Sunday, June 23, 2013

Copper begins Season 2 tonight!

Now that I’m back from my small journey to the northwest, I’m a tad behind with my entries – including the new season of Copper!  Not as Steampunk as I might have liked, but then again, that wasn’t the main focus of the series.  Still, the period pieces, attire, and atmosphere are outstanding, so if you enjoyed the previous season, do make a point of catching the premiere of Copper, Seasson 2 – tonight at 10 pm!  For more information, please turn to: 
The main BBC website:
Its Tumblr, at:
and of course, its Facebook site, at:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Order: 1886 trailer released at E3

Ahoy!  My apologies for the lack of updates, as my travels on the road have limited my postings, but a new Steampunk-themed release for the PS4 was announced at E3, and it looks to be an outstanding work!  The Order: 1886 is a projected release for the PS4 with a very unique view as a first/third person shooter, and though the trailer is quite impressive, not much has been released regarding the background of the work.  Still, it looks like an outstanding Steampunk work, and will certainly be worth keeping an eye on the near future!  For more information, please visit:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

J&J; Miracle Mead – a new Steampunk endeavor!

I was contacted by the good gentlemen from J&J Miracle Meadery regarding their new endeavor, Miracle Mead!  As a previous micro-brewer back in the day, I can certainly appreciate the hard work that goes into producing delicious beverages, and one might ask about the nexus between Steampunk and Mead (not that there really needs to be much of one to enjoy a wonderful indulgence)!  I would certainly recommend a visit to their Kickstarter page, as they are currently seeking a bit of assistance with their endeavor – just take a brief trip to to learn more!