Thursday, June 28, 2007

Social Calender Update

A brief listing of some upcoming events in Victorian/Steampunk sims this weekend..

30JUN (Sat) - Ellison Antiques Party [Victoria City] - 4:30-8:30 pm, SLT

01JLY (Sun) - Caledon Eyre Sim Opening Party [Caledon Eyre] - 2 - 6 pm, SLT
Early Victorian dress, Dancing/Music/Games/Carriage Rides

01JLY (Sun) - Ladies' Tea Party [Caledon Mayfair] - 3-5 pm, SLT
@ the House of Three Graces, by Baron & Baroness of Bardhaven
Ladies Only!

Futher Afoot, in July...

07JLY (Sat) - Dark Victorian Gathering [Caledon Tanglewood] - 4-6 pm, SLT

14JLY (Sat) - Le Bal-musette de la liberte, l'egalete, et la civilite [Caledon Carntaigh],
5-8 pm, SLT

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