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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aethernet Travels: The Steampunk Scholar and Exhibition Hall, Issue 7

There are a multitude of Steampunk websites populating the internet and with the growth of the genre (and said websites), there are some which stand out among the rest for their uniqueness and quality.  One such site is the “Steampunk Scholar”, a blog authored by Mr. Mike Perschon, a doctoral student at the University of Alberta and adjunct academic at King’s University College.  Since 2008, he has been studying and analyzing the Steampunk genre in its many forms – film, printed art, and his specialty, literature.

Image from The Steampunk Scholar’s first entry

Mr. Perschon has taken upon himself the Sisyphusian task of not simply providing a central location to for the old and new of the Steampunk biblography, but also reviewing the works as well.  Abbreviated lists of “Steampunk Literature” abound, but a more in-depth analysis of the works, ranging from deconstrucing modern Steampunk works in analysis and comparison classic literature, to his opinion of the quality and readability of a released Steampunk book.  Additionally, he occasionally takes a side-step and postulates on supplemental Steampunk cultural development.

“Steampunk Rifle”, by ~pakled
In this vein, the latest entry on the Steampunk Scholar, “Steampunk Tribes”, provides a very insightful analysis of different delineations of people who follow the genre.  He touches on a few of them on the entry, but the full article is in the outstanding Steampunk magazine, Exhibition Hall (their seventh issue).  Do take a moment to read the full article, at:
“HMS Enterprise to go to the Moon”, by ~pakled
For excellent reviews of the growing Steampunk literary genre, do make a point to visit (then bookmark) the Steampunk Scholar, located at:  – I would safely state it is one of the best references on the Steampunk genre one can find on the internet!

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