back on air so to speak

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back on the air, so to speak, with Steampunk Influences on the small screen…

After having the opportunity to grapple with my service provider over the past few days, I am finally back to posting (whew)!  Almost as if on cue, IO9 has an outstanding retrospective of Steampunk influences on the small screen, including series such as Dr. Who, Firefly, Castle, Sanctuary, and more… to read the entire article, please turn to:


Michael Koontz

Hey there. I found your site through YouTube when I noticed that my video had been posted over here.

Youve got a really nice place here and I wanted to stop by and see what was about and also to thank you for the plug.

J. Michael Koontz


Dear Mr. Koontz – My thanks for the outstanding work, sir, and look forward to any future endeavors you engage in!