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Monday, January 19, 2009

Deviant Art: Skyships II

“Flyby” by Avatar Z Brown, coloured by Amarynceus

One of the favorite entires, statiscially speaking, tend to be those with large amounts of graphics, and especially those with airships and Steampunk technology. Be it for inspiration or admiration, returning to the purest form the genre (and turning away from other unsavory political issues in the SL Steampunk world), I am displaying some of the more recent entries in Deviant art, a hotbed for new and emerging artists.
“On Patrol”, by Zenzen
I have listed the title of their work and their “nom de plume” below each picture, so if you desire to see more of any individual’s work, simply turn to Deviant art, and search on the artist in question, at:
{From the “daily sketch group”, by meliHitchcock}

“Airship Regatta”, by Steaming North
“Steampunk Airship” by The one without a gun

“An old skyship battle” by Skyship Colonel

“Skyship” by Punslinger

“Pirate Cruiser” by Amarynceus

“Skyship Sketch” by Divine Duty

“Skyship Hagia Sophia” by Steamby51

“Leaving on a Skyship” by Guild a Lilly

“Sunset Skyship” by Skyship Colonel

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