across stonewind sky by miss sa

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Across the Stonewind Sky, by Miss S.A. Westendorf

As a video interlude, the lovely Miss S.A. Westendorf provides the marvelous vocals to the single “Across the Stonewind Sky”!  In addition, the accompanying video production has a very enjoyable narrative, or as its narrative describes…

“Possibly the world’s first custom-written theme song to a book. Lyrics written in 2009, put to music in 2010 and first performed December 2010 at ‘Prometheus Bound’, Brisbane. There is a video on Youtube to prove it.
(The song is recorded in Book I of the “Across the Stonewind Sky” series by Ged Maybury, and features in a vaudeville hall scene in Book II of the ongoing series.)”

To obtain further information, please visit the Stonewind Sky’s Facebook location, at: , or consider a visit to the Itunes store for a copy of this amazing work, at:

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