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Monday, February 21, 2011

Concept art preview of Steampunk Tooth Faeries, of the film production from the “Mr. Wicked Mr. Danior”!

Detail of the fairy’s mechanical appendages

The other day I was fortunate enough to receive an email from Mr. Ben Mart, the director of the Wicked Mr. Danior, who kindly provided as yet unreleased concept art (by Mr. Chris Down) from his cinematographic endeavor.  As he extrapolated regarding the conceptual work…

The Wicked Mr Danior is proud to present inconjuntion with The Steampunk Tribune, the world’s first preview of our steampunk’d tooth fairies by Chris Down 2009,( Chris is one of the leading UK Fairy Artists, originally trained as an engineer he (thankfully), turned to drawing the fantasy and fairy kingdom’s. We wish to thank him for the superb designs.

Concept art detail of the fairy’s face and back

Our tooth fairies differ from other steampunk fairies, as our tooth fairies ain’t “born” mechanical but natural and have been steampunk’d, adopted by the crazed tinder dwarf, Mr Monroe. As you can see the wings are used as the power source to drive the tools that help manufacture Danior’s world famous dentures. On a intellectual basis I conotate this tooth fairy production line as a metaphor for the start of Industrail Revolution and how the rural workers and childern were forced economical and though brutal laws(the Inclosure Acts) into factories and mills in the new industrial cities of  northern England.

Mechanical design detail

We are now developing this film project and we’re raising further development funds through our indiegogo campaign. If you wish to contribute towards out steam punk fairytale we offer a  selection of perks from concept art to tooth fairy jewelry.  please follow link below

Additional mechanical detail, and an image of a free fairy! 

Also you can follow us on facebook and our blogsite

Finally we wish to welcome Joe Slatter (from The Dark Power) to the team as Prop Master and the Architect to our steam punk dentist chair.

Most certainly looking forward to more details regarding the Wicked Mr. Danior – I’ll keep you posted as more details become available!

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Andy Frankham-Allen

This is not directly connected to the above post, but more of a can you email me, since I cannot find a link on this with which to contact you. Its to tell you all about an exciting new steampunk project which I am editor of.