dr grymms steampunk art at cosmopolitan

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dr. Grymm’s Steampunk art at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas!

The Transcendent Ecclectiscope, by Dr. Grymm
A bit behind on my postings, but a bit ago, Dr. Grymm forwarded some very interesting information regarding a new Steampunk permanent display at the Cosmopolitan resort in Las Vegas.  His works, the Transcendent Perceptiscope  and the Transcendent Ecclectiscope, are unique examples of creativity in expressing a Steampunk aesthetic, especially for those not familiar with the genre. 
The Cosmopolitan Resort is known to promote art which is both cutting edge and technologically based.  While Steampunk isn’t exactly the “cutting edge” of art (one might say it could be the opposite – more retrospective), its certainly good to see Steampunk works displayed on such a well-traveled venue – a harbinger for Steampunk in 2011?  One can only hope!

A video production of Dr. Grymm’s exhibit!
Based on the video above, the work looks amazing!  To learn more details about Dr. Grymm’s latest endeavor, please visit his entry at his website here, then take a moment to explore his further works at his main web address: http://www.drgrymmlaboratories.com/