airship ventures has been grounded as

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Airship Ventures has been grounded as of last Thursday…

Artistic rendition of the Airship Eureka over its base of operations at Moffett Field

Sad news this week – it appears that Airship Venture, an excellent endeavor focused on reviving lighter-than-air travel, is on the verger of going under, if not already ceasing operations.  Starting as a unique experiment over four years ago, Airship Ventures has been working diligently to ensure its viability, but it appears that without a “white knight” investor, the Airship Eureka will be packed up and returned to Germany.

The Airship Eureka in flight

Per Airship Ventures CEO, Mr. Brian Hall, it would seem that the lack of sponsorship, and the exponentially rising price of helium contributed to the demise of this noble experiment.  Though the biased clipping from the San Francisco Business Journal prods at the price (admittedly, a $375 base ticket), Mr. Hall countered it wasnot the pricing, but awareness of the endeavor which ultimately undid the enterprise.  One can hope for the best, but if market forces dictate, one wishes the best to the hard working people of Airship Ventures, and fair winds and following air-streams to the Airship Eureka…

Artistic rendition of the Eureka over the Golden gate
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