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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brangus Wier’s Watch – Move Over, Edison!

Mr. Brangus Wier has written a very interesting article about how (evil) Thomas Edison has been exposed as a fraud – at least as far as his audio and film making exploits are concerned! For further details, please visit his blog, at:

with more revelations reagarding his neferious exploits (including pictures) are at:,1,631605.story

(I’m not a fan of Edison, if you haven’t guessed. The Five Fists of Science had him pegged!)


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke

Wonderful! Linked, reblogged and expanded commentary.

Brangus Weir

Thank you for the link , sir!
It hadn’t occured to me that you might do that. In reading the stats on MyBlogLog I just noticed that I had recieved 2 click throughs from your blog.

Thanks again!
Oh one more article on General Electric I found interesting last week was about the war of currents

Where describes how General Electric used to electrocute stray cats, dogs, unwanted horses and CATTLE!

This was all to ‘prove’ the Westinghouse’s AC was more dangerous than the DC system that GE promoted. And then of course GE used AC to create the world’s first electric chair for New York state. Gosh what innovators these bozos were!

The man had no moral fiber of any kind that I can see… I mean electrocuting cattle? This bull sees red 😉