The Tesla’s Wardenclyff has been saved… and the Technocratic party is established

Try as I may, amazing news does slip through my fingers – and this was a terrible one not to be a part of!  There was (as in completed) endeavor on Kickstarter to acquire Tesla’s Wardenclyff facility, located in Shoreham, Long Island, (New York) was recently acquired by the Tesla Science Center, with plans to make it a museum! A more fitting goal to one of the world’s greatest scientific minds, and a Steampunk icon.  Though the endeavor has been completed (as documented by the local New York fish-wrapper , there is still more!  In addition to saving Wardenclyff, Mr. Wilhem Cashen, an engineer and entrepreneur  is currently working towards completing an production which will finally highlight the great advances Mr. Tesla produced over the years, until his last days…
Header for the upcoming Tesla movie production
In addition to their cinematographic production, there is an associated Ning website, in support of Mr. Tesla!  The Tesla Community (at:, has an excellent presentation, and I’m only now delving into it… so do consider a visit, look around, and if something catches your eye (which to any Steampunk enthusiast, I’m sure it will), keep in mind the proceeds will be furthered to a good cause – For Tesla!
Header for the Tesla Community!
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