Happy New Year from The Steampunk Tribune!

A new year starts, full of optisism and hope, and has been my tradition for the past few years, I do post one of the cuter and SFW Steampunk ladies of the genere.  This year’s lovely lass is the amazing Princess Fleur, who not only has a bevvy of admieres (well, a handful), but is ready for her next adventure!  Her facebook page has been a tad quiet as of late, but I have no doubt she is off on another exciting out-and-about!  To follow Princess Fleur, please do consider a visit to her Facebook page, at: https://www.facebook.com/TheAdventureOfPrincessFluerSteamChihuahua

Speaking of Facebook updates, the results of the poll though slightly down, the winning choice was the listing the urls on the sidebar, closely followed by a secondary page at the top.  I will be laboring to find all the persons who made requests in the past, along with taking requests for addition, to the Tribune – my apologies to those who have been waiting!  If your Facebook locale is not listed (or you have submitted a request and I have not added it yet), please do send said request on the “Comments” for the blog, please!  (The email account for the Tribune is choked with Facebook notes as it is, and I have unfortunately missed a few issues – leaving me a comment in “Comments” is more apt to grab my attention.)  The goal – have the Facebook pages updated by the end of the month (ideally).

Finally, a few upcoming changes in the works, blog speaking.  After a bit of soul searching, I’m shuttering a number of non-Steampunk blogs, and will be moving forward with the Steampunk Tribune (overarching Steampunk blog), the Steampunk Travelogue (Second Life locations and issues in the Steamlands), and the New Babbage Register (New Babbage specifically).  Not overly important, but of note, I will not be updated the SL Jazz blog, SL Jazz After Midnight, as I’ll be focusing on Steampunk this year (as well as some old-timey calisthenics to reduce the waistline)!