Steampunk Fashion – Clothing Styles that Shape Steampunk

As you probably already know Steampunk was created by H.G.Wells and writers like him. He was hugely interested in the Victorian era and science so his interests influenced the whole Steampunk genre. Steampunk is also deeply connected with Goth and when we speak about clothing – gypsy clothing and punk fashion. With the invent of the internet the steampunk following multiplied and right now you can find Steampunk fashion apparel from modified Victorian dresses, through fictional Goth gadgets to steampunkish looking watches on sale online.

In this article, we will discuss in a bit more detail some of the Steampunk fashion trends that have been influenced by the genre.

Steampunk Fashion Goth inspired dress
A Goth fashion inspired dress

Goth – The influence of goth culture over punk is obvious. The main roots of the goth trends can be traced back to the Gothic, Victorian and Elizabethan era. Goth fashion is a mixture of lace, corsets, fishnets, velvets, mostly in the black and purple, and of course combined with jewels and leather. Another common part of the whole look is the black hair, dark lipstick, fingernails, eyeliners and so on ( for both man and woman ).

Steampunk Fashion Gypsy inspired dress
A Gypsy fashion inspired dress

Gypsy fashion – Is mostly related to women. Clothes are often bright with quite a few layers, especially when talking about the skirts. All married women must wear headscarves named “Diklo”. Gold pieces of jewelry are extremely popular and steampunk has “borrowed” quite a few of those.

Steampunk Modern fashion inspired corset/dress
A Victorian inspired corset/dress

Modern Fashion – The newest trends in fashion has helped shape the steampunk as well. Our culture has more freedom than ever and has allowed the creation and existence of some very erotic and bizarre steampunk costumes.

Steampunk Fashion Victorian inspired dress
A Victorian inspired dress

Victorian Clothing – Last but not least comes the Victorian clothing which most probably has more impact on steampunk then all of the above. As we already mentioned the whole steampunk culture is more or less based on the Victorian age. With the industrial insurrection taking place at that the clothing designs change a whole lot. The newest invention ( The sewing machine ) was getting more and more popular so dresses were being made in factories and their prices dropped. They were pretty cheap compared to handmade product and fashion become far more simple. Steampunk corsets are planned to shape the women`s body into that famous S-curve, while skirts were specially made to fit closely over the hips.

Long story short it is safe to say that all costumes in steampunk are a mix of different epochs and subcultures.

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  • January 8, 2018 at 7:27 am

    Great post. Love the Steampunk Victorian style. Still looking for more Steampunk Western.

  • January 24, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    I’m searching for vendors for our next event in Van Buren Arkansas titled, The Old Timers Day Steampunk Festival, April 28th and 29th. This is the first year we have added Steampunk and we are very excited, even the mayor is involved, lol. If you can share this event and our facebook page, I would so appreciate it. My name is Kathy Lumpkins and I am the coordinator of this event. My cell is 404-909-3046. Our facebook page is The Old Timers Steampunk Festival. Thank you in advance. Kathy


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