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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art Nouveau on Deviant Art!

One of the pleasures of Steampunk is its impact on providing a new focus on the classic art genre of the ear, specifically Art Nouveau.  One can easily appreciate the classic works of Mucha, the “godfather” of the graphic Art Nouveau style, but there are many exceptionally talented artists who also work to replicate the style, using both classic and modern takes on Art Nouveau.

An excellent source for new interpretations is located at a small artistic corner of the internet named Deviant Art.  If one follows the provided links (below), there is a cacophony of outstanding work available for viewing.  There are perhaps hundreds (between the two dedicated groups) of stylized work on display (oh, the website are at…
The #artnouveau group is located at:
The #art-nouveau-club group is located at:

Cafe au Lait, by *HenarTorinos (#art-nouveau-club)
The groups are civil and encouraging of those wishing to improve their skills in the graphic arts.  In fact, one group actually has an excellent tutorial for those with some Photoshop skills (or like to imagine they have some skill, such as myself – meh)!  One can eye the tutorial right here:
Exposition, by ~TheRoaringMonkey (#art-nouveau-club)
There is another option, if one’s artistic skills aren’t quite up to snuff, there is always another option.  Some artists (you’ll have to visit their main pages – those are identified by a “~” or “*” in front of their name/hyperlink), do take commissions, so if you are desiring some personalized work, a bit of searching may very well prove fruitful!  Nonetheless, do pay a visit (with a nice cup of coffee… or Guinness), to the Art Nouveau groups of Deviant art, located at: The #artnouveau group is located at: , and at for the #art-nouveau-club!

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