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Monday, August 1, 2011

Abeny Park’s Airship Pirates RPG – pre-orders available now!

As anyone involved with Steampunk is aware, Abney Park is one of the genre’s most recognizable names, and not only have they done an exceptional job in establishing themselves musically, but take marketing their brand in unique directions (e.g. flags, coasters, dog-tags).  However, when I learned of their latest endeavor, an old-school role playing game (RPG) based on their back-story, my curiosity was piqued.  
I am old enough to recall the original paper-and-pencil RPGs of all styles enjoying a wave of popularity, including the classic Steampunk RPGs – namely Space: 1889 and GURPS Steampunk.  Alas, with more powerful computers and virtual world connectivity, these games seemed to fade away, and I was under the impression that seeing an old style RPG was a fanciful idea.  Fortunately, I was quite incorrect in my postulation.  I’m still working towards obtaining a copy so I might review it first hand, but in the meantime, the reviews of the game are coming forth, so do take a gander of differing opinions…
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(… one can pre-order the work in question at Abney Park’s website, here…)

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