Sunday, March 31, 2013

Five survival rules for a Steampunk Convention… and Dr. Who on Tesla Coils!

Montegue Jacques Fromage, and Syntheia Finklepott at the Steampunk Film , Art, and Music Festival in Gettysburg – Photo by Sean Simmers

Came across a very nice article regarding Steampunk at Gettysburg: Film, Art, and Music Festival, by, Ms. J. Hatmaker, which touched upon a few intriguing items to consider if one visits a Steampunk convention.  Specifically, her article on the “Five rules for surviving a Steampunk Convention” did elicit a grin, as for those who have made a trek to a Steampunk Con will consider.  I certainly do recommend both articles, and hope that those inviduals who had the opportunity to visit Steampunk at Gettysburg had a wonderful time.  (Also, plenty of excellen photos from visitors embeded in the work – do take a gander that them!)

And if one hasn’t already seen this small bit on I09, or the Traveller’s Steampunk Blog, the University of Illionis-Champaign’s Engineering Open House (EOH), had a very nice rendition of the Doctor Who theme, played with accompanying Tesla coils!  The camera is a tad shaky, but it most certainly would have been an even to behold in person – do enjoy!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Steampunk DIY: Steampunk Painting Technique (on plastic)

Continuing with more DIY endeavors, this particular video from itsatrapuk focuses on painting items to produce a “brass” look – perfect for all those PVC and plastic-based items that just do not look quite right!  There is a quite a bit of paint involved, but hte end result does look quite nice – something to consider for your Steampunk projects… do enjoy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Progress, a Jack the Ripper Steampunk webseries…

A new webseries was brought to my attention the other day, titled “Progress, a Gothic Steampunk webseries”, is a projected 10-episode webseries, with the following narrative description…

Oscar Lerwill, the Artful Hacker of Victorian London, discovers an encrypted file posted by Jack the Ripper. Now Oscar has to find the clues to decode it in order to save his beloved Lila DeClide (the Alluring Cam-Harlot of and avoid the perilous mind-games of Adam Rhett (the Mad Troll of

Just getting started, they are using Indiegogo as their means of starter funds, so I would heartily recommend a visit to their site (located at: ), to learn more about the series, and follow with their extensive description!  Please do enjoy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Steampunk in Time Magazine…

Last Wednesday saw Time Magazine do a “review” of sorts on the “breakthrough” of Steampunk in 2013.  Written for a non-genere audience based on the now well-worn IBM prediction, the bulk of the article is nothing new (including the Steampunk nay-sayers, grousing in their mother’s dank basement), but it is worth a read, if only for a view of the genre by the media.  This article can be found at: – Do enjoy (as much as one enjoys Time, I suppose…)

Friday, March 22, 2013

The 2013 Steamfitters Industrial Gold Themed Ball, this Saturday!

Saturday, the 23rd of March, celebrates the 2013 New Babbage Steamfitters Industrial Gold Themed Ball!  Taking place in the lovely Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, the event will include outstanding selections from DJ Bats, and a competition of the “Heroic Proletarians”… for more information, please visit the New Babbage non-Ning, at: – do enjoy!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spies of the Silk Trade & Stacey’s Waltz, by Venus Lens Cap

Been afk for a bit, attending to some pressing issues, but as I resolve them, please do enjoy the newest releases from Venus Lens Cap, a Steampunk themed group with some very relaxing works, and if I read their Facebook locale correctly, they have even more plans for their endeavor – to learn more, please visit their Facebook page, at:  , and do enjoy their selections, a very nice waltz, and their most recent release, Spies of the Slik Trade!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fathom, a Steampunk Kickstarter game seeking your help!…

Received word that a spectacular Steampunk themed game, which though looks marvelous (as one can see from the animations and images), but is facing a daunting challenge.  It seems that their Kickstarter is a tad underfunded, and facing a tight timeline for its success!

A pre-view of the first level of Fathom

The nautical work and genre details for Fathom are fantastic, and honestly, I cannot do justice to the details and work they have done regarding their endeavor, so I will certainly point in the direction of their Kickstarter page, located at: , so please visit and consider a hand if so interested!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Steampunk DIY: A Steampunk Venetian Mask

An item that seems to be a popular decoration in its original painted form, I thought this Steampunk Venetian mask would be a nice alternative and/or addition to one’s Steampunk abode.  It has some time-jumping (e.g. steps are are described which look as if they took a bit of time), but the finished result is quite unique.  An intriguing project, so do consider it a possibility this weekend!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nikola Telsa vs Thomas Edison… in a Rap Battle!

To long time readers of the Tribune, my inherent dislike of Edison (the original Dr. Evil) is well known, and though I’m not quite the fan of rap “music”, however this small interlude does provide one more “poke in the eye” to his tainted legacy.  A very well done video, I was quite impressed the first time I saw it – a thanks to IO9 posting, and please do enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Smoking Steampunk: The Foundry Cigars

The top of General Cigar’s Steampunk rolling table (a very nice salvage of a hydrometer)!

Had the opportunity yesterday to head to the local cigar shop to replenish my sadly empty-ish humidor.  Though I have a few Iguanas, I’ve taken a shining to my favored brand, the Isla del Sol… so when I headed back to acquire a few more, I was very pleasantly surprised to see an interesting little cigar… with a cog attached!  Obviously, I was going to have to indulge, but with my curiosity piqued, I obviously had to do more investigating…

A screen shot of the Foundry’s Steampunk cigar rolling table, built by the legendary Steampunk builder, Dr. Grymm Laboratories (photo court. of Damn Geeky)

… and discovered that indeed, Christmas can arrive at any point in the year, with my learning of General Cigar, LTD, and the establishment of the Foundry.  Aside from my own discover of the cigar (with a bit on this gem to follow), the initial eye-catching item is the very optically seducing work of a genre cigar rolling table by Dr. Grymm Laboratories.  A fancier take on the Tocedor’s (cigar roller) stand, this work is a sight to behold, and infact, one can see it on the clip below, as narrated by Mr. M. Giannini, the creative director at General Cigar.

I will admit to having a few concerns with the cigar, as though I enjoyed the aesthetic touches (the box beautiful, and of course, one cannot miss the cog..), I hoped that the stick was more than just “sizzle”… and fortunatly, it is an outstanding cigar unto itself!  It has a mild-to-medium body (to my taste), and a healthy draw, I found it to be a very pleasing and enjoyable stick to indulge on a lazy Saturday, while watching a game, or working on a Steampunk article (as I’m currently doing).  Be one a connoisseur of cigars, an occasional smoker, or just curious and wishing to try a very good cigar, I would most highly recommend any of the Foundry’s selections, be it the “Wells”, “Talbot”, “Lovelace”, or “Cayley” (the next size to try)!

A photo of one of the Foundry’s excellent works!  (the Cayley, I believe)

For more information regarding the cigars (e.g. reviews), including more technical “cigar-speak” work, please visit: (Tampa Bay Cigar):

… and a bit more on the superlative rolling table, at: 

A short review of the Foundry’s cigars, court. of

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Steampunk Pixie, by Frenchie and the Punk

As a musical interlude, I am posting the most recent upload from Frenchie and the Punk, titled “Steampunk Pixie“, which is an excellent selection from their 2012 album, titled Hey Hey Cabaret.  To enjoy more of their excellent work, I highly suggest a trip to their YouTube locale to hear more of their outstanding work, located at:  Better yet, visit their webpage, which is full of up-to-date information, and one of the best interactive Steampunk music websites I’ve seen in quite a while (oh, yes, and one can purchase their works there, btw)!  Just take a jaunt to: , and do enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Steampunk DIY: Small insignia and associated items

While I don’t particularly have much experience with working with putty clay and molds, I’ve considered trying to design some types of items for Steampunk purposes using the above items.  A bit involved (a tad under ten minutes), but the above video from Mara Johnson is an excellent primer for getting started – Do enjoy!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Octopi locales and Steampunk

Walking Your Octopus (book cover), by Mr. B. Kesinger

One of my favorite octopus-related locales is Mr. Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls website (and Facebook) locale.  Mr. Kesinger’s work is not only genere specific, but Otto is the celephod every lady wishes they would have!  His art speaks volumes and in my own biased opinion, touches on the playful essence of Steampunk, so please do visit his website for more updates of his stunning work (at: ), a trip to the Clockwork Couture for a plethora of goodies, (at:  ), and his Facebook page with updates at: )

Alas, progress on the Steampunk Facebook links is taking *much* longer than anticipate (due to a variety of reasons), but I’m laboring towards having it finished soon, with a highlight on those who have been patiently waiting for a hat-tip.  Speaking of hat-tips, I did want to post a segue on another Steampunk icon, the octopus!  Consider The Tentacle, a dedicated page to cute photos (as above), and other octopus related photos – to pay a visit, please head to:

Finally, a small listing of octopus blogs from the Steampunk Shipyard, including:

The Octopus Blog ( ) –  a nice Tumblr blog with an octopus focus
Crash Octopus ( ) – the meeting of octopi and beer (and nice graphics)
Cephalopod Tea Party ( – One of my favored sites, but sadly, lacking many recent updates,
Everything Octopus ( ) – another great site, but lacking updates, and
Cephalopod News ( ) – for all your octopus news!

Do enjoy the company of our iconic Steampunk friends!

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Steampunk Walt Disney ImagiNation endeavor

Gaslight – Walt Disney ImagiNations 2013 – Semifinalist Entry from Ian Jones on Vimeo.

Discovered the other day an endeavor titled “Gaslight”, which is a Walt Disney Imagineering: ImagiNation 2013 semifinalist by an intrepid team of students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The ImagiNation 2013 project is an effort by Disney to merge a “Disney Experience” with “any one city”, and essentially produce a small park (or at least that’s how I understood the narrative).  Sadly, from what I can discern, the quite intriguing Gaslight project was not selected as a finalist for the competition.  Nonetheless, the entry was very well done, with plenty of very nice details (and business write-up), so though Gaslight will not be taking place in the near future (a missed opportunity from Disney, as I’m confident every reader will agree), one can see further details of the project at Mr. Ian Jones’ website, located at: