Sunday, January 10, 2010

Captain Robert (of Abney Park notoriety), shares design secrets!

The renown Captain Robert, of the HMS Ophelia, details his methods of producing a pair of men’s Steampunk pants (for the New Year’s event at the Edison).  Quite illustrative, with providing even the most inept fellow simple guidence on how to reach a newer vanguard of style!  Do enjoy!

For more linkage to the good skipper of Abney Park, please turn to the following aether-net locales…

Capt. Robert’s homepage:

Abney Park’s homepage:

…. and Abney Park’s Myspace page, with selections from their new album, Aether Shanties, at:

The Captain enjoying a good smoke – straight from his own wiki! (Located at:


Breezy Carver said…

Oh Sir thats great !!! (( and if he used my ironing board to do that I would …… not pretty!)) laughs …

and YOU Blog LOOKS Sensational Doctor !! 🙂

Dr. Rafael Fabre said…

Well, tyvm, madam… and yes, the process is a bit destructive, but the result is quite nice!