Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clothing for the Victorian Gentleman...

A chance meeting with Miss Timely Sands in Victoria City...

Whilst I was making my way to the passport office in Victoria City, I had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of a charming young lady, a Miss Timely Sands. We had a pleasant discourse about explorations in second life, and the travails of writing ones exploits the next opportunity I have to speak with her I intend to encourage her to begin writing a journal (blog) about her own Caledonian and Gorian travels, as her literary style is quite enthralling

Miss Sands displaying her fighting technique, which
appears to have served her well in the past...

However, she did ask me a perennial questions that has plagued women (and fashion forward gentlemen) in Caledon since my arrival where to purchase Victorian mens attire in SL. As a debonair and dashing man about town (lol), I sympathized with her plight apparently her gentleman friend is more interested in toiling in his workshop, than go shopping with her for new attire. However, mens clothing stores are dramatically out numbered by the ladies stores in SL, but to rectify this ladies, grab your man by the collar (and his pocketbook), and promptly head towards the following haberdasheries (in no particular order)

La Bicyclette (Port Caldeon)

Run by my good friend Miss Virrginia Tombola, La Bicyclette has a wide variety of garments for the adventuresome gentleman. She has designed clothes for all circumstances and events, from land to sea to the air! High quality, historically accurate, and immaculately presented, I keep a close tab on her newest creations (although I missed her cricket uniform - my good-for-nothing manservant failed to acquire one *sigh -one cannot find good help these days!) In addition, she has a number of clever inventions with are certain to entice any man of standing to expend a few lindens to acquire!

Pearse'd and Cut (Victoria City)

Located in the heart of Caledon, the haberdashery of Pearse'd and Cut maintains a vast selection of clothes for anyone, newcomer to established aristocrat to choose from. I especially enjoy his vests and overcoats - a simple choice for a gentleman to decide from, but a large (and growing, I hope) selection so as not to be seen in the same clothes day after day (even if one is laboring long nights in the laboratory)! There is also a comprehensive selection of militaria, a direct reflection of the recent unpleasantness with Neualtenburg. He has two other stores (one in Babbage, the third in Steelhead).

Doc Wrangler's Men's Wear (Caledon Kittiwickshire)

A new (to myself) arrival on the southern coast of Kittiwickshire, Doc Wrangler has a fascinating selection of Victorian, Western, and early 1900's wear to indulge. Additionally, he must have the largest hat selection in SL for men... Ten-gallon cowboy hats, bowlers, and top hats are only a few of the items at his location.

Mako Magellen - Cutter of Cloth -

Although it is only a stone's throw away from Doc Wrangler's in Kittiwickshire, but their garments are a world apart. Mr. Magellen specializes in formal garments for the Victorian gentleman, with attention paid to the small accents (gloves, hats) that are needed for any formal event. A visit is highly recommended prior to any social event in Caledon - to ensure one is prepared for formal entertainment.

Some additional locations for Victorian men's garments are...

Itan Kashi (Daughter Night) Gentlemens day suits, Tuxedos, Oriental wear (An excellent selection, I have many of thier products myself, including their Oriental wear)...

Eros Design Island (Eros Cove) Vests, Tuxes, and Robes (Formal tuxedos, and robes, if one so desires. The robes have a Gothic bent, but quite representative of Eastern European Victorian garments, I'd say)...

Silver Rose (Victoria City center) Victorian clothes (A wide variety of gentlemen's clothing, but the selection is located on the second floor of the building - past the vast selection of ladies dresses)

These are only a few suggestions to start with, ladies if any one wishes to add to this list, please do so and I shall post more locations all you have to do is make him pay and carry out the boxes from the store (lol)!

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