Steampunk India, an outstanding new Steampunk blog!

I had the pleasure of being contacted by Ms. S. Dasi regarding a new and innovative website, Steampunk India!  This new endavor is the first that I am aware of taking on the challenging task of actively extrapolating Steampunk into Indian culture, and from its beginings, I would opine a substantial amount of thought and planning has been put forth towards Steampunk India, the adventures of Gita Rohini, and the future of this wonderfully nacent work!  To learn more, the Traveller’s Steampunk Blog recently engaged in an interview with Ms. Dasi, and to indulge in said work, please turn to:

… and to visit Steampunk India directly, please visit:

(also, to be added to the “in process” Facebook Steampunk links, Steampunk India is located at: )