Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A proper introduction!

Greetings and salutations!

I apologize for the interval between postings, but needed to address some pressing business prior to continuing my writings. Allow me to introduce myself... I am Doctor Rafael Fabre, Physician, Traveller, Photographer, Gambler (albeit with questionable luck *wink), and apparently an Adventurer, according to some of my Caledonian associates. I arrived in Caledon quite by chance in November of 2006, after wanding the hinterlands of SL, and quickly discovered the joys of civilized society, a far cry from the banal existence of the bulk of the SL.

Unfortunately, duty called, and I reported for sea duty (both rl & sl) to defend the homeland. However, upon hearing that Caledon was under siege, I returned as soon as I could, only to find that the invaders were had been repulsed by the indomitable Caledonian Militia - spot on!

Afterwards, I discussed the circumstances of my absence at a local watering hole with some compatriots, and a suggestion was made that I should transcribe the circumstances of my voyage. After a few pints later, the idea seemed a superb suggestion, and begin writing as soon a I arrived at my domicile. Once I woke up later in the morning, I started writing again, legible this time, and will begin posting soon, once I locate some of the photographs I had taken of the excursion.

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