)!  For much, much more regarding Ripper Street, including well done “behind the scenes” works, background on Whitechapel during the late 1900s, and a plethoria of additional items, please visit the BBC America webiste for Ripper Street, located at:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Misplaced fears regarding the “mainstreaming” of Steampunk

Over the past few days there has been a plethora of news sites “predicting” the “mainstreaming of Steampunk”, including the thread leading to an IBM algorithm (completed with some association with the National Retail Federation Convention), which may have been one of the impetuous leading to this particular meme. In short, IBM (and Dr. Trevor Davis), used what is termed the “Social Sentiment Index” (SSI) to assist retailers in predicting social trends and better market their inventory/products. The latest incarnation of the Social Sentiment Index predicts that the “new-fangled” Steampunk genre will be the “next-big thing” in promoting sales for large retailers.

Although very Hari Seldon-esque in nature, and though there have been plenty of concerns regarding potential “mainstreaming” of the genre, I would argue that predictions of any sort have to be taken with a large grain of salt (so to speak). As anyone who has dabbled with sports betting will attest to, there are no certainties when dealing with predictions. Though some sporting events are certain bets, many a sporting outcome tends to disappoint many who attempt to place their hard-earned pieces of copper on events. Making predictions with limited variables (e.g. the regulations of a sporting activity) pales in comparison to predicting a nation of consumers, and what they will perceived (and follow) the “next trend”. Though a “big name” such as IBM points to their “sexy forecast” of Steampunk overtaking, IBM is a business, and I’m gathering this is a consulting branch of their company.

Additionally, a prediction can be a self-fulfilling circumstance. If this assertion that Steampunk is the “steamy wave of the future”, and it does come to pass, a further analysis of this is a sort of “chicken-and-the-egg” circumstance… was it a natural evolution of the genre coupled with a maturing of a portion of its adherents, or did the proclamation of Steampunk as a “trend”, which is later promoted my mainstream retailers, followed by a growth of interest in the genre? Alas, this is perhaps one of those “only-time-will-tell” scenarios.

I would argue there is nothing to worry about, regarding this latest proclamation regarding the genre. Will it mean that larger retailers will “hop on the bandwagon” regarding the genre? Perhaps. Will it lead to the demise of the genre? No. In actuality, I’d say there are a few potential benefits if Steampunk does broach the aforementioned “mainstream” status…

1) It will provide more exposure to those who may have not been familiar with Steampunk.
– Although readers of this blog have at least the minimum understanding of what Steampunk is as a genre (and likely much more beyond a “minimal understanding”), for those who may have no inkling of what Steampunk is, it could be a way of introducing the genre to those who may have simply heard of it, but never really attempted to understand what it is. Defining Steampunk is a trope unto itself, but perhaps going “mainstream” is a trope raise awareness of the genre.

2) There will likely be more Steampunk goods available for purchase…
– Indeed, assuming the “great mainstreaming” does occur to Steampunk, one will see a good number of items related to Steampunk (and likely Dieselpunk) available on a broader platforms (retail merchants). Some items will be quite nice, others will be, shall we say, disappointing, but it would mean there is more available for use, and as one desires, enhancement to one’s persona. Additionally, national retailers tend to have sales, so perhaps that item that one desire can be obtained for a proverbial song…

3) … and modification!
– One of the noted skills of Steampunk enthusiasts is a penchant for tinkering. Continuing on from the above, has the opportunity to obtain goods at a … good price, with a little creativity and elbow grease, one can certainly fashion a gem to one’s liking!

Not to say that a “mainstreaming” will be a complete boon were it to come to pass, but nor would it a be a disaster. Some will dip a toe in the genre, and decided its not to their liking, and other will be quite gratified at learning about Steampunk. So fear not the “mainstreaming” predictions – just sit back, enjoy one’s tea / pipe / Guinness, and everything will most certainly turn out fine!

The referred-to IBM infographic (link listed below…)

For more details and articles, please consider visiting:

IBM Steampunk Trend Graphic

IBM Sentiment Analysis
A Smarter Planet (analysis)

Business News Daily (&

And a lively thread is already in swing at the Steampunk Empire, which is locate at:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #8: Airship Cutaway

Exploded views of ship interiors were part of my existence once upon a time, while qualifying for my “fish” at sea, so to see a nicely done view of the interior of a large airship was quite a treat!  Lots going on, but for easy viewing – especially the nice details (one just has to look closely).  Mr. Monkey-Paw displays superlative artistic talents, so please do consider a visit to his Deviant Art page, which includes numerous additional Steampunk influenced artwork (and perhaps a Steampunk-related world-background, but alas nothing to support this theory).  It is all located at:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Steampunk Video: The Wheel

A nicely done live action story with a good amount of clockwork action, The Wheel is a unique precautionary tale of the clock that runs the world… originally found on I09, please do enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steampunk Masterworks: Mr. V. Voitekhovitch

There are many exceptional artists who produce amazing artistic works, set on display at Deviant Art.  However, on occasion one finds work that is frankly astounding, that word has to be passed on its exquisite quality.  One such artist is Mr. Vadim Voitekhovitch (who also uses the DA nom-de-plum of “~voitv”), and his beautiful collection of Steampunk themed works!

 Mr. Voitekhovitch has two unique aspects that stand out in my mind (or shall I say view)?  First, many modern Steampunk artworks tend to use modern forms (e.g. photography, artistic software, etc…) to provide illustrations regarding the genre, which is quite understandable, given that Steampunk is a speculative fiction needing unique perspectives to represent it.  However, Mr. Voitekhovitch uses oils, which aside from providing a genre-accurate style, it also provides a warmth and simpleness to his many complex works.

Additionally, while one easily sees the direct and indirect hallmarks of Steampunk (e.g. the direct being the vehicles and technology, especially his airships, while the indirect being the “aging” of his vehicles), a good number of works focus on the less obvious topics in the work, such as the posted piece, High Society News, showing two ladies in discourse, while airships and four-wheeled vehicles pass by, noticed, but un-noticed aspects of daily life… in a Steampunk world. But enough of my pseudo-artistic prattling! To see more of his outstanding work, please do visit his Deviant Art page, located at: … or his own webpage, and specifically his Steampunk gallery, (in German, mind you), located at: .

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Chronicles of Professor Elemental – A Chap Hop comedy in three parts!

(Part one of three)

Good fortune that I was able to located Professor Elemental’s “The Chronicles of Professor Elemental”, a “spoof sci-fi / murder mystery / whodunnit”, and a very entertaining jaunt into launch into the weekend!  Please do enjoy the antics, and kudos to Professor Elemental and his associates for an outstanding work!

(Part two of three)

(Part three of three)

That is it!  Do play Professor Elemental a visit, at: for even more news, entertainment, and the sort!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Steampunk Music Video: Lady Has Bustle

An outstanding rendition by the members of the Desert Rose Theater (hence postulating the link regarding  their YouTube channel moniker of “Give me the DRT”), this “updated” version of the classic rap song “Baby Got Back” (by Sir Mix-a-Lot) is most certainly one of best performances regarding new Steampunk endeavors, and most certainly worth at the very least enough watches to learn the lyrics (which, by the way, are listed on at the YouTube listing in their entirety!  By all means do enjoy, and Kudos to the Desert Rose Theater performers!

(Also, if in Mesa, AZ, do consider paying a visit to their performances, with further details located at: )

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Visit the improved Sepia Chord website for all your Steampunk music needs!

As I was lollygagging about on the internet, I was busy listening to Mr. B’s The Tweed Album, and thought to myself, “how are things over at Sepia Chord”?  A bit behind the curve as is my curse, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only has Sepia Chord revamped their website, but it has a plethora of functionality, including current (and back articles), album reviews, events (focused on the Pacific Northwest, I believe), Twitter / Facebook / Pinterst (and additional social media compatability), and much more!  Personally, I enjoy their playlists series, where one can delve deeply into the “nuts and bolts” of the musical side of Steampunk!  Please do consider a visit to the revamped and much improved Sepia Chord site, the proverbial “ground-zero” for Steampunk music, located at: !

Friday, January 4, 2013

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #7: Steampunk Aircaptain Dress

Changing tack on inspiration, I came across this extraordinary work of design for an adventuresome Steampunk airship captain!  Mind you, there is a bit more material involved with this work than as what some other works have portrayed a lady airship captain might don, but I would say the design and appearance is most certainly fitting.  I’ll leave the knowledge of the nuances of design to those who possess more knowledge of the sort (specifically not myself), but an excellent work indeed!  For more examples of Ms. M. Meli’s incredible talent, please do visit her Deviant Art site, located at: , or one can consider a visit to her online store, located at:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is now an RPG!

Learned today that The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences will be optioned into a traditional paper-and-pen role playing game, in which one can engage in a multitude of mysteries, puzzles, and other odd goings-on as a member of the MOPO!  Quite happy to learn about this development, especially after indulging in their outstanding podcast regarding the MOPO (located here:

To learn more about this exciting development, please visit their website, located at: , and…
the designers of the endeavor, at Galileo Games, located here:

As an additional note, I will be adding a page header for Steampunk podcasts, but did wish to specifically recognize two more works that most certainly merit mentioning…
Duke Edward Pearse mentioned an endeavor that although not updated, certainly merits a visit… it is
Voices in the Machine“, a work which has many recognizble names from the Steamlands, and located at:

Additionally, while perusing Ms. Unwoman’s latest work, Fires I Started, I came across yet another spiffy podcast, titled “Airship Wrecked, with Captain Proctor”, which as MTinNV describes it, “an airship captain from the Steampast crashes with only a gramophone, a handful of period records, and a radio that broadcasts into the future”.  With forty-seven current episodes, it will be on the list of upcoming podcasts (once I finish the 193-ish episodes of the excellent “History of Rome”)!  To indulge in Captain Proctor’s circumstances, please visit the iTunes link to listen (and subscribe), at:
… and follow the blog, located at: !
{It is on the Steampunk Links, just in case!}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from The Steampunk Tribune, Facebook updates, (and Princess Fleur, the Steampunk Chihuahua)!

A new year starts, full of optisism and hope, and has been my tradition for the past few years, I do post one of the cuter and SFW Steampunk ladies of the genere.  This year’s lovely lass is the amazing Princess Fleur, who not only has a bevvy of admieres (well, a handful), but is ready for her next adventure!  Her facebook page has been a tad quiet as of late, but I have no doubt she is off on another exciting out-and-about!  To follow Princess Fleur, please do consider a visit to her Facebook page, at:

Speaking of Facebook updates, the results of the poll though slightly down, the winning choice was the listing the urls on the sidebar, closely followed by a secondary page at the top.  I will be laboring to find all the persons who made requests in the past, along with taking requests for addition, to the Tribune – my apologies to those who have been waiting!  If your Facebook locale is not listed (or you have submitted a request and I have not added it yet), please do send said request on the “Comments” for the blog, please!  (The email account for the Tribune is choked with Facebook notes as it is, and I have unfortunately missed a few issues – leaving me a comment in “Comments” is more apt to grab my attention.)  The goal – have the Facebook pages updated by the end of the month (ideally).

Finally, a few upcoming changes in the works, blog speaking.  After a bit of soul searching, I’m shuttering a number of non-Steampunk blogs, and will be moving forward with the Steampunk Tribune (overarching Steampunk blog), the Steampunk Travelogue (Second Life locations and issues in the Steamlands), and the New Babbage Register (New Babbage specifically).  Not overly important, but of note, I will not be updated the SL Jazz blog, SL Jazz After Midnight, as I’ll be focusing on Steampunk this year (as well as some old-timey calisthenics to reduce the waistline)!