SWAG needs your help!

Running a bit behind on my blog entries due to (yet again) RL issues, but after checking my email, I’m unfortunatly remiss in a pressing matter.  The Steampunk Writer & Author’s Guild (SWAG) is currently experiencing a bit of a financial crossroads at the moment – specifially with the SWAG Ning.  Having experience with the New Babbage Ning, I quite understand the financial toll it can take (hence, why the NB Ning is a memory),but Miss L. Keyes, the Founder of SWAG, is wrestling with the monthly expense, and seeks a bit of assistance….

“If you feel like helping out, please consider making a
$1 contribution using the donate button on the home page. Depending on how many
of you donate I should be able to pay the fees to Ning for some time to come,
and SWAG can keep rolling.

I’ve tried very hard to keep the site free for all members,
but in my current situation I can’t pay for it on my own. Donations seem to be
the most democratic way forward, and I
will make an annual request for donations to cover our costs.
If, you donate more than $1, there’s a good chance we can
use the balance to produce an annual SWAG anthology, which has been a project
I’ve wanted to undertake for some time. “

The SWAG Ning has been a source of great help with Steampunk fiction writing, discussion, and even promotion – so, if you would like to help out SWAG, please visit its Ning, at: http://steampunkwriters.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network , and consider a helping hand!