captain robert of abney park notoriety

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Captain Robert (of Abney Park notoriety), shares design secrets!

The renown Captain Robert, of the HMS Ophelia, details his methods of producing a pair of men’s Steampunk pants (for the New Year’s event at the Edison).  Quite illustrative, with providing even the most inept fellow simple guidence on how to reach a newer vanguard of style!  Do enjoy!

For more linkage to the good skipper of Abney Park, please turn to the following aether-net locales…

Capt. Robert’s homepage:

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…. and Abney Park’s Myspace page, with selections from their new album, Aether Shanties, at:

The Captain enjoying a good smoke – straight from his own wiki! (Located at:


Breezy Carver

Oh Sir thats great !!! (( and if he used my ironing board to do that I would …… not pretty!)) laughs …

and YOU Blog LOOKS Sensational Doctor !! 🙂

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Well, tyvm, madam… and yes, the process is a bit destructive, but the result is quite nice!