Thursday, April 3, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: New Babbage Watering Holes, Part 2

Loki’s Absentine in Babbage Square

(Babbage Square) – Two of the oldest meeting places, one in the central square, the other on the border of both the Port and the Palisaides, are excellent places to relax and chat in New Babbage.

The Willow Tea Room

Domicile of Miss Echegaray, the Tea Room reflects the archecture of Mr. Charles Renee Mackintosh, and could certainly be considered one of the more upscale meeting locations in New Babbage, especially for those seeking a more refined setting.

The entrance to the Courtyard Garden

In addition to fine decor inside, my neighbor (yes, that is my behemoth in the background), has worked quite tirelessly to ensure a bit of nature propsers in the Square.

Her spring plantings (sorry, I have no idea what it is!)

A relaxed atmosphere awaits those who need a respit from the bussle and activity of New Babbage at the Willow Tea Room.

A new patio (I believe) so visitors may enjoy a cup of tea and admire nature at their leisure.

—– —–

Loki’s Absentine

Located a bit further south, Loki’s is one of the oldest and best known locales to visit when in New Babbage… practically a historical New Babbage landmark. I often frequent it, taking an outside chair to indulge in the canal’s … uniqueness.

Visitors (Mr. Dallagio & Miss Nixdorf) indulging in a bit of a nip…

One of the many intresting features of Loki’s is the shaded green lighting exuded from the well designed glass windows that encircle the establishment.

Beverages for your enjoyment (and a couple of souvinirs, if you so desire…)

An Absentine art gallery (in a back room) is a unique treat to see

If you happen to be in Babbage Square, ensure you visit Loki’s – either by yourself or with a friend!

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