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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aether Salon: Weapons! … a smashing success!

Miss Malaprop during the discourse
(all photos are courtesy of Captain Red Llewellyn)

Last Sunday saw the second meeting of the Aether Salon, which featured Miss Ordinal Malaprop discussing scripting and weaponary. Unfortunatly I was unable to make this impressive gathering, but for those who were lucky enough to attend (especially as the concurrence reached 52 individuals in the Babbage Palisaides), here are a few commentaries…

a few photos of the event…

This amount of lag…

… was caused by this!

and my category, shared by with Miss Laval…

Miss Trafalgar relaxing during the discussion, if only for a minute

Kudos to Miss Viv Trafalgar and Miss Serafina Puchkina for coordinating such a fantastic event!
For those who were not able to read a full transcript of the Salon’s latest discussion, please visit their new archive, at:

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