Thursday, June 21, 2007

Location Profile: Caledon Erye Carriage House

Outside photo of La Bicyclette in the Morning

Yesterday I had the good fortune to drop in and explore Caledon's newest addition, Caledon Eyre. A double prim sim, it has a great number of well concieved works, and seems to be a growing center of SL equine activity. Speaking of which, I happened upon the re-designed build of Miss Virrgina Tombola, La Bicyclette's Carriage House. As she explained in her own very good blog, La Bicyclette (located at - or on the sidebar)...

"...what I truly want is a place for people to gather in Eyre. In the day, carriage houses were places that travellers and locals alike of both sexes would gather for an evening meal, or perhaps just a quick pint over a happy game of cards."

Miss Paravane looking particularly stunning!

Miss Tombola demonstrating her new card deck for the gathering
(l-r, myself, Miss Paravane, Miss Seisenbach [seated] , Miss Tombola, Miss Gustafson)

As such, I "popped in" for a quick visit, and to take a few photos, and before I realized it, we had an improptu engagement! Discussions, beverages, and Miss Tombola even demonstrated her new card deck, and a clever game of "52 pickup" (lol)!

Aerial shot of Eyre, with the impressive Deadlite Estate towering above the residences

After our gathering, I continued with my photographic endevors, taking a few shots of Eyre, the Carriage House, and one of myself (lol)!

Evening photo of the Carriage House, near the tp center

Later that evening, I had the good fortune of meeting one of my fellow bloggers, Miss Zoe Connolly, and amazingly enough, another multi-polar discussion erupted, including blogging, Caledonian expansion, to, um... past histories. However, I failed to impose on beautiful Miss Connolly for a photo - next time I shall have to impose on her (lol)!

Yours truly, photographer-at-large (lol!)

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