The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is now an RPG

Learned today that The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences will be optioned into a traditional paper-and-pen role playing game, in which one can engage in a multitude of mysteries, puzzles, and other odd goings-on as a member of the MOPO!  Quite happy to learn about this development, especially after indulging in their outstanding podcast regarding the MOPO (located here:

To learn more about this exciting development, please visit their website, located at: , and…
the designers of the endeavor, at Galileo Games, located here:

As an additional note, I will be adding a page header for Steampunk podcasts, but did wish to specifically recognize two more works that most certainly merit mentioning…
Duke Edward Pearse mentioned an endeavor that although not updated, certainly merits a visit… it is
Voices in the Machine“, a work which has many recognizble names from the Steamlands, and located at:

Additionally, while perusing Ms. Unwoman’s latest work, Fires I Started, I came across yet another spiffy podcast, titled “Airship Wrecked, with Captain Proctor”, which as MTinNV describes it, “an airship captain from the Steampast crashes with only a gramophone, a handful of period records, and a radio that broadcasts into the future”.  With forty-seven current episodes, it will be on the list of upcoming podcasts (once I finish the 193-ish episodes of the excellent “History of Rome”)!  To indulge in Captain Proctor’s circumstances, please visit the iTunes link to listen (and subscribe), at:
… and follow the blog, located at: !
{It is on the Steampunk Links, just in case!}