Steampunk Facebook Pages

This is a brief listing of Facebook pages (and a few internet urls) – if you have a Facebook site you’d like to have added, please do contact me at !

I am updating this list for 2013, but it will take a bit of time!  To ensure your group is listed, please leave a comment on the blog (as the email has been inundated with a number of facebook updates ….)

1899 Last Year of the Century
Arizona Steampunk Consortium
Badlands Brand
Beyond Victoriana – Multicultural Steampunk
Brass Goggles
Brass Needles Podcast
British Steampunk Community
Central Florida Steampunk Assoc.
Chattanooga Steampunk
Chicago Steampunk
Cleveland Steampunk Group
Colorado Chrononaut’s League
Colorado Steampunks
Conselho Steampunk (Brazil)
Derby City Steampunk League
Encuentro Steampunk (Spain)
Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
Houston Society of Neo-Victoriana and Steampunkery
International Steampunk City (May 6, 2011)
Kentucky Steampunk Society
Mark Twain House & City Steam (March 19, 2011)
Moroccan Steampunk
Nova Ablion Steampunk Exhibition
Muslim Steampunk
New England Steampunk
North Florida Steampunk
North Texas Steampunk
Parliament &Wake
Penny Dreadful Productions
Rise of Aester
River City Retrofuturists
Rose City Steampunk Film Festival (Feb 13, 2011)
Royal Order of Steampunk Enthuiasts
Royally Steamed
Sociedad SteamPunk (Argentina)
South Florida Steampunk
Steam Punk
Steampunk Canada
Steampunk Columbia
Steampunk Contraptions and Devices
Steampunk Convention
Steampunk Fans
Steampunk Fashion
Steampunk Illumination Society
Steampunk Munich
Steampunk New Mexico
Steampunk New Orleans
Steampunk Ottawa
Steampunk Society of Nebraska
Steampunk Threads
Steampunk World’s Fair (May 20-22, 2011)
Steampunk Writers & Artist’s Guild
Steamupnk en Espanol
Steel City Steam Society
The Aethernauts
The Amazing Screw-on Head
The Anachronisim Guild
The Boilerplate Historical Society
The Dominion Disptach
The Edison
The Extraordinary League of Bearded Men
The Five Fists of Science!
The S.M.S. Zepherus Crew and Cohorts
The Steampunk Worlds Fair Steampunk on Facebook
Toronto Steampunk Society
United Steam Society
Vancouver Island Steampunk
Victoria Steampunk Fashion
Victorian Adventure Enthusiasts
VSteam: The Steampunks of Vancouver
The Wandering Legion of Thomas Tew
The Way Station
Vernian Process 
Wichita Steampunk
Wisconsin Neo-Victorian and Steampunk Association