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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Aethernet: Steampunk Sites, Part II

Probably one of my favorite Steampunk images, from “Retrostaja

I’ve been a bit remiss in the proposed re-work of the Heliograph (I had planned it for last month, and it looks like it may be a bit longer until I’m done with it), but in the meantime, I am posting a few sites (and images) that may not be as well known.

The first of which, is a site that has sadly fallen to the wayside, just before I began blogging “ages ago (ok – 2007, but still, a while ago)! Retrostaja / Steampunkopedia is a Polish language site which, to my view, is one of the best sources of Steampunk references I’ve encountered online. When one logs in, you’ll see the above image (a stunning “Steampunk Alien Invasion” work), and two flags – be sure to choose the English one!

This will take you to a menu listing a “Steampunk Chronology”, “Steampunk Links” (some of which are dead, but still quite a few are working… so its a bit of intrepid exploring is in order), “Steampunk TV” (an excellent listing of Steampunk television shows), and “Press Releases” (which sadly has not been updated since May of 2008). Additionally, I believe that somewhere there, an excruciatingly comprehensive list of Steampunk movies exists – listing movies since the turn of the century.

To go exploring at this amazing artifact of Steampunk goodness, please turn to:


IO9’s Logo – the “term for early adopters back in the 2070’s!

One locale which I frequent for news and events is IO9 – a site which has regular updates on general science fiction, including doses of Steampunk news. It is refreshing to read the well done articles there and early trailers are post there (e.g. the new Avatar trailer, the “Moon” trailer, and “Daybreakers“, which has quite an innovative storyline). A warning, however – once you start reading, it will be difficult to stop… and that isn’t even including the supplemental sites listed at the bottom of the page (e.g. Lifehacker (DIY projects), Gawker (news), Kotaku (computer gaming), Jezebel (well, you can figure that one out), among others…

To visit this absorbing site (and the other associated sites), please visit:


The “Cogs and Togs” log

Found this gem the other day, and was sutibly impressed with a long overlooked niche in SL Steampunk blogging – Ladies’ fashion. Fortunately, Miss Tehanu Marenwolf has taken the endeavor to address this vastly growing industry. Her reviews (to this point) have covered a expanse of ladies’ items (e.g shoes, corsets), and though I have essentially no clue about Steampunk couture, it is refreshing to see this topic being addressed by such an eloquent reviewer!

To read more, please turn to…

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