Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chapter 1: It began early one fall afternoon...

Inspecting the undercarrage of the Hawk

I was busy assisting my good friend Joseph complete some repairs on his flying vessel, when I received word via courrier that I would be receiving an "important post", and should be ready to receive an important and confidential message.

Awaiting the courrier to arrive...

Cleaning myself up, I waited impatiently for the messenger to arrive, wondering what was so pressing that a courrier was sent to alert me to a letter? Eventually it arrived, postmarked from the home of the King of Orange, Amsterdam - I only know of one individual who lives there... my dear old uncle Francois Fabre! Opening the letter, I recognized his handwriting machine's font...

My dear nephew Rafael,
I hope this letter finds you well, but I have need of you. You must come to Amsterdam as soon as possible, as it is a matter of grave importance... I must explain this pressing matter in person.
Your Uncle,

My uncle Francois, in better days before the war

Well! Faced with this request, it appeared that I had no choice! Would have asked Joseph to use his Hawk, but the gearbox was still tempermental, rendering it unskyworthy. So I resorted to passage upon the HMS Notorious, a ship that holds fond memories of my previous escapades in the Far East. I booked passage, and wondered... What could be so important that I would be summoned to the continent...? Well, I would soon find out.

Aboard the HMS Notorious, in Port Caledon

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