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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Aethernet: Steampunk Sites

“Steampunk Mama”, by ~ADN-B

Steampunk Empire Ning
Quickly becoming the “place to be” in Steampunk, the Steampunk Empire’s Ning has certainly become a hotbed of planning and discussion regarding the genre. Quite friendly to SL Steampunk, a few SL residents have made their way to SE’s Ning, joining the large group of LARP members and other Steampunk enthusiasts. To indulge in the cacophony of Steampunk voices at the Steampunk Empire, please turn to..
(And yes, the Steampunk Mama photo is quite cute! To see more of ~ADN-B’s photographic efforts, please visit )

Steampunk Tales @ Itunes

For those wishing to indulge in their iphone addition, Steampunk Tales has been released! A series of Steampunk-based tales, these monthly episodes have ten differing stories, by a “line up of award-winning authors” (not sure who, but time will tell who they are). A “Penny-Dreadful” for a new medium! For more details, please turn to…
A classic “Oven Stove”, featured in Low Tech Magazine
Low Tech Magazine
An online periodical which specializes on “lower technologies”, this site has a plethora of unique articles dealing with Steampunk era technologies, from wooden submarines to motorized monowheels. To read in depth on the speculative basis of Steampunk tech (and later tech topics), please turn to…

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Steampunk Art: 2D Goggles

The other day, I had the good fortune to notice a small link on Duke Pearse’s blog, and followed it to an astoundingly humorous Steampunk blog about two of the genre’s icons – Lovelace and Babbage! Together, they fight (or will fight, as the blog is quite new) a variety of threats of the time (such as the alien invasion of 1896, and the collapse of the American banking system).

Aside from the true life parallels the author/illustrator, a Ms. Sidney Padua, draws with his topics of his endeavor, she has a skill to twist a clever phrase, such as …

“…Isambard Kingdom Brunel was like the Wolverine of the early Victorians. He was short, ripped, had big sideburns, smoked 50 cigars a day, AND KICKED EVERYONES ASS!!
Okay, I dont know for a fact that he was ripped…”

Well, he probably was, but regardless, do pay 2D Goggles a visit, to keep up with the latest episodes of this very clever work, which is located at:

{A tip of the hat to the astute Duke Pearse for locating this gem – ty, sir!}

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Aether Chronicles and a Teutonic Steampunk advertisement

While taking a moment from my RL duties, I located an outstanding SL Steampunk website, the Aether Chronicles, authored by Miss Aether Inglewood, a talented SL blogger. I found her site interesting as she also covers Steampunk, but her focus appears to be more on the aero side of Steampunk, including an on-going series on Caledon’s Airfields (I only thought there was one – I suppose I need to visit the Independent State a bit more).

Aside from her writings, she also happened to locate this amazingly impressive representation of the pre-historic era (or at least, how it should have been – I do admire her admiration of the smokestack on the T-Rex)!

To visit the Aether Chronicles, please turn to: