Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boiler Plate, Robotic Hero!

Boiler Plate with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American War

After displaying Pasquale for the first time (albeit, the fellow still needs a few adjustments), I re-located a fantastic web-site of a Steampunk legend, Mr. Boilerplate. A steam-powered hero of the Victorian era, his adventures are documented in detail, from his inception as a prototype soldier by Mr. Archibald Campion, his introduction to the public during the Columbian Exposition (the Chicago Worlds Fair), his many adventures around the world, to his mysterious disappearance during the "Great War"

Walking on the Midway of Chicago World's Fair of 1893

Many pictures adorn the location of Boiler Plate, including drawings and links to other sites (for example, numerous Japanese illustrations exists of his visit to the Far East {link included}). It is projected that more interactive media will be available in the future about him (i.e. books, movies), but for now, please enjoy the biographic about Mr. Boiler Plate.

Boiler Plate in Japan

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