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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Air Kraken Day, March 17th, 011!

Steampunk has a few dedicated holidays (e.g. Tesla’s Birthday) in RL, and a more extensive listing of holidays in SL, but one that remains standard throughout is Air Kraken day, celebrated on March 17 of every year.  Not sure why it is the same day as Saint Patrick’s day, but I certainly won’t object to any day which celebrates giant air cephalpods and drinking Guinness!

This being the case, I did wish to mention an outstanding website, not necessarily exclusive to Air Krakens, but to to its entire association of like creatures.  The Cephalopod Tea Party is one of the most extensive sites regarding these amazing creatures, and though there isn’t too much on Air Krakens, it is an outstanding location to spend a bit of time!  To pay it a visit, please turn to:
As one might know, I’m also a fan of “Steampunk in Facebook”, so I’ve located a few kraken sites on Facebook, in case on wishes to pay them a visit on this day of cephalopod awareness…
Not Being Eaten by an Air Kraken
and of course, Air Kraken Day!
Earlier this month, the outstanding “A Caledonian Journey”, penned by Miss Rihanon Jameson, spotted the first Air Kraken of 2011 in the SL Steamlands!  This giant behemoth is generally peaceful, unless angered or feels its territory has been encroached, which seems to be the cause of if infamous temper and destructive abilities.
An Air Kraken over New Babbage, circa 2008
For more details on this mysterious creature, please visit her journal, at:
… and more on Air Krakens, at:
Air Krakens over New Babbage in the Steamlander…
Historical reviews of Air Krakens, at: