Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Telsa Day! (and this weekend’s Steampunk events…)

Happy Tesla Day!

Today is the birthday of Steampunk’s patron saint, Nikola Tesla, who would have turned 153 (if he had only had been able to finish his anti-aging device!) Suitably enough, Google recognized the great one’s birthday, and modified their logo in commemoration of this grandiose day!

Additionally, Google had a panoply of links seems to have popped during its search, such as the small video below…

Steampunk Events…

This weekend will be a busy one, providing a number of notable events in the Steamlands of SL, including…

Breakfast in Babbage

When: 0800 to 1000 SLT, Saturday the 11th of July
Where: The Clarendon, New Babbage

An opportunity for those beyond the Standard Linden Time to gather and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of New Babbage, with his Mr. Pearse, playing a collection of outstanding music, fit for the City-State!

New Babbage Town Hall Meeting

When: 1300 – 1400 SLT, Saturday the 11th of July
Where: New Babbage Square, New Babbage

An excellent opportunity to ask the Mayor all of those annoying questions you haven’t been able to ask him in chat! Certain to be quite the event, but time is limited, so make your list of inquiries early!

Armada “All Hands” Meeting

When: 1300 – 1400 SLT, Saturday the 11th of July
Where: Armada Breakaway Market Square

Get up to speed with the news and happenings of Armada at the All Hands meeting!

Mr. Holmes’ Rezday Lunch

When: 1400 to 1600, Saturday the 11th of July
Where: On the corner of Perdido Street and Jefferson Way

Our upstanding Mr. Holmes will be treated to a Rezday Lunch in his honor! Be sure to show up for the pie!

Armada’s Wanderlust Dance Event at the Wheelhouse

When: 1200 – 1400 SLT, Sunday the 12 of July
Where: The Wheelhouse, Armada Breakaway

Join us at the Wheelhouse at Armada Breakaway for “Wanderlust” – two hours of Steampunk, Gothic, ska, and rock music with DJ Rosewenthe Aluveaux.

Music Appreciation Night (with TalisDro Molinari)

When: 2000 to 2200, on Sunday the 12th of July
Where: New Babbage Champagne Rooms, New Babbage

Come on down, pull up a cushion, or put on your dancing shoes, and share some fantastic music to wind up a busy weekend. DJ TalisDro Molinari will be playing his views on Steampunk music… which knowing him, will likely take a dark and moody bend. An excellent way to end the weekend!

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Keshlam said…

The Tesla video is the usual mixture of truth, half-truth, rumor, and conspiracy theory. A pity; the truth really is wonderful and strange enough all by itself.