antiquity grand opening part i

Monday, August 20, 2007

Antiquity Grand Opening, Part I

Display at the Visitor’s Center in the Township

(This is about two weeks behind schedule in the “Voyages” blog, but here is the entire post, as opposed to a simple link. Part II will be available as soon as I have processed the remainder of the pictures by the residents.)

The Grand Opening of Antiquity was a smashing success! Promptly starting at 2pm SLT, larger than expected crowds started to arrive at the Visitors Center, where they were greeted and shown about the location information about Antiquity, Victorian gestures/bows, era-specific clothes, and other topics of interest.
Greeting the guests
Inside the Visitor’s Center

Geisha Performance
At the Getsuei Okiya in Antiquity Cove, I had the opportunity to see the lovely geishas entertaining the audience, with Miss Koyomi playing the Koto, and Miss Mimiru (Lavender), Miss Usher (red), and Miss Ratza (black), a soothing respite from the hustle and bustle of the Township.

Geisha Lavania Usher posing in front of the Okiya

Overhead shot of the Getsuei Okiya and adjoing bridge to the artist’s display

Miss Koyomi playing the Koto, with Miss Mimiru and Usher performing a nihon-buyoh (Traditional Japanese dance) for the patrons
Miss Mimiru & Miss Usher performing on stage

Art display
Six artists were generous enough to display their works in the central island at Antiquity Cove. (I shall add further details on their displays in part II of the Grand Opening celebrations)

Balloon rides/Games
The northern border of the Cove, just south of Doolittle Park, visitors were able to engage in a great number of games, from board games to a dunking machine… and if hungry, indulge in refreshment from the local vending cart (soda and “hot dogs”)!

An early shot of the games of skill & chance at the Grand Opening

Horse Race
Miss Virriginia Tombola coordinated this event, with substantial help from Miss Artesia Beaumont. Both of these ladies expended significant effort in locating, assisting the riders with their steeds, explaining the route, and addressing certain emergent technical issues to ensure the steeple race took place.
Miss Tombola preparing for the race…
It was a hard fought race, but in the end, Miss Gustafson, an experienced equestrienne from Caledon, emerged victorious from the pack of riders, winning the grand prize of a Stanhope carriage, courtesy of Miss Tombola and La Bicyclette.
… and informing Miss Gustafson about her successful ride
Music Park Concert
Miss Paisly Beebe filled the Antiquity music park, entertaining all present with her smoothly melodic voice singing the classics eloquently.
Miss Beebe beginning her performance at the Antiquity Music Park

Continuing her performance, Miss Beebe dazzles the audience with her silky voice and amazing singing skills

Ball / Dinner
Event tents were set up just outside the Grand Ballroom, providing fine dining for guest and residents alike, professionally catered by The Arbor.
Reception booth provided by the Arbor
Hosted by DJ Mitsu, it was a very enjoyable event, with citizenry from Caledon, New Babbage, and numerous other sims joining the residents of Antiquity in a formal dance in the Grand Ballroom of the Township. A classical selection of music for the event enhanced the atmosphere, directly leading to the success of the our first (of many) engagements!
[ahem.. I don’t have any pictures of the ball – I was otherwise engaged socializing (lol). If anyone wishes to contribute photographs, please send them to me in-world, or via my email at rafael_fabre at yahoo dot com]

Fireworks / Conclusion
After the ball, guests and residents were directed to the southeast corner of the township, where a fireworks show was put on display for all present. An impressive event (my first in SL), it was a cavalcade of color and explosions to close a thoroughly enjoyable and successful Grand Opening to the Antiquity Township and Cove sims.

Miss Beaumont strikes a dramatic pose at the beginning of the fireworks display

We had fireworks…
… more fireworks….
… and more…
… and the evening was closed out by Grand Duke Barrymore giving a speech, thanking all involved in planning and executing the activities for the celebration and all of the guests and residents for attending our Grand Opening.

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